The King

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Chapter 18

Blake threw the last file onto her desk as she leans back into her computer chair with a groan.

She couldn’t believe that she had doubled check the records of all the she-wolves in her pack as well as all the information of six other packs nearby that were camping by the mating ground this year for the last day and a half.

To her disappointment, there were no recorded of any gray she-wolves. She should have seen it coming. Gray werewolves were rare and if you wanted to meet a gray wolf your best bet was to travel to Europe.

From what Blake knew there were at least three packs stretching from Italy, Greece, and London. There was a record in Scotland for gray wolves but the pack had vanished hundreds of years ago.

But that’s not what was really on Blakes mind. From the moment she found out about the Hunter being so close to the mating grounds she feared for her brother.

What if it’s him? The Hunter from before. The one who...


She shook her head from the sound of her name, “What, ” she coldly said.

Seth stood by her desk with a gentle smile, “still working?”

“Ah, yeah. I am, ” she said straightening herself out in her chair and fixing her papers together.

“You look tired. Why don’t you rest?” Seth made his way around the desk, resting his hand on top of hers.

“I’m fine, ” she exclaimed moving her hands away and getting up. “I have to check on the training grounds and making sure no one is slacking off.” Blake didn’t really want to deal with Seth at the moment. She sneaks around the other side of her desk to get away from him.

“Lessons are over today, ” he laughed.

“There is also making sure the females that hit their heating period are hidden safely-, ”

“My mother has already taken care of it. She is still Luna, ” his smile moved from ear to ear, “until I claim mine, ” Seth made his way towards her again.

“There is also the border patrol.”

“I have already taken care of the matter. I have doubled the security with some of the King’s men on hand. I also have warned the other packs in the area and have asked them to pass the message along to the next pack that arrives.”

Blake was running out of ideas to say to him until she looked at the clock. It was already nine o’clock. “Ross is home alone, ” was all she said before making her way the door.

“He is in the pack house.”

“I’ll go pick him up, ” she said back.

“He is asleep, ” Seth said taking her hand the moment he got close enough. “He thought you would be stuck in the office again and just slept in the pack house.”

Blake stared into his dark eye and finally said, “Why are you here?”

“I want to make sure your okay. Is that wrong?”

“It depends on what you want.”

Seth let out a small sigh, “you always work yourself to the bone. You make me look bad, ” he frowned.

“And?” Blake raised one of her eyebrows.

“I love it, ” he smiled. “I like that you are a hard worker. It tells me you care about our people and you take your role as Beta seriously, but I don’t want you to work yourself to the point you collapse. You have to be careful. You’re also going to hit your heating period soon too.”

“What is your point, ” Blake glared at him. She was annoyed buy mostly tried.

“Don’t forget about yourself. I don’t want you to be in a situation were your alone and can’t protect yourself.”

“You’re saying I’m weak?”

“No, but your still a woman. You’re at your weakest and most valuable during your heating period.”

Blake frowned at his words. Lost in her thoughts. From what her doctor had told her she didn’t have to worry about such a thing. Without her heating period, she didn’t have to worry about an unmated male mounting her. She didn’t have to worry about getting pregnant either. Neither did she ever have to worry about being in a valuable state.

“Thanks, Seth but I don’t have to worry about that, ” before he could ask any questions she quickly said, “I have you.”

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