To Be Loved

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The Basement

" What!!???" I yelled as uncle dropped this big bomb on me.

What does he mean getting married? I didn't agree to anything... What is he talking about....

"How dare you raise your voice at me young lady!" He asked in an enraged voice.

" I'm sorry about that sir but I don't understand... What do you mean getting married?" I asked timidly

"I always knew you lacked more than a few brain cells so I'll explain this to you once again. Do not make me repeat this. As you know Adams corporation and our company are looking towards a big merger. You also know that if the back out from this deal now or later on we will lose billions. So I proposed that you marry the CEO of that company so that the deal can never be broken. Hence you will be marrying Ryan Adams by the end of the month. After all once you make him fall in love with you he won't do anything that will hurt you or your family would he sweetheart?" He explained with an evil look.

I stared at him in complete shock while he calmly delivered the news of my doom. All my life my free will had been taken from me. I had been beaten and abused within an inch of my life and never complained. I suffered through all that just because they were family. I wasn't allowed to mourn the death of my family but instead was trained to become the perfect slave. But this was a while new level of torture and I would not allow it.

"No." I said in a bold voice. This was the first time in my life that I had actually raised my voice in his presence or denied anything he said.

He looked up from his documents with surprise and anger evident in his eyes. He looked like he was barely controlling himself when he asked

"What did you just say?"

" I said no." I replied just as seriously.

" What do you mean no?" The rage was becoming evident in his voice but I still replied.

" I said no I won't marry him."

" Dear, you seem to to be in some misunderstanding that you actually have a choice in the matter. I say you get married and you get f*cking married!!" He yelled the last part.

The same voice that has been the cause of my nightmare for so many years caused me to shiver in fright but I gathered to courage to say

"No I won't let you do this to to me. I don't want to get married and I won't!"

He looked towards me with a sinister grin and opened his desk drawer.

" So you won't do what I said huh?" He asked and I nodded.

"Very well" he said and I was surprised to see that he agreed to what I said.

"Thank you." I turned around and started to leave when he said

" But wait ... Let's see if I can change your mind...."

I quickly turned around to see what he was talking about and realised that he was standing just behind me. The words I tried to get out escaped as screams as the knife like ends of his whip pierced the skin on my chest and stomach. I could feel the blood seeping and staining my blouse as he continued his assault.

"You litte piece of sh*t!! You think you can live under my roof and eat my food for years and then disrespect me like this!!! I say something you do it without question!!!! YOU DONT EVER DISOBEY MY ORDERS!!!!" he yelled and continued his attack.

I couldn't do anything as the whip pierced my skin leaving molten strands of fire in its path. I tried blocking the lashes but it was of no use. After a few minutes which seemed like hours he stopped his assault and stepped aside. I thought he had stopped and let out a relieved breath but my releif was to be short lived as he returned with his leather belt.

Of course I don't get a break....

He again started hitting me with it and this time I couldn't suppress my screams. The hard leather hitting my brocken skin was too painful to describe. It was like acid being thrown on naked skin. My agonising screams echoed through the walls as he continued his onslaught.

Even through all this pain I refused to bend to his whims and when he asked me I replied by shaking my head.

He gave a small sigh like he was disappointed in me and said

"Ahh ... Very well I guess I have no choice.. you can spend the rest of the month in the basement. We can't have you running away now can we..."

One word echoed through my mind as he said that...


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