The King

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Chapter 21

Eric was wrong. He knew he was. And his wolf was begging Eric to release him. It was an ongoing battle between the two and Eric was making sure that his wolf stayed in place. Eric didn’t need to have his wolf out and claiming his dominance over his mate.

Both Eric and his wolf wanted to rip out of their confinement right now. They needed her. Wanted.

Eric tugged his wrist forward, “do you think this is necessary, ” he asked taking a glance towards her. “It’s kind of tight, ” he said raising an eyebrow.

“You wanted to play, your majesty, and I tend to play. I’m behind on my story and imagination can get me so far. So be a good boy and lay there, ” she sighed.

It was pure torture to him, watching his mate slowly lifting her shirt up, showing her bare back to him. If she was to truly torture him he would tell her everything, to the last detail.

Eric watched her finally take her shirt off and that’s when he saw the scare on her shoulder. Beta Blake walked over to her closest, dropping her shirt on the floor. She then reached her one arm back and snapped her bra open.

Goddess, he wanted her. Did his mate not care that she was undressing in front of her mate. Her Alpha mate. Her very so dominate mate. Blood flowed to his manhood making him nearly hard. He didn’t know how much he and his wolf could handle any more.

When he thought nothing could get better than this his mate took off her pants revealing black panties that matched her bra.

Goddess save me from my torture, he thought, he shifted his body.

“Don’t move, ” she commanded. Her head was slightly turned toward him where he could only see her eyes. Those gray eyes of hers. She turned away and pulled a long shirt off the rack and slipped it on. “You are to lay there until I decide what to do to you next.”

Eric couldn’t help but smile at his mate and turn his head away from her looking eyes. He kept his eyes on her ceiling thinking how much he wanted to hind his erection from her.

Somehow she was able to command him to strip into nothing but his boxer. Eric would have been glad to take off his boxers if she wanted but just for her to look at him, studying him. It made him feel uneasy and extremely turned on.

Eric could hear her shuffling around at her desk, the sound of notebook pages filled his ears followed by the scratching sound of her pencil.

How much longer, he thought, twitching in the bed.

A few minutes had gone by before Eric could finally bring himself to look at his mate and he was lost by what he saw. His little mate was curled up into her chair with her knees close to her chest, her long shirt pulled up just enough to show a sliver of her ass and panties. She wore thick black glasses with her hair pulled back in a loose bun.

Eric held his breath when she glared at him and back to her papers. A shiver ran down his back at how scary looking her eyes were. But yet it made him hard.

Blake stared at the King, drawing his body in her notebook. She wrote little notes down around the drawing of little details about him moving or tugging on his bindings. She noticed how his dark nipples harden and his lower region was growing in an uncomfortable state.

Blake sighed. There was no helping it was there. To think that binding to the bed would excite him to the point of an erection.

In truth, she felt bad for him but she also wanted to tease him more. Blake could feel a shape pain in her chest that made her spin around in her chair and face her desk.

“Are you alright, ” The King asked.

All Blake could do was nod her head. She lifted herself from her chair, taking her pen and paper with her and stood beside him.

“How do you feel, ” she asked him.

“Exposed. Vulnerable.”

“Do those things excite you, ” she wrote down his answers before looking him in the eyes.

“Not really, ” he tried to shrug.

“I see.”

Sit on him. A small voice in the back of her head called. Almost exciting in fact.

Without another thought she climbed in the bed, saddling him. The first thing that came to mind was that he was warm, almost hot. His skin was soft against hers. Not to mention the growing bulge from his boxer rub against her underwear, just between the folds. The King groaned catching Blakes attention.

“Am I too heavy?” She began shifting bad a forth to get off him.

“Stop!” He yelled, “don’t move, Goddess, don’t move, ” he begged. Blake watched The King shiver and stuff up all at the same time. His face was showing so many expressions she didn’t know which one she likes best.

It was all exciting to her too. She wanted to see more. Feel more. She wanted to make him moan while feeling nothing but her. Blake licked her lips and watched her prey completely relaxed underneath her. Now it was time for the kill.

It took Eric everything not to cum. His little she-wolf’s sex was like fire against his own. It was the sheer thought that there were just thin layers of clothing between their sex that would have them connected as one.

“Beta Blake I think we should end things here tonight, ” he groaned. He was worried that if things got too out of hand that he would surely lose the little control he had. He was trying everything not to make her feel uncomfortable, he was trying to win her affection not scare her.

“And what if I want to continue, ” her voice was husky while she licked her lips. Eric could see the hungry of a wolf ready to eat her prey.

He could feel her body shiver in excitement as she stared him down, challenging him. His little she-wolf leaned down, placing her nose against his cheek. She gently moved her nose down to his neck, sending shivers down his spine. His she-wolf took in his sent making his wolf go haywire.

“I can’t anymore, ” Eric whispered to her, “I need you.”

“You need me, ” she responded rubbing her face against his cheek. Her wolf was coming out, he could tell just by looking at her eyes that her wolf was in control. “I’m happy.”

“Let me have you.”

Beta Blake purred, “I can’t, ” she whispered.

“Let me show you just how much I need you, ” Eric lifted his hips rocking his sex against her. Eric growled the moment he could smell her arousal it didn’t help that he could feel her wet juices start to soak his own boxers.

With a small moan that sounds too sweet to be real, “It’s to bad it can never be.”

“Don’t be afraid, my sweet.”

“I’m not the one who should be afraid, ” she whispered pulling away from him so she could see his face.

Staring into her gray eyes he said, ” I’m not. I have you now”.

Beta Blake looked sad for a moment and then smiled. But Eric didn’t like this smile. She looked like she was in pain. Like she didn’t know what to do.

“If we share a night, it will be only for that night. It will be our last.”

“No, it won’t because I will never let you go.”

“Then you are a bigger fool then I thought, ” Eric was in awe for a mere moment, watching her eyes slowly swell as if she was going to cry. Which she was.

He didn’t understand what was happening. Was it that pup, Seth? We’re they together? The thought of them together pissed him off again. No one could have his mate. No one. But. Him.

Eric growled at the thought. He only needed her and she only needed him. He wouldn’t have anyone touch her let alone run away with her.

“Relax your Highness, ” she smiled, “I don’t plan on being tied down to anyone”.

“You will be, ” Eric stared into her gray eyes, searching for a response, she given him none, “with me.”

Beta Blake throw her head back and laughed while getting up from him. Wiping the tear that formed around her eyes she said, “You think you can tie me down. You sure dream big Your Majesty.”

Eric tugged on his bindings, “is that a challenge”.

“It wouldn’t be much of a challenge, ” she smirked. That tiny little smirk was the most sexist thing he ever saw and he would be damned if he let another man “challenge” her.

“Are you sure able that, ” Eric made sure he gave his best ‘try me’ smirk. He loved the fact his she-wolf was strong and playful but he couldn’t help the fact that sometimes she looked sad.

“I’m almost positive, ” she laughed making her way to her computer. She wrote a few things down on her notebook before saying, “it’s late and I have a very important date tomorrow. You should sleep well you highest.”

Eric felt his lower half painfully ache while watching her. Her smile was sexy and the way she moved. She looked like a proud and graceful predator. He knew that when their pups are born she would protect them well. He knew that his she-wolf didn’t need any saving because she did far well in taking a small rouge pack on her own. He didn’t have to worry about her. Well, he will always worry about her but he will be at ease knowing that she can protect her self and one day their pack.

“Goodnight, ” she whispered leaving the room.

In a panic Eric lifted his head, “wait, ” he yelled. Poking her head back in the room, he goes, “are you not going to untie me?”

His little she-wolf was back to being her cold “sexy” self, “Why would I do that?”

“I’m your king and I wish it.”

“Yeah, not going to happen. I don’t trust you enough to let you run around my house while I sleep.” She turned the light and left but not before saying, “you’re in my house and what I say goes. Even if you’re a king.”

Watching the door slowly shut behind her, Eric could feel a grin form on his face.

Challenged accepted.

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