The King

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Chapter 26

Blake woke refreshed then she had ever had in the last few weeks. If she had thought the night before was nice, last night she slept like a baby. She honestly believed that His Majesty, Eric, gave her a sense of peace that she had not had in nearly five years. She didn’t even realize how much she felt like herself around him.

Blake was never the type to easily open herself to people. She kept her circle small, Ross, Seth, the Luna and herself but she had a much smaller circle that she would never allow anyone to join. A circle only she and she alone had to bear. But to think that maybe if she had a mate, maybe she wouldn’t have to feel so alone. But at that moment she didn’t feel so much alone. She felt whole.

Blake was in the arms of a man who she only knew for a week or so and now he was laying in her bed, sleeping as if he never had a care in the world.

She smiled at his single snort before he extended his arm out to then hug her close, wrapping his arm around her waist. She laid there for a few moments before peeling her naked body from his.

He tightened his hold on her but the moment she kissed his chin, he loosened his hold and she made her escape out the bed.

Blake didn’t expect herself to collapse onto the floor the moment her feet touched the floor. She fell with a loud thud and turned her head towards the sleeping man, hoping she didn’t wake him.

All he did was turn over and continued to sleep as if death had taken him. Blake was grateful that he didn’t wake. She wanted her normal alone time but she hardly thought that was going to be the case.

She slipped out of the room and into the bathroom across the hall. Once she was done relieving herself she washed her hands and found herself looking in the mirror.

She didn’t recognize the woman on the other side of the mirror. Her dark hair was full of wavy curls, her eyes were a dark shade of gray, cheeks we’re a healthy pink tone and she glowed. Blake was so used to herself looking tired with bags under her eyes from not sleeping well. Her hair was always flat and her cheeks never looked pink but pale, like her life was being sucked out of her. But today she looked alive.


That single word pained her heart, leaving an ache that nearly brought tears in her eyes but she couldn’t. She had to be strong. The Hunt was just four days away and Blake could already feel her body become weaker. It all started the day she hit Eric that day and ‘nearly’ killed him. The ache in her shoulder bothered her sometimes but she tried not to show it. There was so much to do and so little time she didn’t know if she could do all that she wanted before time ran out.

With a sigh, Blake left the bathroom and returned to her room to still find His Majesty sleeping. She smiled while holding in a laugh. Last night he wouldn’t let her go and the moment she wanted to get up he made sure that she stayed in bed. Even when she asked for water he got up to get it to only then start ‘lovemaking’ again. And when she had to go to the bathroom he would carry her leaving kisses until they reached the bathroom. He even wanted to be in there with her while she peed and that’s when she had to put a foot down, so he waited for her outside and then carry her again to the room and continue their ‘lovemaking’. She didn’t even know if it would ever stop until she woke up just a moment ago. The poor man tired himself out.

Blake moved to her desk, finding her hair tie and glasses. Quickly making taking her hair tie and tying her hair in a messy high bun, she put her glasses and stared at His Majesty. His lower half was covered with her blanket revealing his V line. She honestly wanted to pull the blanket away to see his entire naked body but found herself staring at his ads, his chest, and then his face. He had his hand above his head and the other resting on his chest.

The first thought in her head was ‘peace’. From the moment she saw him on her doorstep yesterday and today, he looked like a whole different person and seeing that made her happy. She didn’t know why but it made her happy.

With a hard yawn, Blake quickly put on her clothes. Bra, panties, and her oversize white tee shirt that needs to be washed and bleach. It still had a coffee stain from last week after she accidentally spilled it on herself. She didn’t even bother putting on her sweatpants thinking that no one would be coming by.

Seth should be on paperwork dues for the Hunt which Blake was not going to be apart of, it was more of a pain then it was wealth. He had to look over her paperwork of future changes that she believed would benefit the pack and the last she heard the Rouge she brought in has not said anything about why his men crossed their broad’s and what they wanted. It didn’t help that there where more hunter sightings in the area but with everyone forbidden to change or run before the Hunt kept them from any casualties as of yet.

With another yawn, Blake quietly walked out of the room and head down the stairs to the kitchen. Once there she made her self a pot of coffee and waited.

With a sigh, she rubbed her shoulder over her scar. It ached and burned like someone had pocked her with a hot iron, she held back a whimper. Once the pain subsisted she panted a bit before whipping the sweat off her forehead that formed earlier. They were getting stronger. the burn in her shoulder was like a bad cramp that took the wind out of her but they were becoming more frequent this day. Was it a sign that what she feared was coming soon or was it just her body forecasting the weather for her telling her it was going to rain today. She was hoping it was rain.

A knock at the back door in the kitchen spooked Blake a little until she saw Seth smiling at her through the small window. Rolling her eyes, ” What is it, Seth?”

“You were not in the office as usual so I came to check on you but the doors were locked.”

“As it should be and I had gone to bed late last night, as you can see I just woke up. Why are you over,” Blake was a bit annoyed. She had told Seth once before not to return to her house until he was given an invitation which he did not have one so I meant that something was going on. And frankly, Blake didn’t want to deal with it at this moment. She just wanted some coffee and maybe head back to bed before she set her mind on doing something for the day.

“Can I come in,” she really didn’t want to. She didn’t have pants on but it wouldn’t have been the first time that Seth saw her in less. She let him in and walked back to the coffee pot, pouring herself a cup, “Did something happen,” she asked him with her back towards him. Could Seth smell Eric on her? Did he know? She should have taken a shower before heading downstairs, but would a shower even erase the sent of that man who slept peacefully upstairs. He marked her multiple times with his sent inside her it wouldn’t take long for someone to know that she broke a few rules. The biggest one was not mated until during the Hunt. A rule she broke. And a rule that probably doesn’t apply to a girl who will be gone soon.

“Blake,” she could hear the confusion in his tone. The hurt and betrayal. Hearing his voice pained her. “Did you... I mean... sleep with someone.”

Blake slowly turned around, almost afraid of what she was about to find. Afraid to see hate and disgust and that is what she saw. So she did what she thought was best and cover her shame with an icy gaze. “Who I spend my nights with doesn’t concern you. That’s not why you are here today.”

“What the hell do you mean none of my concern. By the moon, you are my future Luna. Your Mine.”

“You know that is not the truth Seth. I told you time and again that I was not your mate.”

“And I told you that I would reject her and be with you! You’re the one I love and yet you,”

“Don’t you dare Seth,” Blake growled feeling the little hairs on her back stand. She was about to lose her mind. “I told you it was never going to happen.”

“Oh but you will sleep with anyone, am I right?”

Blake felt her anger hit a boiling point where she was about to blackout. “Not just anyone. Her true mate.” Eric spoke up from the doorway and whistled. “Dear, you broke your favorite cup. Alpha Seth, I would mind your words,” Eric said in warning, Blake didn’t even realize that she broke her cup. She must have slammed her cup on the Island that is the only thing separating her and Seth at this very moment. “My mate has a temper like no other as I’m sure you know well,” he said taking his place behind Blake wrapping her into his arms. He kissed the top of her head and smiled, “I sure do.”

Eric was beyond pissed but he held himself back only because he knew his little she-wolf was well on taking care of herself. She looked at Seth as if she was going to rip out his throat and serve it to him. Not saying he would mind watching since he had wanted to do the same for some time now. But to know his mate truly has rejected this boy more than once gave him some sense of pride.

Last night when he had token her he was surprised he was still a virgin and he was so happy to know that he was her first and her last. He was going to do everything in his power to make sure that she was safe from harm and that he was going to find a way to make every last moment was a happy one.

“Your mate,” Alpha Seth growled, glaring at him to Blake and then back to Eric.

“My little she-wolf didn’t want to say anything until the Hunt. She was worried about hurting you. As for me, well you must know how an Alpha is towards their mate. They can’t live without them.” Blake didn’t say anything. She didn’t ever deny Eric’s words. She was letting him talk knowing how she felt. Eric knew she didn’t fell the Mate Bond but he did and knew it was real. Somewhere in Eric’s heart, he thought she did too and that was enough for him. Or that’s what he likes to believe.

“Blake? Is this true? Are you his mate?”

She just stood there, glaring at her broken cup, shaking. So Eric rested his hand on her shoulder to comfort her in some way. She slowly nodded her head before lifting it up and with a shaky voice, she lifted her head and Eric saw her tear for the first time. Anger boiled in him so fast he bared his teeth and growled, looking at the other man. “Yes,” she spoke softly, nearly ripping Eric’s on heart out. “Seth, I didn’t want to hurt you. I knew how much it would have hurt you but I just couldn’t. I didn’t know how too.”

Eric could see that Alpha Seth was trigger by her tears as much as he as. It made him think that his mate rarely cried in from of anyone.

“I understand,” was all Alpha Seth could say. Both Eric and Blake knew Seth couldn’t do anything or say anything because, in his eyes, Blake and Eric had accepted as each other’s mate. It would have been different if Blake would have rejected Eric but she didn’t. She did say they were not mates like she had said many times before. Did she accept him? “I came to tell you that rouge spoke this morning but there are things he is not telling us. I was hoping you could see if you can get any information that is needed.” Blake quickly nodded her head, not looking at childhood and in the eye.

Once he was gone, “Are you alright?”

“Yes,” she replied, whipping her tears away.

“Do you accept me as your mate?” he really wanted to know. After what happened, he had to know.

“We should hurry and get to the Pit to question that rouge,” she found herself saying leaving the room.

Eric couldn’t help but smile, but he didn’t know what he was smiling for. Was it because he saw it as funny, or that he thought she was cute running away from him or was it that he was sad that he never got his answer. Or that the fact that his mate will never say she loved him like he hoped she would. She still fought their bond and he didn’t blame her. He understood.

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