The King

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Chapter 23

Blake groaned into her pillow as she rubbed her cheek against the softness of it. Placing her forehead against the hard wall, she thought it was odd that her wall was hot. Wigging her nose she took in the scent of pinewood and dark spice, a sent that had her mouth water. She couldn’t help but lick her lips. With another groan, she leaned closer to the hard frame of the wall. To her surprise the wall hugged her, tangling its fingers in her hair and bring it towards it.

That’s not right?

Squinting her eyes open she found a pink nipple against a semi-dark tan. Blake’s eyes traveled down finding a six-pack in her awake with a hard V line exposed and a very... what the hell is going on? Opening her eyes wide, she glanced up to find the King, holding a lock of her hair and placing it under his nose.

“What the hell are you doing?” She growled. Blake didn’t realize how horsed her voice had sounded until she said, “Why are you sleeping with me? Didn’t I tie you up?”

“You did,” he smiled, “but it was you who climbed in my bed.” It wasn’t a lie. She did tie him and she did climb in the bed. Or did she, she couldn’t remember.

“Don’t be a smartass,” Blake didn’t remember climbing in bed with him. She most defiantly didn’t remember him being completely naked when she left the room last night. “So smartass,” she groaned while getting up out of bed. Lifting her hand under her shirt she scratched her belly and her head with her other hand while yawning, “can you explain why you’re naked.” She then blinked lazily down at her sleepwear, it was completely torn. Did she have a nightmare and climbed in his bed. Blake knew she had done this before a few times with Ross. From what Ross told her, she had a nightmare and would rip her clothes but Blake really thought that she grew out of that faze. I guess not.

“Well, I can’t sleep with my clothes on,” The King laughed while scratching the back of his head in an apologetic manner.

“You didn’t touch me did you?”

“What? No. I mean, I wanted to, you are my mate after all. But I would never take advantage of a woman while she is out cold. What kind of king would I be?”

“A rapist,” Blake said lazily, making her way to her closet. Peeling her torn shirt and throwing it on the floor she grabbed the first thing she could find which was a black T-shirt that said ‘Bad Bitch’ written on it in white lettering. She then grabbed a pair of black sweatpants off her closest floor and placed them on.

“Get dressed and get out of my room, will you.”

“And here I thought we were getting somewhere. You really do make a man feel used. Am I expecting to find money on the bed for my services?” The King joked.

Looking over her shoulder, Blake smirked, “it’s in the mail.”

The King watched Blake walk out of the room as if she won a battle. What battle? He didn’t know but he liked the look she gave him. And those eyes of hers. Those dark gray eyes that looked at him as if he was a prize to be won, he thought cheerfully. That or to be eaten. Either way, he wasn’t complaining.

Blake moved down the hallway to the bathroom, she used the toilet, washed her hand, to then brush her teeth. Glaring at her toothbrush she was debating if she should brush her teeth. Maybe it would keep the King away from her until he left. knowing that he was here something was going to happen. Blake gave up the idea only because she was getting disgusted over the fact that she was willing to mess up her morning routine for that man. It wasn’t happening.

Taking her brush, she placed toothpaste over the brush and began to brush her teeth. While doing so she ran her hands through her hair, I’m going to need a shower tonight, she thought. Once she was finished brushing her teeth, she spits out what was left, and came back up to find King leaning against the doorframe. Odd, I didn’t hear him.

“Good morning, beautiful,” he smiled almost wanting Blake to throw up after she just brushed her teeth.

“Did you forget the rules,” she scolded, realizing that he was now fully dressed. “Eight o’clock to nine o’clock is my private bathroom time. There is a bathroom downstairs.”

He completely ignores her as he walked over to the sink, took her toothbrush and started to brush his teeth. Blake’s eyes grew too wide for her head as she watched him in disbelief with her mouth opened wide. This son of a bitch. She watches him brush and finish as well as watched him checking himself out while rubbing his knuckles against his jawline.

The King then turned to her, kissed her forehead and left her in shock, confused, and want to kill someone this her bare hands. He completely ignored her rule. No one has ever don’t that except for Ross a few times but not without punishment.

Blake followed the King down the stairs and into the kitchen. Where Ross was already up and making coffee. “I thought you were at the Pack House,” she asked.

Ross stiffed up before turning around from the stove, “I woke up early and came back home. Thought you would like something to eat and coffee is ready.”

“I could have cooked for myself,” she watched him closely, something was up.

Ross made a complete one-eighty, with eggs and bacon on two plates, “Yeah but you normally leave with just coffee in your belly and nothing else. If I don’t cook, you don’t eat.”

“Not true,” she complained making her way to the coffee pot to pour herself a cup. Blake turned to make her way to the table, where the King was waiting for her to join him. Ross placed the plates down on either side of the table as she sat down while glaring at his highness.

Ross took on look at his phone before saying, “I’m late for training. I’ll see you later,” he announced.

“Aren’t you going to eat too?” she asked.

“I already ate,” he yelled, sprinting out of the kitchen and out the front door.

With a sigh, Blake started to sip at her coffee while continuing to glare at the King. “Shouldn’t you be leaving too your Highness?” she scolded.

“Eric,” he said between bites.

“Excuse me?”

“My name, I would like it if you called me by my name, Blake.” Something insider couldn’t believe what she just heard. did he just call her name without her title, like he had a right too? What the hell happened last night?

“It’s Beta Blake to you, Your Highness. Hurry up and get out of my house, your starting to piss me off,” she growled, slamming her cup on the table. “Whatever happened last night doesn’t change the fact that you are not my mate. It will never happen.”

“Why not?” he asked.

“Because I said so. I don’t need a mate,” hissed, leaning back into her chair with her arms crossed over her large breasts.

“I think you do because, my little she-wolf, you are mine. I will have you. You will be my Queen. and I will make you the happiest woman in the world because you are my mate.”

“Get the fuck out” she yelled slamming both her hands on the surface of the table, she chair now lying on its back. “Your nothing to me! Do you understand! There will never be an us! There will never be a future between us, do I make my self clear!”

Finishing his last bite, he got up out of his chair and walked over her,” No you don’t. You are my mate, and I love you.” she was too shocked to say or do anything while he kissed her on the cheek just inches away from her lips. “I’ll see you later, my little she-wolf.”

Blake stood there frozen as the King left the room and out of the house. She didn’t know how long she was in a trace for but when she was able to finally move she took her cup and throw it out of the room, followed by her plate.

The next thing that happened she was crying. She couldn’t take it anymore. he said he loved her but she couldn’t be with him. she just couldn’t. she was dying and nothing was going to stop that. this wasn’t any fairy tale where the prince kissed the princess and then they leave happily ever after. No, this was a story about a girl who was going to die and leave her mate behind. She couldn’t give him anything and what hurt her most was what he told her and what she couldn’t tell him.

Eric sat in the doctor’s office waiting for the pack doctor to come out. After waiting for two hours the doctor finally came in. “I’m sorry about the wait for your highness. How may I help you?”

“Beta Blake, I want her medical fila.”

“I’m sorry but I can’t do that. without her consent, I can’t give you any information about her medical history.”

“I’m her mate,” he argued.

“I’m sorry but I can’t,” Dr. Milliken said.

“Are you telling me that you are going against your King.”

“I’m afraid I am, your highness. Don’t get me wrong normally I would but not hers.”

“And why not,” Eric yelled, “I know there is something wrong with her! last night I found her outside the border limping, and the next morning she has no idea what happened. Then I hear that she was shot by a silver bullet and had to overcome many surgeries. Not to mention she doesn’t or refused to the knowledge that I’m her mate. so tell me, doctor, what the hell you do what me to think? Even Ross is worried about her but she doesn’t tell him anything. So what is wrong with my mate.”

Dr. Milliken shook his head, running his hands through his salt and pepper hair. “Oh, Blake,” he whispered. “She is a stubborn one isn’t she,” he smiled worriedly. “are you certain that she is your mate?”


Nodding his head, Dr. Milliken came around his desk and sat down. He bent down and opened a drew, pulling out a thick binder. “Before I give you this, I’m trusting you that you will not give this information to anyone, not even Blake or Ross. I may as well lose my position but Blake deserves to be happy.” He passed the binder over, “These are all information about her surgeries, times she came to visits after fighting rouges, all of that is her life.”

“Her life?”

nodding his head, “Yes, she spent most of her days here.”

Eric flipped through pages and pages until one spoked out, it was of her first surgery at the age of fifteen with a note at the end of the report saying she would not be able to bear a child. Carefully looking at it he continued to read every single one until he came across the last few pages. Eric wished he knew how to read the X-rays that he had come across but the last note that was left form the doctor read, ‘She doesn’t have much time. All surgeries have failed.’

“What the hell is this,” he muttered, unsure if he read it right.

Dr. Milliken looked at the note and closed his eyes and opened them again. “A week before your arrival it was clear to us no matter what we did, the silver in her body was going to grow like cancer. What we didn’t realize that it found its way into her bones and quickly spread in a matter of days. Last week I had told Blake it was time to tell everyone of the matter and possibly take it in the moon goddesses’ hands. But it seems she would rather carry the burden alone then have people pity her. She had me promise not to tell and to keep it secret.”

“That doesn’t tell me why she doesn’t recognize me as her mate.”

“I don’t think her wolf is strong enough to reach her anymore. I expected that if her wolf was ever able to come to the surface it would have been when she was asleep or from the help of her mate. I also had hoped that maybe just maybe having a mate would help her in some way but I guess she is just not ready.”

“How much longer does she have doctor,” Eric whispered trying to keep his wolf at bay. When the doctor didn’t answer right away he yelled, “How much longer!”

“A week or less,” he finally said.

Eric collapsed by a nearby chair and covered his face with his hands. he wouldn’t believe this. He finally found her and she didn’t have much time left. all the things she had said to him was keeping him from her to protect him. Last night when they were so close to being one she said it would have been only one nightstand. She wasn’t pushing him away because she had another lover. it was because she was dying.

“I’m sorry your highness,” the doctor said.

“Dr. Milliken,” there was a knock at the door.

“Yes,” he answered.

“Your next appointment is waiting in room two, sir.”

“Thank you, I will be out shortly.” Once the nurse was gone Dr. Milliken knees in front of Eric. “I’m sorry, your highness. There is nothing more we can do.”

“There has to be something. anything to save her,” Eric didn’t release how cracked his voice sounded.

“There is nothing we can do that we already tried. All we have is the Moon Goddess to bless us a miracle at this point,” Dr. Milliken rests a hand on the King’s knee. “Your mate needs you, your highness. Be with her, love her, and make her happy. Cherish the moments that you have left with her,” and with that, the doctor left the office.

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