The King

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Chapter 24 pt 2

Eric felt like his life was already falling apart. After leaving the Doctor’s office, he felt numb to the bone. Nothing seemed to matter at the moment. Even with Dolph, his Beta, and Trevor, his Brother-in-law calling his name he just couldn’t do it. Only the moon Goddess knew how he would act when his mate final passes.

“What is wrong with you, you look like someone just eat then shit you out and then beat you until you looked like a zombie,” Trevor spoke.

“Eric wants wrong, did something happen?” Dolph translated for Trevor. “Does this have to do with Beta Blake?”

Just hearing her name made him want to break down and cry. “Not here,” was all he said. “Somewhere no one will hear.”

Eric and Dolph made their way to the Hall were the Pack held their meeting while Trevor stood guarding the door. Eric was almost thankful that no one was around because he wasn’t too sure this he was about to say without breaking down.

Once the two friends found a seat in the middle of the room, they sat in their chairs in silents until Eric could finally say a word, “Blake... my mate...” he choked out his words, trying to breathe through it without the lump in his throat hold him back. “I can’t tell you. No one must know.”

“You know you can tell me anything. What you and I say, will not leave between the two of us.”

“The moon Goddess is punishing me, my friend.” Eric looked in his Beta’s eyes with tears forming, “Today, I learned that... my mate will not be mine for long. Any day now she will be taken away from me and I can’t stop it. No one can,” He whispered hoping that saying it any louder would have him choke on his words.

“Is this about Alpha Seth,” Dolph growled thinking that someone lowers than the King could make him look like the world was about to end.

“No,” Eric shook his head, “No. Not even he knows as it should be.” Dolph watched his friend run his hands through his hair multiple times as if it would solve all the problems but I wasn’t working. Whatever was happening is wasn’t going to solve that easily.

After sitting here in silence for what felt like forever, Eric finally said something, “Where is she?”

Dolph knew what he meant, “She was in the packhouse for a few hours, then at train grounds, after but she left to take care of things else were about twenty mins ago.”


“She was heading home.”

“I’m heading there. Contact me if something happens.”

“Yes sir,” Dolph replied, bowing his head.

Eric was so lost in his own thoughts that he didn’t realize that he already showed up at Blake’s door. he didn’t even know how long he was standing there for when Blake opened the door. She was beautiful in his eyes. She looked health as well. He would have never known if she was really sick or not.

“Can I help you? Did you forget something?” even when she looked pissed at him he couldn’t help but smile.

“Can I have a hug,” he whispered like a coward dog.

She crossed her arms, “No,” she was firm on her answer.

“Please, I just find out some really bad news today. Someone,” he began to choke in front of her.

With a sigh, Blake saw the man before shake with his head down. No, the king should ever have his head down. For a split second, she pulled him into the house and into the living room, leaving him in the middle of the room to closing all the curtains.

“Come here,” she whispered sitting on the, her back was against the armrest and a leg stretched across the on the couch while the other leg touching the floor. “Come on now. You’ll only get this treatment once,” she announced. Looking at her, she didn’t know how true the words sounded to him. Patting her belly, he came over, resting his head against it, laying himself on the couch.

Blake patted his head, running her hands in his hair. “My mother used to hold me and my brother like this when we were children,” she started to say. “And when she died, I used to do it for Ross until he started to say he was too old to be held anymore.” She smiled,” He used to say that I smelled just like her,” Eric could hear her choke just a little. “Somehow this always made me feel better. So If you have to cry, I would do I know.” Eric didn’t realize that moment she said those words he did. He wrapped his arm around her thigh, bring her leg off the floor, making her legs now hug him.

The Moon Goddess was truly a cruel woman and he was going to make sure that he was going to make these moments count. But first, he wanted to have this moment and let these feelings out. His mate was truly a kind woman, caring, strong, and lovely.

She continues to gently pat his head until he had nothing left to give but he knew that it was a matter of time before he would wish he could have this moment again with her. Turning himself on his belly, trying to not hurt her in any way, he wrapped his arms around her sides, resting his chin on her.

“I’m not your mate,” she whispered.

With a small smile he replied, “You don’t ever plan to mate with anyone, are you?”

With a sad expression, “No, I do not. It’s not in my cards,” she said rubbing her hand over his cheek.

He sighed, he could look her in the eye, “Me too,” he whispered.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered.

“For what,” he asked.

“About your mate. I could only think the reason why you’re here thinking I’m your mate because I look or smell like her. But I’m not her,” did she really think that he had a mate before and that she was gone.

He smiled at the irony of all this, “She was beautiful, strong and kind. She really made me think that we could have life more wonderful than anything in the world. That nothing matters but two of us. I just wish that I could tell her that I love her, every day and every night, until the end of time,” he whispered.

“If could, what would you tell her right now?”

“Right now. I would tell her...I would tell her, Let me make love to until the world end.” He smiled at his little joke but that was really what he wanted to do. Hell, he wanted to that for a long time now.

“Be serious,” she smacked him as they both laughed.

“Okay, okay,” He looked into Blakes grey eyes, what do I want to say to you? There is so much I want to tell you. “If she was right here, I would say, ‘I love you. I want you by my side for all the good, bad, and the ugly. In the morning the first thing I want to see is your face. I want to tell you over and over again that I love you until your so sick of it that you beg me to stop. I wish I knew how to cook so I could cook all your meals. I want to be to the rock you need to keep you up. I want you to lean on me and let me protect you from all your fears. I want to make you happy until the day we die. So please, don’t leave me.’” Eric took his chance and lifted himself up and gently, softly, placed his lips against her.

“I’m not her,” she whispered between each kiss.

“Please let me hold you, one last time,” he pleated. They shared a moment, just looking into each other eyes.

“Eric,” she whispered, Blake didn’t realize how much she liked saying his name, how it tasted. She couldn’t help but look into his eyes than his lips unsure that to look at. He looked so lost and all she wanted to do was ease the pain he felt. Would it be bad it she let him have his way with her? Would it make her a bad person to give herself to him? Could she live with that? Maybe. Maybe not. But she did it anyway, “Eric, forgive me,” she whispered bring her lips to his.

“Always,” he replied lifting himself, deepen theirs.

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