The King

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Chapter 11

Blake held her breath. The look in the King’s eyes were the eyes of a man in lust. She knew this because her father had the same look when he looked towards her mother. And it was a look many mated men gave to their females.

The King’s eyes were low in a heated gaze. His brown eyes turned golden, revealing that his wolf was slowly creeping out, ready to make a hunt.

Could that be right?

Blake knew the look of a man who hungered for his female. As a little girl, she used to be like all the others. Daydreaming about the day she would meet her mate, how they would run off into the forest for their first hunt together, the day he would mark her to prove his undivided love for her, and together they would rule the world as she proved herself to be the most powerful she-wolf known to their kind.

Okay, it wasn’t completely like all the other she-wolves dreamed of but Blake also wished big. When she turned ten she would go out and challenge the alpha’s son to a dual. She would challenge a male her age if not a little older to show all others that she would make her dream a reality. But all the adults laughed at her. Said it was a child’s dream. She didn’t believe them. She didn’t believe that a she-wolf was just a woman who worked at home and raised the pups.

But after that night. Blake learned the truth. That a dream was just a dream and that there was no happy ending. Not for her, that is.

Blake diverted to her computer, was it a mistake to invite him over?

“Are you alright,” the King whispered, siding chills down her spine.

“Just thinking,” she said walking away from him. She turned to her desk and grabbed a notebook. “You may go now,” she spoke coldly, taking a pen in her hand, and writing down the features of her new male character.

“That’s it,” he asked.

“I thought we were taking it slow,” Blake turned her head towards him with a cold exception. “Or does his highness like to play with his new toys?” The King growled at her last comment. He didn’t like it and she didn’t care. “Take them, play with them, and come back with the data I need.”

Blake knew her words were cold, but he was getting to close. Just the look in his eyes made her pull back and she wasn’t looking for a relationship that ended her on the floor on her hands and knees.

“You didn’t feel it,” his words were dark and lustful.

“Feel what,” Blake sighed as if she was already bored of the conversion, which she was about to until he said.

“Our mate bound.”

She dropped everything on the ground, looking him straight in the eye, “What did you say?”

“Our bound. We’re-”

Blake couldn’t hear him. All she could hear was her heart pounding and squeezing in her chest. She could already feel a lump form in her throat.

“Get out,” she muttered.


“Get out!” she yelled. She grabbed the first thing she could get her hands on and throw it at him. He dodged swiftly.

“What the hell!” he yelled back.

“Get the fuck out of my house!” Blake took the next thing in her reach and throw it at him. She didn’t want to be near him. She didn’t want him to touch her.

This was a mistake.

A horrible mistake.

The King took a couple steps forward, slowly making his way towards her. “What’s wrong? Aren’t you happy? We finally found each other,” he spoke slowly.

“Happy?” she murmured, “Happy! No, it’s a fuckin nightmare!” Blake grabbed the heaviest book she had and throw it at him, “Get out! Now!”

This time he didn’t dodge the item she throws at him. He took it, taking a back. With a grim look, he nodded his head, made his way to his shirt and left the room.

Blake waited for the front door to close. Once it did, she fell to the floor. Her knees hit the floor hard, but it didn’t hurt as much as her heart did.

Her throat swelled as she let out a silent cry. Letting her tears stream down her cheeks.

This couldn’t be happening, she thought. She was dying and yet she found her mate. But that wasn’t what hurt her or scared her. It was the fact she didn’t know. She didn’t feel their bound. Even when she touched him, she felt nothing.

Not only did she not feel their bound, she couldn’t make him happy nor could she ever give him anything a normal she-wolf could give to their mates. A pup, an heir. And the worst part of all this was that he was going to lose his mate faster then he could blink.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry,” she cried.

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