To Be Loved

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My Prince Charming

We reached the restaurant after a drive filled with comfortable silence and us sneaking looks at each other. Once we reached the place Ryan parked the car and got out to help me out. He came to my side and opened the door for me.

"Such a gentleman"

" A man would be honored to help out an angel like you"he said with a wink making me blush.

He extended his arm and I placed mine in the crook of his as we walked in. The restaurant was one of the most expensive in town and it was very hard to get a reservation here. The interior was furnished very lavishly with red and gold drapes and light gold walls. The entire look gave us a feel of being in a palace.

"How on earth did you manage to get a reservation here?" I asked him with wonder.

"Well I could only get the best for such a beautiful girl like you right?" he asked and then said

"Also I don't really need a reservation to get into my own restaurant now do I?"

I was surprised to hear that and stayed silent as I walked behind him. We got to a private room and he waited as he held the door open for me. I was surprised to see that this room was even more luxurious than the outside. As we neared our table Ryan came and pulled back the chair for me before sitting down himself. As we sat down a waitress appeared as if out of nowhere and came to our table.

"Good evening sir, My name is Emily and I'll be your waitress for tonight. What can I get you?" she asked.

Ryan turned to me and asked

"What would you like to have ?"

It had been weeks since I had proper food so I was excited to finally get some proper food. I looked over the menu and found it hard to make a decision and went with steak with mashed potatoes in the end. Ryan ordered the same and the waitress went to get our food so we were left alone.

" So Daniella... What do you do?" He asked

" I work for my uncle as his secretary. I've been working there for the past two years. And what about you? Do you manage your father's company?"

"Yes I do. But once we are married my father will hand the company over to me."

"Wow that's great.." I said and was quiet as I didn't know what to say.

" So Daniella what do you think about our marriage? Do you think it's a good idea?"

He asked

" Umm I'm not sure we barely know each other so I don't know how it will end up" I said nervously

" Yes, that's true. But listen to me. I promise that I will take care of you and cherish you exactly how you deserve ok? So don't worry about that. We have a month's time . Let's get to know each other and learn each others interest during this time. Who know? We might even fall in love." He said making me blush.

"Yes. I'd like that" I said as the waitress brought our food.

The food looked really good and I felt like an excited child as it was kept in front of me. Ryan noticed my excitement and chuckled

" I take it you like food?" He asked and I gave him a weird look

"Who doesn't?" I asked

He gave a shrug and went on to eat. As we ate he asked me questions and I answered them. Slowly our conversation became less formal and we actually had fun.

"You didn't!!"

"I did. I actually shaved my cat. Let's just say I was not the best behaved seven year old and that the cat never liked me and tried to scratch me so to me it was the most logical option to show my displeasure." Ryan said with a shrug making me clutch my stomach as I laughed.

By the time we finished and started home it was pretty late and I had had one of the greatest days of my life.

When we reached my house Ryan walked me to the door and looked into my eyes and said

" I had a really great time today"

" So did I" I replied smiling

"I'm glad. Maybe this wasn't such a bad idea afterall." He said

"You are really beautiful... " He said and started leaning towards me.

My heart was beating so heard it almost jumped out of my chest as his lips hovered over mine. Slowly he inched towards me and at the last minute he shifted slightly and placed a quick peck on my cheek before moving away. My face felt like it was in fire and I had goosebumps all over my skin. He took one look at my state and gave a cheeky smile.

"Thank you so much for today. I'll see you later?" He asked

" Sure " I said and waved as I turned to go back inside. Once I reached my room I looked out of the window. And saw him walking towards hai car after glancing one last time at the house.

I kept touching my cheek where he kissed trying to keep the sparks I felt from going away.

As I went to sleep that night I remembered what my mom had said and thought

Maybe I did find my prince charming.....

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