To Be Loved

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"Daniella! Come and meet in my study once you are done with your chores." He said

What?!! I am never allowed in his study... Not even to clean... I thought to myself

I was brought out of my internal rambling by a sharp pain in my cheek.

"I didn't hear you reply!" Yelled uncle and I hurriedly replied

"Yes sir!"

And with that he went out of the kitchen and back to whatever part of hell he crawled out from. Pretty soon Henry came in with all his bags and I went out to help him carry it. I started taking them to his room when he suddenly called out

" Dani take them to your room!"

"What? Why would I do that?"

" Oh I don't know...maybe because the things are for you you idiot." He replied

"What?! What's in these bags?" I asked and hurried ti my room and looked inside them

Inside one of them was a beautiful blue wallpaper which could be easily applied on walls and some new curtains. In another packet there were a bunch of new and fluffy pillows and a thick duvet. A bag containing thick warm sweaters and a few other warm clothes and a bunch of carpets was next.

I stared at the stuff Henry bought for some time with wide eyes and a gaping mouth before turning around to look at him. Just as I turned around Henry started howling with laughter untill tears rolled down his cheeks.

" Dani!!! Y-you look like a.. a g-goldfish!!!!" He blurted out in between laughing.

I scowled at him before saying

"Henry you shouldn't have bought all this stuff. You know I can survive without all this stuff. It must have been really expensive. How could you spend so much on me-"

He cut me off by saying

" Dani sweetheart I knew you would say that. That's why I didn't tell you I bought them untill now. And about surviving... You shouldn't have to just survive when you have me to take care of you. You know I love you and expenses don't matter when you spend it on your loved ones. After all I couldn't see my favourite cousin die of hypothermia now could I?" He asked

"I'm your only cousin you dimwit" I said and wrapped him in a hug.

See this is why I love him... He may seem rough on the outside but inside he was a big cuddly teddy bear...

I'm serious the guy can't watch a horror movie alone at night.

"Out of all the things that I said that's what you caught? Way to ruin the mood girl" he said with a fake disappointed look.

"Well don't go all mushy on me now" I said and gave him a kiss on the cheek as he smiled.

" By the way Uncle James told me to come to his office later. Do you have any idea why?" I asked him.

I couldn't get the thought out of my head as this was the first time Uncle had called me to his study. The only other time I've been in there was when I was in high school and my cousin Tatiana told Uncle that I had been flirting with the boys at school. That day he took me to his study and tied my hands to the desk and whipped me with his leather belt untill I was black and blue. I hadn't even actually done anything to be punished for. I got beaten that bad simply because Tatiana was jealous. Some guy she liked had told her that he was interested in me and that's why she fed uncle all those lies. Since that day I have tried to avoid all contact with guys and tried to hide myself from others as much as humanly possible.

Be seen but not heard had become my life motto....

"This is the first I'm hearing of it" said Henry with a worried look. He knew what happened the last time I was there. After all he was the one who had found me lying in a pool of my blood outside the room.

"Well... I guess I better start praying it's nothing serious" I say with a fake smile trying to hide my worry.

I shouldn't be making him worried... He has things to worry about other than my pathetic existence...

Soon I ushered him out of my room and took a shower before starting on dinner. I made some uncle's favourites just in case he was in a bad mood. As I was cooking I thought of how I used to help my mom in the kitchen when I was younger...

My small body struggled to drag the chair towards the counter and soon gave up with a huff. I walked towards where my mom was standing and pulled on her apron.

"Mommy upsies pweese!!" I said in my baby voice

She looked at where the chair was lying half toppled over and gave a small chuckle before saying

"Sure baby"

She picked me up gently and placed me on the counter next to where she was cooking.

"Mommy awe you mwaking a cwake? Can I hwave some twoo?" I asked excitedly

Mom turned towards me nd said with a smile

"Of course honey. I wouldn't bake a cake without giving some to my sweetie pie now would I?"

"Nwoo you wouldn't cebause you love your sweetie pie!!!"

"That's right baby. And you know what..soon I'll teach you to bake a cake on your own! Would you like that honey? "

"Weally mommy? Thank you soo much I wanna be just wike you when I gwow up!!"

"Aww thank you honey! I love you"

"I wuw you too mummy. I wuw you this much!" I say extending my arms as wide as they would go.

We both chuckled and and continued baking...

I was brought out of my daze by the beeping of the oven. The memory brought a small smile in my face which was soon wiped of when I thought of how I was taught to cook by a housemaid here....

" You little b*tch! How dare you burn the bacon! Do you think you can just waste the food we buy!!??"

With that the mean old housemaid took my hand and held it in a pot of boiling water kept on the stove while constantly ignoring my ear piercing screams..

"AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" I screamed

" Shut up you little sh*t! The next time you burn something it won't just be your hand I burn" she said.

That was not the last time I burned something. I was seven at the time.... What did she expect?...

I finished up dinner and started towards the study. I paused in the hallway just outside the study and tried to get my hands working and knock on the door. If anyone saw me right now they would think I was walking towards my death sentence... They wouldn't be wrong.

I finally gathered enough courage and knocked on the door.

"Come in!" Came my uncle's voice

I slowly opened the door and walked in.

"Oh ... It's you. Well don't waste my time let's get to the point. Ah yes I just wanted to inform you that you will be getting married by the end of the month . The preparations will be taken care of by your aunt. That's all. You may close the door on your way out."


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