The King

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Chapter 10

“Your Highness,” she gasped. He really came. He really did come like she had asked. She didn’t know if she should be happy or freak out at the fact that he really came. How can she explain to her brother the reason for the King’s visit? “What can I do for you?” she asked glancing at her brother, hoping his Highness understood what she was applying.

“I come to see you,” he said. He stood proudly at the door. His chest raised, his hand behind his back, and his eyes solely on hers.

“Was there a reason?” she asked trying to look annoyed like she would normally do for anyone. The King glared at her and then Ross before looking back to her. “Ross, why don’t you go out. I believe the Luna made her famous desserts tonight. I saw them in the Hall.”

Ross glared at Blake, puffing out his own chest out. Even though he was ten times smaller than the King, he made Blake very proud. “I think I’ll stay,” he growled now glaring at the King. The boy had a death wish to challenge the King of all Wolves.

“Ross!” she spoke more dominantly this time towards him, “Go now. I won’t ask again.” Ross growled under his breath stubbornly. So Blake growled back, something she has never done before. It shocked him. It shocked her even more but she wasn’t going to let him know that. “What did I say, Ross?”

“I’m leaving,” he shouted, turning his back to her and making his way to the door,” I’ll be back in an hour.”

“Stay with Seth tonight,” she called out.

“What?” Ross turned to his sister.

“Say nothing to Seth about this. If he asked, I kicked you out because you were too loud while I was working.”

“Do you know-”

“I do. Now do as you’re told and I will explain everything in the morning.”

“Is he your mate.”

“No,” she said coldly, “this is about business.”

Ross looked her in the eye, glaring at her for what seemed like forever to her. “I trust you,” he said taking one more glance towards the King and then to Blake before leaving.

Blake felt like she could finally breath when Ross left the house. She could feel her cheeks burn over the fact that her brother could have found out about her little project, that, and that he had asked her if the King was her mate. Such a thought was so silly, it was sillier then Seth and her being mated.

“My office is upstairs,” Blake announced making her way to the stairs.

“Are you sure?” The king’s voice was low and rough. She could hear a hint of pleasure in those very few words but it was cover over with worry as well.

“Are you afraid I’ll bite, Your Highness,” Blake peeked over her shoulder, taking a good look at him. Wide shoulders, small waist, muscles that perfectly showed through his clothes. It was just enough to tease a woman.

“You sign outside says to beware of dogs,” he raised one of his brows, “should I be?”

Blake broke a smile and started climbing up the stairs, “maybe,” she replied.

She didn’t have to look over her shoulder to find him following her to her office. It had been a long time since she had broken out of her mask with someone other than Seth or Ross. She even held back a laugh. A real laugh. Something she hasn’t done in a long time.

“I hope you don’t mind the mess. I didn’t have time to clean up,” she found herself saying before opening the door.

Eric held his breath for a moment. His little mate was still wearing her skin-tight gown. Her all brown locks of hair was now on one side of her shoulder, revealing her other white creamy shoulder.

So small and so sweet, his mouth watered. For once he was afraid to be near her. He didn’t want to scare her but he wanted her so damn bad that his groan was throbbing in pain.

If he thought he was suffering now, he felt like he was going to die the moment she opened that office door.

The room was filled with her sent, villain, coffee, and woodsy. She spent a lot of time in this room and no one else. He could smell a little of her brother but no other man had touched this room. Did that mean his mate was still pure? Just for him.

Goddess I need help, he thought.

The moment the room was revealed, he gasped. It wasn’t that of a mess but it wasn’t an office, it was a bedroom.

Her closet was wide open, bra’s hanging on the knob of the closet door. A wet towel, on the floor, as if she stood there and let the towel make a pool around her feet and walked away from it, leaving it there as if it never was.

Her desk was by the closet, filled with papers and books. An oak bookshelf stood beside the desk, covered to the rim. She had so many books that there were stacks of them all around the room.

“Your room?”

“Yea, well I hardly use it as such,” she said walking into the room. “Have a seat,” she commanded.

Eric felt his wolf paw in the back of his skull to be let out. He didn’t like her commanding him. He wanted her on her knee and giving herself to him. He wanted to give her pups. His pups.

Eric held his wolf in place, trying to find a place to sit he couldn’t bring himself to sit anywhere. Her scent was everywhere and all he wanted to do was rub his nose on everything. He wanted to rub his own body on everything she owned so every man in the world knew she was his. He wanted the world to know that she was his, he was hers and his wolf agreed.

“They are here... somewhere,” she muttered. Eric turned his head to find her bent down, ass in the air, in the closet. Goddess, help him. He licked his lips, biting his bottom lip. “Here it is,” she cheerfully said pulling out a brown box that said ‘Open and I Kill You!’ “I have to say,” she smiled, “I’m so happy I can be able to get rid of this. I was afraid Ross would find it.”

She walked the box passed him and placed it on the bed. She then began to open the box and stepped away. “Take a look. There’s nothing that can bite. Well, I don’t think so.”

Eric did as she asked and he found enough inside to make him believe that if he wasn’t innocent be would be blushing.

Handcuffs, butt plugs, whips, vibrators, dildos and more. He was out of breath just looking at all of it.

“There are magazines on bondage in there,” she began to say. She was even about to reach into the box to grab it but Eric stopped her.

“That’s alright,” he tried to say.

“Was it a little too much? Maybe I shouldn’t have brought it out,” she frowned.

“No- no it’s okay.”

“Then let’s take it slow then. Can you take off your shirt?”

“What?” his voice cracked.

“I just want to see your body. I never had a model for a story and since this will be my last book I want to make sure it’s a masterpiece.”

“Why you’re last?” He asked.

“Just a career change. Something new to do,” she frowned. Something in Eric told him his little mate was lying to him. Those eyes of she’s said it all.

Blake held her breath as the King slowly took off his shirt. Slowly relieved his upper torso, Blake founded her eyes tracing the lines that shaped his hard chest.

When he got to the last button, he let his hands drop to his side, letting her see the V line that rested just above his pants.

“May I touch,” she breathed taking a step closer to him, looking him in the eyes.

He nodded without saying a word.

Taking her one hand, she brushed her cold fingertips against the skin of his chest making him hiss. She glanced up meeting his eyes in a heated gaze.

She then took her attention back to his chest, lightly taking her fingers and have them trail down the middle of his packs. His body stiffen.

He was so warm compared to her. Hot almost. She liked it. His warmth was nice to her, made her calm, even soothed her in a way.

Taking a step closer, she brushed both her hands under his shirt from his stomach and tracing up his torso. Her thumbs brushing pass his hard dark nipples. Her hands found themselves on his shoulders and to his shoulder blades, removing his shirt.

Beautiful, she thought, looking up to meet his gaze once more.

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