The King

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Chapter 20

He was a fool. If only he knew what was good for him and his kingdom, this king should walk away from her. She was nothing but trouble that was knocking on death’s door.

Or maybe he wasn’t the fool but she was. Somewhere in her heart, she ached to be with this man. Blake couldn’t explain why she felt like she could finally be happy with no worries.

His touch, his hot breath against her skin, his tongue trailing up her neck to her earlobe. Blake’s hand rested against the Kings chest feeling his heart pound like the drums of war.

“I want you so much, ” he dug his face in the crack of her neck while taking a deep breath, “I could never forget your smell.”

Blake’s mind was so gone she didn’t even realize that the King had a hand up her shirt while the other hand found its way to her pants trying to pull her pants off.

She had to stop him. She had to stop him now but she couldn’t think of anything. This was a man, an alpha, a wolf King with more desire to claim than any other male on earth. He would do anything to get want he wants and that was her.

His large hand cupped her arse rubbing it as he slowly moved closer to her core.

With a shiver, Blake gripped his shoulders, digging her nails into his flesh. “Don’t, ” she whispered. She didn’t know what else to say. She has a hard enough time just saying ‘don’t’.

“Don’t what?” He says hungry, “your mine and mine alone. It has to be you.”

“Don’t. . .” Blake paused for a moment before saying, “say such corny things.”

“What?” The King moved his head back to look that she-wolf.

“It’s gross, ” Blake finally said pulling out a hard bitch face. “Now, get off me before we have another incident like this morning.”

Eric was a little taken back from the comment of his mate. Even when she was melting in his arms she could still threaten him. He didn’t know if he likes that or not. Sure he liked her fire and her straightforwardness but he also wanted to see her more innocent side. The side she would only show him and him alone.

With a sly smirk, he replied with, “Are you sure you want to stop, we haven’t even started?”

She was cold in every way, “then it will be easier for you to stop now.”

“What if I don’t? What if I want to claim you? Right here. Right now, ” he said nearly groaning at the end.

“You’ll be buried six foot under by the end of the night, ” she frowned. “Now let go, I want my coffee now.”

Eric signed while dropping his head down, “alright, ” taking a step back. Beta Blake was gently put down. The moment her small body touched the grown she turn towards the kitchen and was gone.

With another sigh, Eric ran his fingers through his hair while lifting his head. He looked at the swinging doors of the kitchen and smile.

He didn’t want to say his mate was shy or playing hard to get but sometimes he wondered. He wondered if she really did feel the mate bond or if she was fighting it. But way in the name of the Goddess would she do that? The way would she fight it if she knew the two of them were to be together.

Maybe he just had to prove to her that he was serious, that they were meant to be. That he wouldn’t leave her and will let her do all the thing she wants to do but be with another male.

Eric made his way into the kitchen, taking a seat at the table. He glanced at the back door in the kitchen a smiled. “I see your brother fixed the door, it looks like he did a good job.”

"I fixed the door, and thank you, ” his she-wolf said turning on the coffee pot.

“You fixed the door, ” he was shocked, well a little. Eric knew his little mate was very independent but he never knew she was a handyman too or handywoman rather.

“You got a problem with that?” Beta Blake asked raising a brow with eyes that said ‘choose your words carefully’.

“No, not at all, ” he smiled, “I didn’t know you were so handy with tools. It makes me happy that I get to know a little more about you other than that you’re a total badass.”

She spun around on her heel, facing away from him, “yeah, well Ross has training. So who else would do it?”

“I would have, ” Eric softly said, “I’ll fix anything that needs a little tending too.”

Beta Blake slightly turned her head towards him but not enough to show her face but he could see a tint of red on the tip of her ear.

Just looking at that ear alone made Eric melt were he sat. If only she would look at. . . and beg to be taken right here in this very room on the counter. He wouldn’t mind that at all, he was a man who just found his mate and he was starting to have a hard time trying to keep himself together.

“Thank you, ” she said softly, “but no thank you. As you can see I’m well on my own, ” Beta Blake said more firmly this time while grabbing a cup out if the cabinet.

Not cute all, Eric sighed.

“Is there a reason why you are here? I’m getting tired of asking and want to go to bed.” Beta Blake poured herself a cup of coffee before walking over to the table with a look of boredom.

“I did make a promise to you. I tend to keep it, ” he smiled hoping this was his ticket to say with her a little longer.

“Oh, and what would that be?” She asked raising an eyebrow.

“You’re model, ” she looked like she wasn’t buying into his game of cat and mouse. “No strings attached. No talking about mates and bonding. . . unless it means tying me up, ” Eric smiled at his joke and so was she but it looked more sinner then he imaged.

“You want to play?” Her voice became hucky as her eye darkened.

“Yes, ” Eric leaned into the table, nearly groaning over the excitement of his mate’s hungry voice.

Once his mate gave him an even more sinner grin, he was starting to rethink his life choices.

Maybe this was a bad idea? . . .Oh, what the hell.

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