To Be Loved

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Meeting him


That's all I felt as I woke up in the cold and dark basement. My head felt like someone had taken a sledgehammer to it and i couldn't move my limbs. I tried to get up and after a lot of effort I was able to lean onto the cold concrete wall.

Suddenly I remembered my conversation with my uncle and the memories of what happened came crashing down on me. I remembered what he had said and broke into tears as I thought about what was going to happen to me.

But I guess I should have known this was to happen. After all, all my life I have been living here as an unwanted guest and and I was reminded every single day that I was just a waste of air and space. I should have known that he would use the first chance he gets to sell me like cattle.

I looked around where I was sitting and saw that I was in the part of the basement where no one ever went. Any hope I had of getting the servants to help me was thrown out of the window. I moved to the corner and settled myself for the long stay ahead of me.

After all, the last time I was thrown into the basement I didn't get out for three weeks....

I thought of when my parents were alive and thinking of the few happy memories I had, I drifted of to sleep...

I was lying on my bed all cuddled up with my teddy bears as mommy and daddy read me my bedtime story .

" The prince killed the evil dragon and rescued the princess.. and together they lived happily ever after."

" Daddy? "

"Yes my princess?"

"You told me I was a princess right?"

"Of course baby ... you are our little princes"

"So will one day prince come and save me too and we'll live happily ever after?"

"He'll have to go through me first!" daddy said with a frown.

Mommy gave a small chuckle and told me

" Don't mind daddy dear ...he's just being grumpy. yes honey one day you will also meet your prince charming and he will whisk you away to live happily ever after.."

"Really mommy?!!"

"yes dear... so be a good girl and go to sleep... maybe you might even see your prince in your dreams..."

" okay!!" I said and shut my eyes tightly and started to snore.

Mommy and Daddy chuckled before saying

"Good night baby"

"Good night mommy. Good night daddy"


I stayed in the basement for one while week. I knew this because every two days someone would come and feed me. Not that cold porridge could be considered as food...

On the eighth day instead of someone coming with food my uncle himself graced me with his presence. He came in and looked at me and said

" I see you look as ugly as ever... But that's nothing new...anyway get up and go get ready. Seems like your husband to be wants to meet you and get to know you before the wedding. If it was up to me I would let you stay here until the day of the wedding but that doesn't seem to be happening. He will come and pick you up at seven. And please do try to cover up your ugly face and not embarass us. You may leave."

I was elated as I would finally be able to get out of this stinky room.

I went up to my room and tooka my long awaited shower and freshened up. It's was 5 and I thought I should go find something to wear.

As I looked through Tatiana's old dresses I thought about my future husband. I guess he couldn't be all that bad if he wanted to meet me and get to know me before the wedding.

I found the perfect dress which was a plain black dress with three quarters sleeves and a a round neckline. The neckline and the ends of the sleeves were adorned by little diamonds and the dress was perfect. I quickly got ready and applied minimal make up.

At exactly seven I heard the doorbell and went to open the door. As I did, my breath hitched in my throat because standing before me was the Greek god form the bookstore.

"You!" We both said at the same time.

He gave a small chuckle and extended his hand. I could swear something like sadness and guilt flashed through his eyes but it was gone in a second so I must have been mistaken.

" Looks like the gods have been kind to me and blessed me with the girl I couldn't stop thinking about." He said with a devilish grin which made my heart skip a beat.

"Ryan Adams"

"Daniella Roberts. Nice to meet you" I said with a blush while shaking his hand. It sounds cliche but I could swear I feel sparks when our hands touched.

As we introduced ourselves I heard footsteps behind me and turned around to see my uncle and aunt coming towards us.

"Ah Ryan... I see you have already met our Dani here. I don't need to give you the father talk do I?" My uncle asked him with a fake smile.

"Of course not sir. I'll treat her exactly how she deserves" I felt something amiss when he said that but quickly rubbed it off as paranoia.

"Very well. Take good care of our princess." My uncle said as my aunt smiled at all of us like a happy mother and I almost threw up then and there.

"Of course sir." Ryan said and turned to me.

"Ready to go?" He asked and I nodded.

We walked towards his car and got in. I don't know much about cars but I do know this one is very expensive.

He turned to me and smiled making me blush as we started driving towards the restaurant.

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