The King

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Chapter 24 pt 1

Blake watched closely down at the pack members on the training grounds where she sat in the trees. She especially had watched her brother closely and she was quite honestly happy with what she saw. Ross was a fast learner and kelp up with the other members who have had a lot more training then he had. It gave her great pride knowing that he would adapt quicker with his loss when she pass. It even have her great pride knowing that he would be well when she’s gone.

Ross would always have a roof over his head, a support system, his training was showing great impermeant within a short amount of time and she had a well enough pillow of money stocked away that should be enough to hold him for a year or so until he got a job. Blake wanted to think that she has done everything right when the time came. But she still worried.

“Beta Blake, still hiding in the shadows, I see,” a voice called below, belonging to the packs Gemma, Matt.

“I wanted to see how things were looking,” she called back, jumping out of her tree.

“With your strict rules, if we where every attacked our men would be to tired to fight,” Matt laughed at the thought but Blake didn’t. If there came a time it would be bad to have members of the pack not being able to save themselves because of that.

“Lessen the training sessions by two hours. Starting next year I want all pack members from the ages of fifteen and up, both male and female to start training. This way it will straighten the pack.”

“Don’t you think that is a little harsh.”

“No, Rouge attacks are become more frequent these days and we have to be prepared for the day they decide to strike, exceptionally during the mating seasons. Besides, the future Alphas always go into training at that age, its time that the pack grows with the future Alpha as well. ”

“Does Alpha Seth know about this?”

“Are you questioning my decisions?”

Matt throw this hands up in defeat, “Don’t get me wrong, Blake, but these things need to be made and finalized but the Alpha.”

“I have already handled it. Paper work has already been made for the changes in the pack. Once mating seasons ends, Alpha Seth has already made plans to tell the rest of pack so that the new members will know and there will be no need to repeat himself.”

“You have everything planned out. If I didn’t know I would think that you were Alpha or Luna,” he winked.

“Don’t let Alpha Seth hear that, he already thinks low about himself when its about his position as Alpha even though he has only been Alpha for about six months. I have been Beta since Beta Josh passed during our last Rough attack a few years ago.” Blake was already going under training to be Beta when Seth had announced who was going to work along side him when they where eighteen. Once Beta Josh passed, Alpha Seth senior thought that Blake should take her position easier than expected. With the Lunas help, together, Blake was able to quickly adapt to her new role. While Seth jr. continued his Alpha training.

“We lost a lot of people that day,” Matt looked out the training grounds, watching their pack mates fight each there. “I don’t know why we never thought about this before.”

“Maybe because you never had a woman as a Beta before,” Blake teased.

“Oh now don’t you start with that shit with me Blake. I’m all for woman’s right but the Luna has a lot of power, just as much as the Alpha. Hell the saying goes ‘happy wife, happy life.’ and that goes with every woman here. Sally just beat the shit out me the other day, and I didn’t go easy on her. That woman is a beast but of course she isn’t as strong as you that is or the Alpha. Or the King. You should see him fight. Better yet his wolf.”

“Stop your babbling, Matt your starting to dig your own grave.”

“Me? It was you who.” Blake glared at the male as he coward, stuttering, “You know what your right, I’m sorry Luna.”

With a growl, “What did you just call me?”

Matt looked around as if someone was around to help him but is was just him and her, “Luna?”

“Who said such lies!” she yelled taking a step towards him as he stepped back.

“Aren’t you... we thought... but... Alpha Seth. Everyone has known for years that you and Alpha Seth would one day be mated but then when the King showed up everyone has made bets if you where going to mate the Alpha Seth or the King,” Matt cowards before her. “I mean we all saw how the King looked at you during his arrival and then at the dinner, the way he growled at Alpha Seth. Some of us have thought that you where the King true mate.”

“He didn’t growl because of me.”

“You didn’t noticed that he was looking at you the whole time.”

“It’s because I’m different,” Blake rolled her eyes at how ridicule all this was. The King was not right in the head. If her thought that the King was looking for a mate in her he was wrong. The King was just playing with her. Trying to get a raise in her. She knew that but deep down something was telling her different. Something she wasn’t formal with. Like last night when he was tied to the bed. She wanted him.

“It’s because you are you, Blake,” Matt replied braking her from her thoughts.

“Why are we even taking about this,” she argued, shaking her head in disbelief. Matt opened his mouth to responded until she said, “forget it. Get back to work. I have something to do.

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