To Be Loved

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By the time Uncle James thought of me again it was evening and and I was immediately ordered to make dinner for them. I finished my work quickly and hurried back to my room to treat my knees. They were all cut up and bloody.

After battling to suppress my screams while treating my cuts I took my laptop and started doing my work. A few hours later a heard a knock and wobbled off to open the door. There in all his glory stood my cousin and only friend Henry Roberts.

"Henry!!" I exclaimed.

"Dan!!!" he exclaimed.

"What are you doing here??!! Aren't you supposed to be in France?!!" I asked.

"Yes but i completed my course early so I thought I would surprise you guys!!!"

"That's great!!! But why are we talking in exclamations??"

" I don't know!!" he said and we both started laughing.

"So how are you" he asked as he came into my room. I could see the frown on his face as he took in the condition if my room.

Even though my house was furnished extremely lavishly according to my Aunts's taste the same could not be said about my room. Since my room is in the attic it had never been painted and there was mold on the walls and ceiling. My bed could barely be called one as it was threadbare and only had a few thin pillows and a thin sheet on it . The room was extremely cold as there was no heater or fireplace. The worst cold was in the winter. The only things in my room was a small cupboard where I kept my clothes and a small vanity with a broken mirror.A small nightstand near my bed contained my most important possessions including a silver pendent with my parents picture.

My mom gave that pendent to me just before she got me out of the house during the fire and it was the only thing I had left of her.

Henry turned towards me and said with a frown

" I see the situation hasn't turned any better"

"its okay Henry... you know you can't do anything about it."

"Its not okay Dani and you know it. No one should be treated like this."

Henry has always been the only person to ever give something about me. He never agreed to whatever cruelties the rest of his family had prepared for me and tried his best to bring some light into my dark life. He had gone to France to complete his degree in business and trust me the rest of the family took full advantage of his absence. The past two years in his absence have been the worst of my life. He used to be able to somewhat prevent the beatings but in his absence it amplified.

Atleast he's back now...

" It's ok Henry... So what should we do to celebrate your homecoming?" I quickly changed the topic.

He didn't seem satisfied but still replied

"Let's go grab something to eat! I can't wait to get my hands on a cheeseburger... Nothing can compare to those..." He replied excitedly. The other topic was soon forgotten.

I was eager to get out of my room and finally get something to eat so I quickly nodded and changed to get going.

We got into his car and went to a nearby mall. We used to come here all the time before as starving me was a frequent occurrence.

We went to our favourite burger place and placed our orders.

We talked for quite some time and I realised just how much I had missed him. He was the only good thing in my life and the past years without him had been absolutely terrible..

Once we finished eating he told me that he had some stuff to buy and ran off to the nearest supermarket leaving me alone for a while. I wandered around and reached and reached a place where all my worries seemed to vanish. The book store. Reading gave me feeling of being in a totally different place while escaping all my worries was the only thing that kept me sane. Reading was my escape from the real world....

I scrolled through the fiction section and was not looking where I was going. Soon I hit a wall and was about to fall down when two strong arms wrapped around my waist and held me up. I realised that I had hit a person and looked up to meet his face.

I was met by startling grey eyes and the breath hitched in my throat. Saying that the man in front of me was good looking would be the understatement of the century. He looked like a Greek god with his sharp and chiseled jaw and tan skin. His lips were a rosy pink that made me want to take a bite . His grey eyes bore into me with an amused look in them. His slight chuckle made me snap out of my daze and I realised the position we were in.

"I am so sorry! I wasn't looking where I was going! It was completely my fault. I-".

I was interrupted by his deep chuckle and he said

" Hey hey it's ok. No harm done. Especially since it was such a pretty girl than ran into me" he said with a wink.

I blushed and once again started to apologise when he said

"If you really want to show me how regretful you are why don't you come with me to grab a cup of coffee?" He asked

I was taken aback by that offer and stood there starting at him for some time.


"Oh .. umm... Sorry but I can't.. I came here with someone else. But it was nice meeting you.." I said and quickly hurried off.

I never really liked talking to people and was extremely awkward in social situations so I think it's best that I came away.

'Seriously Dani... You completely embarassed yorself in front of a really cute guy and that's your excuse? '

Well what was I supposed to do? Tap dance??

My brain and I argued about this untill I found Henry. He came walking out of the store , his hands filled with bags.

"Henry what is this? You are worse than a teenage girl given free reign over her daddy's credit card" I said

" Hey!" He said with a scowl and started walking towards our car.

That's weird... Usually he'd be giving me hell for that comment...

We got in and started driving home. Soon the radio started blasting Taylor Swift and I suppressed a groan. Henry gave me an evil smirk and started belting out the lyrics completely out of tune.

She wears short skirts I wear t shirts

She's cheer captain and I'm on the bleachers...

I suffered in silence untill we reached home. Leaving Henry behind to grab our stuff I walked towards door and entered the house. I went to the kitchen to grab a glass of water and was met with the sight of my uncle leaning against the counter.

"Daniella! Come and meet me in my study once you are done with your chores."

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