The King

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Chapter 9

Eric gripped the arms of his chair. There were many things running through his brain and killing the young Alpha was one of them. The young Alpha had dared to touch what wasn’t his. He had dared to comfort what wasn’t his.

Blake was his woman. She was his mate. His Luna and no one else.

Eric watched his mate leave the hall before he could finally take a deep breath to relax. He couldn’t stand her being in the same room as that male and the last thing he needed was loss any chance without his mate.

“Eric,” Dolph whispered, “are you alright?”

It took everything for Eric to not growl a second time, and begin trashing the hall, as well as taking Alpha Seth’s head. “No,” he said furiously.

“Would you like to go for a walk?” he asked. Eric looked at his dear friend. Eric followed his friend gaze toward the exit of the building as if saying that he understood.

“Are you alright, your highness?” Alpha Seth spoke.

“Yes,” Eric glanced towards the young Alpha. “It seems my wolf is itching for a little run. He gets easily irritated if he doesn’t get what he wants.”

“It seems you have a bit of a problem on your hands.” Alpha Seth spoke taking his fork and taking a piece of meat into his mouth. “Don’t worry about responsibilities and just go on ahead.” Alpha Seth glances over to Eric, “it’s my responsibly to make your stay as pleasurable as it can be. If you need anything, please do not hesitate to ask me or my Beta for anything. And if your looking for advice, my mother is your best bet,” he said laughing as if it was a funny joke. Was it a joke?

“Thank you,” Eric pushed his chair out, “I will keep that in mind. If you’ll excuse me.”

Alpha Seth stood up and bowed his head, “if I may, shall I call one of my Eta to accompany you. There may still be rouges around the area and I would not forgive myself if you were attacked.”

Eric glared at the young Alpha. Did he think his king was weak? How dare he look down on his king.

Eric puffed up his chest before letting out an earth-shattering growl; everyone in the room looked at the two Alphas. Without making the matter look worst then it was already was, Eric said, “that will not be necessary. I’m well enough to take care of myself.”

“Of course, Your Highness.”

Eric left the table and headed straight out of the hall, taking in the fresh air. Desperately taking what his can to keep him in a state of mind.

“My Lord.”

Eric couldn’t look at his friend. He was trying to keep himself in check. The King of all Wolves shouldn’t act in a matter that wasn’t appropriate. He had to be calm, collected, and ready for anything. But the moment he entered Black Water, he wasn’t the same. He was on edge, horny, and ready to kill anyone who looked at his mate. The only thing he couldn’t understand was that his own mate was not returning her feels. It was as if she didn’t feel the bond that binds them together. Or was Eric wrong? What if she wasn’t his and he only liked her because she was different then other she-wolves. No, Eric knew she was his mate, her smell, her body, those eyes of hers they all called out to him like a siren.

“Go back inside, I like to be alone,” Eric tried to sound as calm as he could be.

“My Lord, if I may,” Dolph paused, waiting for permission to speak further.

“Go on.”

“We have known each other for years. And I have noticed,” there was a pause, “you found your mate. Didn’t you?”

Eric wanted to laugh. No matter how stereotypical Dolph looked liked to most. Being big as he was, most thought he was dumb but he had a good eye. Great judgment. And knew a person’s single thought just by looking at them, which benefited greatly on the battlefield.

“So you know,” he grimly replied, “What else do you know?”

“I have heard rumors, that Alpha Seth and Beta Blake are very close. Many of the residences believe that their Alpha will mate with her.”

Eric growled, “And?”

“She doesn’t return his feels,” Eric relaxed.

“Thank you, Dolph. Go back inside and enjoy your meal.”

“What about you, My Lord?”

“I’ll find game, while I’m on my run. Go on.”

Eric wondered towards the outside of the village, enjoying the night’s cool breeze as well as cursing himself for letting the young Alpha touch his little mate, let alone live.

Did his mate feel so disgusted by her Alpha’s touch that she left without fulling eating her meal? Did he scary his little mate by the sound of his warning growl thinking that he would harm her?

He would never.

Well... Maybe he would punish her and place her over his knee; smacking her lushes bottom while sending chills and thrills up and down her curvy body.

Oh, how he wanted that now. He groaned at the thought of taking his mate, sending chills and thrills down his own body. His groin swelled for the touch of her sweet silk folds.

His inner wolf howled for the touch of his mate. Howled to hold her, coddle her, and embrace her in ways she never dreamed of. His wolf wanted to gift his mate with food and jewels. Or gift her of their first born and a long life of happiness.

Eric couldn’t think enough about his mate; he needed to see her. Talk to her. Taste her. He then soon found himself in front of a red house, the only red house in the village, with a sigh in the window that said, ‘Warning Beware of the Dogs’.

Eric cracked a smile as he let out a little chuckle. His mate was funny. He liked that.

Blake groan when she walked through the door. She was finally home and all she wanted was coffee with a side of bacon and eggs.

She levitated into the kitchen, welcomed by her brother Ross. “It hasn’t been an hour,” he said rolling his eyes.

“Whatever,” She said rolling her eyes back. “I’m hungry,” she then announced taking a seat at their little round table for four, “and I want coffee,” she finished throwing her head back dramatically, leaning into her chair.

“What would you do without me?” Ross sighed, making his way to the refrigerator and pulling out a carton of eggs.

“Die of hunger,” she whispered acting like the world was about to end.

Picking up her head, she smiled at her brother and watched him start cooking. Blake was proud of her brother. He could cook, hunt, clean and had a heart of gold for a sister like her. Even though she was going to leave him on the floor. Luckily for him, he had opened his eyes to find Blake already dressed and ready to leave the house. So like the good sister she was, she helped her brother up from the floor and put him on the couch in the living room.

But there was a lot Blake wanted to teach her brother. Cleaning, cooking, and basic bathing, he could easily learn on his own. He was an okay hunter but he was improving.

In the end, Ross didn’t seem like he needed Blake as much as she thinks he does. The boy was independent, strong and smart. He was becoming a man before her eyes and still, in her eyes she saw a little boy who needed to be taken care of.

Within ten minutes there was a cup of coffee sitting in front of her as well as a plate of scrambled eggs with a side of toast.

“Thank you,” she smiled from ear to ear. “You’re the best little brother in the world,” Blake said taking her fork and digging into her plate. “By the way,” she said between eats, “I’m surprised you can even walk. I should try harder.”

“Please don’t,” he frowned making his plate and taking a seat at the table.

Blake laughed at her brother reposed nearly choking herself to death, “It’s not that bad.”

“What are you talking about, you don’t even train,” he muttered.

“That’s because I’m God,” she laughed, “I don’t need to waste time on training while I can be served grapes and spend the day watching theater.”

“Oh, yeah, sure,” he rolled his eyes, taking his fork into his mouth.

“Do you deny the great power of the Gods?” Blake yelled pointing her fork at her brother while trying to keep a straight face.

“You’re being serious,” Ross frowned looking at his sister as if she was green. “I think you should see the doctor,” he says trying not to smile.

Both Blake and Ross looked at each other in silence before they started to burst into laughter.

A knock on the door silences them once more. They both looked at each other than to the hallway where they had a straight view of the front door.

Blake rolled her eye,” I’m not here.”

“Lair,” Ross groaned getting up out of his seat.

“If it’s Seth, tell him no. And if its someone else, I’m not here,” she didn’t feel like seeing anyone.

Well, that was a lie. There was one she wouldn’t mind seeing. She did tell the King of all Wolves to come to her house tonight. She was so happy about him becoming her model for her last book and she wanted to finish it as soon as she can. She did have only two weeks left.

Who says she couldn’t prepare her brother to become a warrior worthy of becoming a king and put the King of all Wolves under her thumb while she finishes her last book in the end of two weeks.

Blake smiled at the challenge at hand, who said she wasn’t a workaholic? She would laugh at anyone who said she wasn’t. She put more on her plate then the average Alpha and Luna put together. But then again, would you praise a workaholic or pity them.

“Hey sis,” Ross called out from the hallway. Blake took a sip of her coffee, pretending she wasn’t in. “What do I tell the King?”

“You tell him I’m not here,” she yelled back taking another sip of her coffee before she realized what she just said. “The King,” she whispered. Blake got up so fast, she dropped her chair and near ran out of the kitchen to the hallway before she stopped end, looking down the hallway, meeting the eyes of the King.

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