The King

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Chapter 14

Blake glared at the King with fire in her eyes. That animal. He near burned down her house and thinks he could ‘do as he pleases’ with her. What an animal.

“Oh shit, oh shit. What are we going to do? Sis, you killed the King!” Ross yelled from outside.

“Oh please,” she rolled her eyes, “He’ll be fine.”

“He’s not breathing,” Her brother panicked.

“Then I guess that makes me Queen,” Blake casually crossed her arms over her chest looking at her broken screen door. “My door,” she sighed, this would be the second time this month, she had to fix a screen door.

Ross poked the King on the cheek, “Sis, I really don’t think he is fine. We have to tell Seth. What if the council finds out? We’ll be killed on the spot.”

Blake rolled her eye, “Please, a little bitch slapping will watch his dumbass up.”

Ross blinked at his sister then nodded his head before looking back at the King, laying against a tree. Blake smiled at her brother if saying ‘do it’. It was not too long ago where the King was standing in their kitchen. After a short talk, Blake had gotten a hold of his highness, spun him around toward the back-kitchen-door, punched him in the face and kicked him as hard as she could through the screen door, having him flying into a tree that he ended up ripping out of the ground. She had no idea how that happened, she kind of thought the tree would have spit in two or something. Something cool.

Blake watched her brother raise his hand up, ready to hit the King in the face but he hesitated. The smile that once was placed on her face faded into a frown. “Come on now! He’s not really dead! Just hit him!”

“You’re not helping!” he yelled back. “And he’s not moving!”

“My goddess,” Blake muttered, marching out of the house towards them. “Give him to me.” Blake planted her feet on either side of the King and pulled his lifeless body by the collar. She raised her hand, “Wake. The. Fuck. Up!” she yelled slapping back and forth with her hand.

“We’re dead. We’re so dead,” Ross panicked, pacing beside her and the King. “This is all your fault!” He yelled. “I’m not going to die because you couldn’t control yourself. How could you hit your mate!”

Blake froze in mid-slap from her brother’s words. Or word. She glared at the King, ‘her mate’. Did her brother know something she didn’t? Did he find out that his highness was her mate when he had stopped by last night?

This morning she found the both of them in the kitchen. Did they talk? Did the King tell her brother about the box upstairs? Boys like gossip, they like to talk.

What did he say?

“Wake up you son of a bitch, what did you tell him?” she yelled hitting him harder then she was before.

“Blake! Stop, you’ll kill him!” Ross yelled, trying to pull his sister away from the now bloody King.

“Let me kill him! He needs to die!” All my secrets will die with him! No one can know!

“You can’t!” Ross yelled dragging her away with his arms underneath her armpits.

Blake screamed kicking her legs and swinging her arms around. With a low growl, she raised her foot and slammed it down on the King’s family jewels.

As if a miracle, the King opened his eyes taking in air. It was like he came back to life but Blake was more than happy to kill him again.

“I’m saved,” Ross cried in relief.

Blake paced around her brother’s room. The King was lucky she didn’t kill him. If it wasn’t for Ross, the man would have been dead.

Through the crack of Ross’s door, Blake heard the doctor sighed. “He’ll be fine. Just let him rest for a few hours and he should be on his toes soon enough.”

Blake waited for the doctor to come out. Once he came to the door, he sighed once more, “Is he alright?” she asked.

“Yes, with a little rest. You did a number on him,” the old man smiled, lifting his glasses up to the bright of his nose.

“Who said it was me,” Blake crossed her arms.

“I’ve treated enough of your victims to know your handly work.”

The doc was probably right. Of all the times she worked with the others during training, she would end up putting them in the clinic. It was another reason why she only trained the pack once in a while. That and she never fought anyone, like anyone would think about pissing her off. Well anyone who knew her that is.

“Geez, thanks,” she mimicked his sly smirk. “Can I talk to you downstairs?”

“I don’t see why not,” he shrugged and turned to make his way to the stairs.

Blake took one look back to the room and shut the door before following the doctor. Once downstairs the doctor turned around to face Blake, “Is there something wrong?” he asked. “Is it your body?” he whispered.

“Dr. Milliken, is it normal for someone not to recognize their mate?” Blake couldn’t look directly into the doctor’s eyes.

She could feel his eyes on her. She knew her question was odd but she didn’t have her mother to talk to about this. And she couldn’t go to her brother, one because it was embarrassing and two, he already knows that she and Eric were soul mates. “Did you find your mate?”

“I believe so. Or so he says. But-,” I didn’t know what to say.

“But you cant tell.” She nodded her head. Dr. Milliken peeked behind her, looking up the stairs. “Is he your mate. The King.”

“So he says,” Blake couldn’t help but make the words sound like a curse.

“And you hit your mate?” he asked.

Blake crossed her arms and stood proudly, “He had it coming, that cocky bastard.”

Dr. Milliken throw his head back letting out a hearty laugh. “Well most men are, dear,” he said once he calmed down, “But you shouldn’t be hitting your mate, if he is your mate.”

“He is not my mate,” she growled. “I have no desire for a mate. Besides- even if he was my mate, I can’t be with him,” she whispered.

“And why is that?” the doctor asked with his one brow raised.

“You know why,” she muttered.

“No, I don’t.”

Blake glared at Dr. Milliken with daggers, “I’m dying, what kind of mate would I be if I told him I’ll die in a few weeks.”

“I see nothing wrong with that,” Dr. Milliken stared down onto Blake with gentle eyes. “At this moment the moon goddess has given you a gift to meet your other half, a time for to finally be happy.”

“What are you talking about, I am happy,” Blake laughed just to show him she was.

“But are you really?”

There was a long moment of silence between Blake and Dr. Milliken. She didn’t have any words for him. Was she happy? Yes, she was happy. She has her brother, her writing, her books, and she couldn’t forget her best friend coffee. She was the Bate of her pack. She even became the strongest female in her pack. Not to mention she can now cross off ‘beat the King of all Wolves’ off her bucket list.

She was happy or was she?

“Blake, you need your mate more than ever,” Dr. Milliken began, “Don’t let this gift go to waste. It’s time you had some real fun for once,” he smiled. The doctor turned towards the door and opened it. “And Blake,” he said before letting himself out, “try not to kill your mate. He is our king after all,” his smile grow from ear to ear before letting out another heartfelt laugh.

“He’s not my mate,” she growled under her breath.

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