The King

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Chapter 17

Blake rubbed the middle of her back while running her other hand over her forehead, “and that’s how it is done,” she smiles looking over towards her phone to find the YouTube video was over.

She dropped her tools on the counter and opened and closed her back door to find no fault in fixing the door. It closes. It opens. It locks.

This would have been the first time Blake had successfully fixed anything in her house.

When the roof leaked, or the sink busted, or even the time she ripped her bathroom door off its hinges, after Ross took up her bathroom time, it was always Seth and her brother fixing the house.

Blake never attempted to fix anything because she was good at breaking them. During her teenage years, her super strength that had surpassed many of her peers as well as many of the adults. It was only as time grew that her strength increases to the point she could, but wouldn’t, challenge her Alpha and rule her pack. But after the years of breaking innocent doors and nearly killing some of her peers, she thought it was best to stay in the shadows, that why she didn’t have to fear of destroying the pack.

Blake was even worried about taking the role as Beta but it was Seth that said there was no one better to take the role. And maybe he was right about that. Even before she became Beta she was part of the warriors at just the age of sixteen, one of the youngest to hunt and kill rogues. She had first been a scout before she came across a lone rogue.

She remembered that day like it was yesterday. That was the day she had her first kill. The burning heat of the battle and the sound of her beeping drum ringing in her ear was a victory she would never forget. The taste for more blood ran through her body and she wanted was more.

It became an obsession of hers to scout and hunt at the same time. To fight and kill. She would go out in the middle of the night to fill her need to kill, her need to protect.

It was only a few months until the Alpha found out that he allowed her to become a warrior.

It was only a few years ago that Blake found a new obsession that would stop her from going bloodthirsty. Writing. If she didn’t write she only feared that her need for the thrill of a kill would consume her. She had to distract herself at every second of the day.

Blake couldn’t really understand why she loved to fight, the thrill to kill, or even the enjoyment of a good bloodshed. Maybe it was a good thing for the moon goddess to put this old girl down before she becomes the new Beast King or Beast Queen for that matter.

Blake cleaned the mess she made and washed her hands in the kitchen sink. She looked out the little window, staring out into the backyard.

Ten days, she thought.

Ten days stood between now and the day of the Hunt. Ten days.

How could this have happened? She said to herself before leaving the kitchen.

She was about to walk up the stairs to her office to write when a loud bang hit again her front door.

With a sigh, Blake opened the door and a very panic omega at her door. “Beta Blake... The King...” the boy panted, “was attacked... Hunters,” the boy forced his words out as he took deep breaths.

But at that moment, Blake didn’t hear anything else that the boy said but grabbed her keys by the door and ran out the door to jump into her ram.

Blake speeds down the roads toward the clinic and rushed into the building in a panic.

How could this happen? How could this have happened? Hunter? The Hunters are close. Ross, I need to find Ross. If those Hunters hurt him, I’ll kill them all.

Blake turned to a corner and found Ross pacing in the hallway. Blake felt some relief that her brother was fine but the hunter was still out there.

“Blake,” Ross called out when he noticed her coming down the hallway. “You’re here? Where have you been, I have been calling you for hours.”

“I had a business day,” she growled. No, it was more she ignored his call, thinking that he had something stupid to tell her. Now she regretted not answering the phone.

“What happened,” Blake was annoyed, marching into the Kings room.

The only people in the room other then the King was Seth and his mother.

“Oh my,” Seth’s mother said with a nervous smile, “Look at the time, I should check on the unmated females. Call me if you need me, ” she said making her way to the door.

Blake scanned the large man sitting on the hospital bed with a bandage around his right arm. Blake glared at the bloodstained bandage. She gazes up to meet the Kings sleep like grin.

“Were you shot, ” she growled marching up to him and ripping the bandage off before he could say anything. But to her surprise, it wasn’t a bullet wound but a bite wound. A wolves bite wound.

Blake could feel her body shake and she knew the King could feel her anger seeping from her shaky hands that gripped onto his arm.

The King rested a hand over one of her hands, ” it’s only a bite. I’m alright.”

“Who bite the King, ” she muttered turning towards her Alpha and friend.

“A she-wolf, ” Seth growled at her tone towards him.

“And what about the hunter I heard about?”

It was the Kings turn to speak, “the she-wolf was spooked by the hunters gun fire and bit me. She was skittish when I meet her by the border, so I don’t blame her for her actions.”

Blake looked into the Kings warm eyes, “what she did is a crime no less. Her crime is the punishment of death. If the people found out you were bitten and let the wolf go. It would only make you seem weak.”

“Let them believe as they wish. The she-wolf was scared and injured. The reasonable action for her was to protect herself. She is forgiven.”

Blake’s took a deep breath and swallowed her anger and turned towards Seth. “Find the she-wolf who bite the King, treat her wounds, and bring her to me. I want to ask her a few questions.”

“The scouts are looking for her, ” Seth had crossed his arms over his chest.

“She’s not from our pack?”

“No. She was a gray wolf and the only gray wolves in our pack are you and your brother. Unless you’re saying you’re the one who attacked him.”

“Rouges?” She ignored his last comment.

“She smelled like she belonged to a pack, ” the King spoke, letting his hand hover over the bite wound. “And yet she didn’t at the same time. She was also confused.”

“About what.”

“When I shifted in my skin she didn’t seem to understand who or what I was and when I commanded her to shift, she wouldn’t. It has been bothering me.”

“A she-wolf who doesn’t listen to her king?” Seth whispered.

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