The King

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Chapter 13

Eric spent most of his night thinking about his mate’s three rules.

One, no one is to wake her unless the pack was under attack or if someone died.

Two, no one is to use the upstairs bathroom from eight to nine.

And three, no one is to talk to her until she had her cup of coffee first.

Eric found himself smiling at the idea of ruining those three little rules. Once he finally had his hands on his little mate, he would wake her with kisses and sweet words to start her day. Maybe there would be more than kisses and sweet talking in bed. Eric would save those hot moment when he carries her to the bathroom, maybe take a long shower together.

He wanted to be slow for his mate just so she would beg for his pleasure. The thought of his mate calling out his name while he tortured her with love and affection made his blood boil with excitement.

“Please tell me that’s not for me,” Eric’s little mate’s brother asked. Ross’s brow stood up as he pointed at Eric’s groin. “Sorry but I’m not up for grabs.”

“What?” Eric was shocked at the comment. He then looked down to indeed find his manhood rising underneath his now tight pants, pointing at his new brother-in-law. “No!”

Ross hissed while bringing his index finger up to his lips, “Are you trying to get us both killed? Dude, I was only joking.” The boy tilted his head to the side, most likely hearing if they had indeed woke the she-wolf up. Ross sighed in relief before pointing a finger at Eric, “Look here, I’m not going to get myself killed because you wanted to be a dumbass. I will run the very second my sister comes down. There is no chance in hell I will die by her hands because of you.”

“Is that a challenge,” Eric growl.

“I’ll leave you to die,” Ross growled back.

Eric liked Ross. The boy wasn’t afraid of the King of all Wolves. Ross spoke freely and held his own and that was mostly due to the fact that Ross lost his parents at a young age, taking the role of the man in the house. Just like his sister, he had to grow up and become a man.

In the last few hours Eric had spoken with Ross, Eric found that his dear mate had shut herself out of the pack. She didn’t take part in pack runs, hunts, meeting, or patrol. All his mate did, was take part in training the pack members, attend important dinner and meeting but only for an hour or less.

Eric’s little she-wolf runs and hunts alone. If there were rouges in the area, she took care of them on her own. No one in the whole pack would dare question her or even dare challenge her. Not to mention she ran the whole pack in the shadows while her Alpha took the credit, which pissed Eric off the most.

Eric could now see why her Alpha wanted her. She did everything for him. She ran and protected the pack, not to mention she was beautiful and strong like a Luna should. She was a Luna. Eric’s Luna and she would fit perfectly in his embrace.

His mate’s soft embrace was a dream that he was sure to make a reality. Her small, chubby body in his arms. Her large breasts, pressing up against his ribs. Oh, how he wanted to take his hand and cover those firm breasts. To pinch the tips of her nipples, to only take them in his mouth and tease her with his tongue.

Eric shivered, imaging the sweet sounds of her moans. He could just barely hear her calling out his name, asking for complete bliss.

Eric’s eyes grew heavy whiling thinking about how she would look like when she hit her climax. Would she scream? Would she pant while bringing her brows together? Would her body quiver underneath his body? Was she the type of girl who dug her nails into her male’s back while squeezing her legs around his waist. Or was she the type of woman who did all of those things.

There was so much Eric wanted to know about his little mate. Her likes or her dislikes, he wanted to know everything about her. He even wanted to know about her dreams.

Eric knew that a lot of she-wolves wanted a mate and pups but how many pups did his mate want. She didn’t like the fact that the two of them were mated so did that mean she didn’t want his pups but someone else’s. If not his pups then who? Her Alpha’s? No, Eric wouldn’t let that happen. He would never let his mate share a bed with another. She was his and his alone.

“What are you doing?” Ross yelled.

Eric looked over at the stove, glaring down at the frying pan. Eric glared at the now black eggs he had been cooking. They looked nothing like the eggs his cooks served him.

“Shit,” Ross cursed, dashing to the other side of the counter.

Within a short period of time that Eric had thought about his mate, the eggs were as black as coal and the toaster was on fire.

Ross grabbed his apron and started to smack the flames that grew out of the toaster. Once the fire died down, both Ross and Eric glanced up at the ceiling to hear loud footsteps, coming towards the stairs, then the kitchen.

“We’re fuck, dude,” Ross muttered.

While Ross was already making his plans to run. Eric couldn’t help but look at his little mate. She was beautiful. Her hair was a complete mess, a little drool that hit the corner of her lip to chin was dry. She wore a white oversized shirt with a coffee stain on it with a pair of black joggers.

“What the hell is all this?” She growled.

Ross didn’t answer her but grab a coffee mug and placed it on the island that separated them from her. Eric was amazed at how fast Ross was pouring his sister a cup of coffee.

Then it hit Eric, rule number three no one is allowed to talk to her until she had her cup of coffee.

She watched Ross with a twitch in her one eye. Both Ross and Eric knew that a cup of coffee was not going to satisfy her this time.

“New rule,” she hissed glaring at Eric than to Ross, “Don’t let people in the house without my permission and,” Blake glared at Eric, “no one is allowed to cook in my kitchen unless they know how to cook. You got me?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Ross looked like a pup with his tail between his legs.

“And you,” Eric gave his mate his full attention. “Why the hell are you back in my house? Didn’t I tell you to stay away from me?”

Eric looked his mate up and down, letting his eyes imagine what she would look like if she clothes where a little tighter. His eye’s eventually stopped to her breasts where her shirt looked to be the tightest. He could see the roundness of her breast perfectly. The things he would do to see those uncovered.

“Eye’s up here,” His little she-wolf growled.

“I do as I please,” Eric smiled proudly. His chest filled with pride to know that he finally found his mate as well as share his morning with her.

“As you please, you say?” she one eyebrow rose.

“You are mine after all,” Mine, he loved the way it sounded. She was his.

“And you do as you please with what is your, correct?”

“Yes,” he stood more proudly towards his mate.

“Oh really,” Eric held his breath as his mate smiled at him. And it wasn’t the kind of smile he wanted to see.

“Oh shit,” was the last thing Eric heard, coming from Ross when Eric’s little mate grabbed him.

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