The King

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Chapter 22

The room smelled of her. Eric could say he was in complete bliss if only his she-wolf was by his side in his arms. Throughout the night he struggled to untie himself. He could hear her gentle breathing across the hall, in all reality he didn’t want to wake her. It would have killed him if he did so.

He wanted to surprise her when she woke to find him lying next to her, holding her. She would kill him but she was looking forward to it, he knew it. He smiled at the very thought of it.

Eric closed his eyes for a moment, taking her peaceful sound in until he heard her wrestling in her sheets as if her life depended on it.

He could feel his wolf pull to the surface to be let out and Eric welcomed it. For the first time tonight they both agreed on something and that was to see what the hell was going on.

Before he could even force himself out of his binding the sound of shattering glass turned his thoughts for the worst.

Forcing his way free he ran into the room across from his. The room belonged to her younger brother. The bed was torn by the claws of a wolf, the pillows were shattered into nothing and the blanket was made into rags. Eric took his attention to the broken window. Running towards it he saw the tip of a gray wolf’s tale.

With a growl, Eric castaway his flesh for fur, letting his wolf take chase to the intruder.

It didn’t take Eric long to catch up to the wolf. He stalked the gray wolf, watching her limp farther into the woods close to the broader.

Eric recognized her as the she-wolf who bit him the other day. Today he thought she was odd. As small as her figure as she was so small that her body never ripped through the clothing she wore. Eric’s wolf took in the young she-wolf’s sent, he could smell the scent of coffee and vanilla. Her sent was like his mate but it couldn’t have been her. It was true that this she-wolf was the same who bit him but to be his mate. He didn’t even recognize her scent as his mate yet why would this she-wolf be wearing his mates clothes. What is going on?

The she-wolf found herself in a large meadow full of tall grass pass the safety of the pack. Completely unaware of his being, she found a spot, sat down and howled. Eric laid down at the sound of her painful cries. His heart squeezed, she was grieving.

The she-wolf sniffed the growled and laid down, her ears hung low while making herself small. Resting her head on one of her paws, glaring at the earth. Not even bothered by what surrounded her. It infuriated him that in this entire time she had not once noticed his sent in the air.

Taking a step towards the she-wolf, Eric saw that she didn’t even react to him walking up to her. Was she hard at hearing as well? He growled at her, only because she poorly protected herself. The moment he stood in front of her, she had only then released that he was there. The she-wolf looked at him and only whimpered as she rested her head back down.

Eric took a breath before shifting into his human form. He was beyond pissed at the she-wolf and frankly, he didn’t know why. He first thought was because of her ill manners towards him or the fact she was careless. He really didn’t know what made him angrier. “Shift,” he commanded.

The she-wolf only shifted her body before whimpering again. It wasn’t because she was scared but because of what this place was to her.

“I said ‘shift’ she-wolf,” Eric yelled finding his patience running thin. “I said ‘shift’! This is your final warning,” he growled.

In response, she looked at him and growled back. Her silver eyes glaring at him as if he was nothing but an annoying mosquito that happened to cross her path.

Nothing mattered at this point when Eric’s wolf reached to the surface and shifted, growling at the she-wolf. He took another step towards her, biting into her neck trying to force her to shift, to show submission. The she-wolf growled in response, kicking and biting into his right leg. Eric bit down harder but not enough to break the skin. In a short seconded later, she howled before ending in a yep as Eric tossed her a few feet away like a ragdoll.

With a limp she got to her feet, baring down, waiting for him to charge at her. And that’s what he did. He came at her as she tucks and rolled out of his way, dodging his attack. Getting to her feet, she took the opportunity to take a bite into one of his back legs. Eric swiftly turned around and snapped at her before biting into her again to submit to him but she didn’t.

The she-wolf yelped once more, ripping herself from his teeth and bit down onto his neck. She moved fast, Eric thought. Her mouth was so small she couldn’t even take a good bit into his neck, it was more like a pup’s bite than a grown wolf but that didn’t stop her from trying to win the fight. He admired the little she-wolf but she wasn’t going to win this fight, not with an Alpha.

Eric shook the she-wolf off of him, making her fly and couple feet away. She stood her ground, baring her teeth at him. Eric was trying to keep his wolf at bay, he was pissed the she-wolf wasn’t backing down but like Eric, he admired the she-wolf but there is so much patience a wolf could take until he says enough is enough.

“Blake!” Both the she-wolf and Eric looked away to see Ross, half-clothed and panting for air. “Blake, it’s okay. Everything is okay. Its time to go home now, ” he calmly spoke.

Eric looked back at the gray wolf before him, the she-wolf shook her head and growled at the boy. So this she-wolf was Beta Blake, impossible she didn’t even smell like his mate but she did wear her clothes.

The she-wolf, Beta Blake, stalked towards Ross. She didn’t trust him, even in her wolf form. For concern for the boy, Eric ran to the boy’s side, guarding him against his sister.

“Okay, I get it,” Ross whispered getting on all four before taking off his pants. Ross castaway his flesh for fur.

Slowly in his wolf form, he moved towards his sister. The closer he got to her he slowly started to crawl, showing her he wasn’t a threat. Glaring at him, Beta Blake sniffed the top of his head to then lick him to show that she trusted him. Ross’s wolf sat up rubbing and licking her face while whimpering.

Beta Blake moved back to the stop she was laying before and whimpered. Ross followed her and lied beside her, resting his head above her neck. Eric could clearly see that Ross was much larger than his sister in his wolf. He was the appropriate size for a wolf of his age, unlike his sister. Was she sick?

Hours had passed while the two lied in the tall grass. Beta Blake was fast asleep, Ross was still up guarding her while Eric did the same. With only two hours left until sunrise, Ross got up and licked his sister’s face to wake her. Shaking her head she looked at him as if she was about to kill him but softened once he nudged his head towards hers.

Eric watched her struggle to get up, her right leg gave out but Ross was quick to aid her. Eric took a couple of sets towards them to help but Beta Blake growled at him making him stop in his tracks. Eric felt guilty that he had just attacked his mate but he really didn’t know it was her. He couldn’t even feel the bond between them in her wolf form. Which was odd to him. It started to make him think, what if they were not mates at all?

Getting back to the house, Ross turned to his human form to open the back door to let them in. Seeing Ross’s human form, Beta Blake growled, baring her teeth. “Please Blake, you know I won’t hurt you. Come inside and rest.” As he commanded she walked inside, and head up the stairs.

Changing into his human form, “What the hell was that” Eric yelled.

“Come inside,” he sighed. Eric followed him.

Ross grabbed a banana off the island and make his way to the table to sit down. “I told you my sister was keeping secrets from me and this was one of them. I found out about a year ago that she would transform while she slept. It doesn’t always happen and there is no pattern. In her wolf form, she doesn’t trust humans, even a werewolf in human form. I can’t speak to her wolf either. And don’t bother asking her any questions about tonight, she’ll never remember what happened in her wolf form.

“It has me thinking that she and her wolf aren’t connected, that they are to separate identities sharing the same body. I tried looking up if there was anyone who had the same problems as her but I couldn’t find anything about it. Not to mention that the size of her wolf. I have asked the pack doctor about her doctor visits but all he said it was Blakes wish that no one knows about it. All he could tell me is what I already know.”

“And what was that?”

“Her surgeries.”

“She had surgeries?”

“The hunter that attacked and killed my parents, had shot his gun. It wasn’t a normal bullet that you could heal and remove it yourself. It was the kind that liquified. I still remember how it spilled out of Blake’s shoulder, and because of that, she had multiple surgeries. Blake had said that the doctors have successfully taken it all out but I’m wondering if because of what happened is the reason why her wolf and she aren’t connected as they should be.”

Eric thought about it but he knew many wolves that were attacked by hunters with silver bullets but never bullets that liquefied. Regardless she and her wolf should still be able to connect after a while. He’s going to have to see this pack doctor about his mate. If Ross couldn’t get the information he needed Eric would. “Your theory is not far off. If it’s true that her surgeries were a success then it would have taken her a little while for her wolf to connect with her again. But to think that both her wolf and her human half aren’t then there must be something else that’s happening to her. It could be that she just resents her other half.”

Peeling the skin of the banana, “You think?” Ross asked eating it.

“It’s rare for a pack member to refuse half of themselves but it can happen. It’s more common towards rouges to disregard their human half or their wolf half. We just have to show your sister that there is nothing to be afraid of who she is.” Eric reassured Ross but Eric couldn’t help but think that this was not what was really happening with his mate and he was determined to find that answer.

“Thank the Goddess, I started to think the worst. I thought she was going to die.”

“Nothing will happen to your sister, she has me now.”

Ross got up off his chair, throw away his banana peel, before leaving the kitchen, “Thank the Goddess for that. Get some rest, your highness. Sleep well,” he said smiling heading up the stairs.

Eric didn’t think he would be getting any sleep. Not until he knew that his mate was truly okay.

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