The King

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Chapter 25

Blake didn’t know what to do, all she knew was that she didn’t want this to end. The way he made her feel, at this moment, like nothing mattered. Her house could burn down with them in it and she still wouldn’t want this to end. The way his fingers glided over her body made her go crazy over the fact that all this felt right. So right that it scared her.

Their lips barely touched at this point, as if they were too afraid as if the other were made out of glass. With lustful eyes, Blake wanted to look at Eric while he kissed her gently. She wanted to remember everything. The way he looked, the way he smelled, tasted, and by the moon how his touch burned her flush. She wanted to take everything in. Slightly hoping that this was not a dream. That all this was real. All those times he touched her and all the time she touched him, this felt different. Like there was a need to never let go. To hold. Pray that time would not pass beyond these walls.

“Blake,” he whispered resting his head on her forehead.

“Why are you stopping,” she huskily whispered back trying to catch her breath.

“Are you sure,” he asked.

“I’m very sure, don’t stop,” she panted leaning towards him so their lips would finally touch again.

“No here.”

“What?” she whispered, shaking her head to then, resting her forehead to his chin.

“I don’t want our first time to be on the couch,” he laughed sitting himself up.

“The floor,” she asked. ready to just fall on the ground just so they could continue.

He shook his head, “No”.

“The wall then,” she asked just wanting to get to the finish goal before something or someone stopped them.

“No, my sweet,” he smiled bending down to kiss the tip of her nose. “Let’s go up to the bedroom.”

“Why not here, I don’t mind, just fuck me,” she huskily pleated with him.

“I mind, I want to do this right.”

“You sure are doing a shity job right now,” she growled.

“Is my little she-wolf impatient,” he laughed once more wrapping his arms around her waist, bring her towards him.

“Very. And this she-wolf will personally kick your ass if I don’t get want I want.”

“And what does ‘this she-wolf’ want?”

“To be fucked, now,” she growled making sure she never broke eye contact with her prey.

“It’s too bad I don’t plan on fucking you,” he whispered in her ear, nibbling on her earlobe and down her neck, “I plan to make love to you.”

“It’s the same thing,” she groaned, angling her neck so he could have full access to it.

“No, my dear, it is not.”

“Then do it,” she breathed rocking herself against his growing bulge.

“Do what,” he asked taking his hands over each butt cheek, squeezing them while bringing her closer to him.

“Make love to me,” she panted with a moan.

“Always,” he took her lips while lifting them both off the couch and up the stairs to her room. He placed her on the end of her bed, ripping off his shirt while she quickly undid his jeans. With a hungry growl, he leaned down and kissed her once more before stepping out of his jeans and boxer. Eric quickly put an arm around her back, lifting her off the bed and moving her further in so her head rested on her pillows. “You’re so beautiful,” he smiled taking everything in so he would never forget this moment.

“Shut up,” she blushed taking her hand and gripping the back of his hair and forcefully bring him in for another kiss as she lifted her upper body into him.

He couldn’t help but smile at her. Looking her at her from head to toe she was still wearing her white coffee-stained shirt and sweat pants, she must have just changed before he arrived. He loved this look on her, especially when she wore her glasses and her hair up. Goddess, he could still remember what they did in here, what she did to him had him nearly cum. But the tables were turned. And he didn’t know what to do with her. Where to start and where to end as if he ever wanted this to end.

He took his hands over the hem of her shirt and pulled if over her head, throwing to the floor. Next was her bra with a snap in the front, he quickly undid it, letting out the most beautiful pair of pale orbs looking back at him. But then he noticed the scar on her shoulder, bending down he placed gentle kisses over the old wound.

“Don’t,” she whimpered.

“Why not?”

“It’s ugly,” she whispered.

Meeting her glossy gaze, he said, “Nothing apart of you is ugly, your beautiful, everything you are is beautiful and perfect.”

Blake felt her heart sink as she held back the painful cry she wanted to let out. Her eye’s watered and a tear escaped her but Eric quickly kissed it away and then another and then another until she couldn’t hold back while he cupped her face with both of his hand so she wouldn’t turn away from him.

Once Eric took her tears he placed a kiss over her lips letting her taste what he had. “I don’t turn away from me. Let me be your rock to lean on. Let me love you as you deserve,” he pleated.

All she could do was nod her head while she let him strip away her pants and underwear, revealing her naked body to him. She quickly placed a hand over the womanly parts, embarrassed that he was staring at her.

She bashfully looked away from him. It had been so long since she had seen another man’s body, and she never been seen naked in front of a man ether. It was a normal thing for wolves to see the opposite sex see each other naked. Did he think her actions were weird, that she was covering herself than letting him see every inch of her?

“Is my she-wolf shy,” he smiled.

“No,” she replied not meeting his gaze.

“Then she won’t mind me touching her,” he asked holding back a chuckle.

“You may,” she replied back once more giving him permission to touch her.

Eric smiled down on her, bring himself down to leave little kissing down in his wake as he kissed her little hand covering her womanly parts from him. Gently kissing her knuckles as he lifted her hand away and gently spearing her fold with two fingers to see the beauty that was behind them. He could smell her arousal, Eric looked back up to her and he found her looking at him with such a look it makes him nearly cum.

She wanted him. Needed him. And he was willing to submit to her plea.

Blake had no idea what to do as he licked and nibbled her in an area she didn’t even think towel so good and so bad at the same time. She loveseat but hated how much she wanted more. How it made her lose her mind until nothing mattered anymore With a gasp, Eric gripped her hips and lifted her off the bed as if she was a meal he couldn’t get enough of and she loved that.

He suckled her, bring her in a new high she couldn’t control until an odd feeling washed over her. Gripping at the full head of hair, she lifted herself high as her body shook uncontrollably. “Wait. I can’t. I don’t know. Goddess, stop please,” she pleaded but he didn’t and she was thankful for it. He moved faster, licking his tongue over her to then suck hard, making her scream out as a wave of pleasure came over her again and again until she couldn’t look straight anymore.

“Are you alright?”

“You ask now,” she panted while her entire body was still shaking from the aftermath of his handily work.

“You’re trembling my dear,” he smiled.

“You would too if you were me,” she hissed.

With a sly smile he came up to kiss her once more, letting her taste herself, “Thank you for the compliment, my little she-wolf,” he laughed cupping her most sensitive spot. He gently circled his fingers over her opening, slipping his a finger inside, and by the moon she was tight. With a small gasp as her response, Eric placed his lips over her left nipple, suckling it as he pinched and massaged her right breast.

Soon one fighter turned to two, she released he was stretching her as he pumped his fingers in and out in all different ways. She didn’t know what she was doing all she knew was that she needs him to go deeper and faster or she was going to be the biggest bitch he had ever meet.

“Are you ready,” he asked taking his fingers out of her, making her feel empty want wanting more of him. He took his left hand that was inside her and rubbed his length a few times.

“I swore to you if continue to tease me, I’m going to kill you myself,” she hissed. But Eric knew they were just empty threats, she was clouded with need and he would be damned if he let his little mate feel any disappoint with being in bed with him.

Eric placed himself between her while slowly finding the entranced that would lead them to pleasure beyond imaginable. He was already at his limit and he could tell she was just on the verge of cumming for him again. He took his time letting the tip of his penis enter her while trying not to cum before his mate did. If he did he wouldn’t let himself forget his shame.

“My the moon I can’t do this,” she moaned and without a second to spare she somehow pulled his body down onto the bed and saddled him until she could feel the tip of his penis inside her again and in one more move she raised her hips and pressed herself down, taking him in all at once.

“Blake, what you-” he was already too late.

Her small body was shaking, “You were to slow and I wanted it now,” she pulled her self upright, ready to work him but he quickly stopped her.

“Just a moment, let it rest until your alright. I don’t want to hurt you.”

“You are by being to slow. Hurry and make love to me like it will be the last time,” She cried.

And that’s what he did. Eric put her back down in the bed and entered her once more taking her in long, slow movements so she would get used to his shape until her little claws dug into his back tell him to stop playing around and he did just that. He thrust faster into a rhythm she liked. Her walls squeezed him painfully until he couldn’t hold it anymore. Trying to fight the urge to cum before his little mate, he growled at himself until he mates painful, pleasure, cries echoed the room. Feeling her walls pulse around him until he took a couple more hard strokes and cummed.

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