The King

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Chapter 19

Blake couldn’t wait to get home. All she wanted was a nice cup of coffee while sitting by the heater in the living room.

She couldn’t stand the thought of doing any more work unless it involves sleeping.

When she found herself standing in front of her house she found a rather odd thing standing by her door. The man was standing by the door with his back towards her with his hands behind him. He tilted his head from side to side and then he leaned into his right to peek through the window.

Blake rolled her eyes at her peeping tom when she saw him start rocking his feet. Can he look any more cringer then he is now?

“Can I help you?” She finally said feeling bad for the guy.

The male literally jumped making an O face with when he turned around. “Beta Blake?”

She rose her eyebrow, “Your Highness. ”

“I... Um, I tried visiting you while you were in the office but no one would let me in, ” his highness stood proudly as if he didn’t just look like a peeping tom.

“And no one let you in?” She repeated with a slow nod knowing full well no one would let him in unless they feard for a punishment.

“No, ” he found himself a little uncomfortable. It must have been that he did not use to people disobeying him.

“I’m sorry to break it to you, but no one bothers me when I work. I’m not surprised they stopped you.”

“And why is that?” He frowned.

“I would have killed you, “Blake smiled happily as she made her way to the door. Heavily walking up the porch steps to the door, she shuffled into her pocket to get her key out. ” Good night your highness, ” she yawns, twisting the key to get in.

“Wait, ” He quickly spoke taking a step forward losing the proud position state that he had going for him but quickly went into the stat again.

“Are you trying to invite yourself into my home, right now?”

“Well since you asked, ” he calmly said, lifting his chin up and slipping into the room.

Did he... Did he just do that? Oh no, please come in. Blake said to herself shaking her while she walked into the house.

Blake felt the veins on her forehead start to thicken on the way to the kitchen. From the corner of her eye, the King was making himself at home, analyzing every detail of her house.

“Can I help you!” Spinning around, she was to seconds away from wrapping her little hands around his thick ass throat.

“Yes, ” he turned titling his head slightly to the side. At first, the King looked at her from head to toe and then back up to lock onto her gray eyes.

“Well, what the fuck is it. I’m tired and haven’t had my coffee so unless this is not a life and death situation, get the fuck out of my house!”

He was taken aback but recovered quickly with a dark gleam in his eyes. “You will not speak to me that way. I have let you go long enough with your rube behaved only because you are my mate.”

“Your mate, ” she laughed. “Don’t make me laugh. I told you before, I’m not your mate. I will never mate with-“, it happened so fast that she found herself winded when the King slammed her into the wall.

“Don’t you dare say it, ” he left no space between them. His pelvis pressed against her stomach. He rubbed himself against her so slowly she could barely feel it while he bent his knee between her legs pressing against the warm heat between her thighs.

Without a thought, Blake raised her chest just slightly make any room to place her hands against his belly to push him away.

The action only made him press deeper into her while caged her. Growling into her ear, the warm heat against her ear made her shiver while gripping onto his shirt for dear life and bowing her head down into his chest.

“Don’t move, ” he warned but his action only made her shiver more. She could hear him take a deep breath, taking in her sent. ” My Goddess, you smell so good, ” he then rubs his nose into her hair, slowly moving his hands closer to her.

The King had brushed his fingers against her forearm making a heated trail down the arm, one hand found its way to her lower back and the other making its way down her butt and behind her upper thigh.

With a short gasp, she was lifted off the floor. Her one leg was over his arm, giving him full access between her legs as the other hand held her up.

Both the King and Blake were panting, now looking into each other eyes.

Blake couldn’t even wrap around her head how it all happened. One moment she wants to kill him because she was too tired to deal with him and now she was filled with so much energy that she didn’t care why she wanted to kill him before. All she wanted was him to stay like this and never leave.

His nose began to trace up and down her neck multiple times as she gasped for relief. “Beautiful, ” he breathed against her neck making her climb and rub again his body.

“Stop, ” she gasped taking a hold of his arms to keep her upright.

“Don’t you feel it. Our bond, ” he said whispering in her.

She desperately wanted to say yes again and again but she couldn’t. She would be lying to him. All she wanted was for him to make the fever to go away.

“Your mine.”

“I told you, I-”

“You are mine and I’m not letting you go, ” he quickly said. “I have been looking for you for so long, my dear and I don’t plan on leaving until I have you safely back home with me.”

“You’re a fool, ” Blake whispered.

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