The King

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Chapter 27

The Pit was nothing more than a large cage among many. The underground Pit was filled with stone walls and mold. The smell of blood filled the air. It almost reminded Blake of the times she would come down and handle a few investigations. When all else failed it was her they depended on. At first, she couldn’t stomach the sight of blood or those blood-curdling screams that haunted her dreams for months.

At the tender age of sixteen, she witnesses her first investigation with the last Beta and Alpha. Both had refused but Blake wasn’t taking no for an answer. She wanted to be stronger. She wanted to look in her enemy’s eyes and see the fear in them like that Hunter did to her all those years ago. To her, there was a sense of satisfaction in all of it. In a sick way, she loved the way the blood would splatter on the walls. The way her prey would cower before her. She feeds on every single little moment as if to erase that little girl her parents raised. To get rid of that little thing called fear. She wanted to get rid of her humanity. But in the end, she couldn’t. She released it at that very moment when the doctor told her that she was going to die. It was at that moment she knew.

She knew no matter how much she tried to erase all that she was, she was still her. Still, fifteen, still that little girl, cowering in the tall grass, watching the Hunter. Waiting.

“Beta Blake, the prisoner is over here,” one of the guards announced. Seth probably told the guards she was going to question the rouge she bought in a week ago or so.

“Thank you, what do you have on the rouge?”

“Nothing ma’am. He has been silent.”

“I see. What has been done to him?”

“Nothing to your methods. He is weak though and hasn’t had water or food in three days.”

“Get me wolfbane, silver, and food in five.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Blake turned to Eric who had been on her heel since leaving the house. He was in complete awe at what he saw or that’s what she assumed until he said, “What do you plan on doing to him.”

“I guess you’ll find out,” she smiled. It must have been because she felt comfortable around him or maybe it was last night. Honestly, she didn’t know and didn’t really want to find out why she felt like she could do anything so freely around him.

Blake and Eric made their way into one of the interrogation rooms where Blake got to meet her prisoner. The moment his eyes laid on her he cowered. The act only made Blake excited. She gave the prisoner a sweet smile. The poor boy didn’t know what to do.

Like most rogues she faced, they were dirty and fearful. Each rogue was a man or woman that had done a crime within their own pack or simply children that never had a pack to belong to. Blake could see he was a boy that didn’t know pack rules or maybe he did. Rogues had their own pack per se.

“You... you’re the Beta?” his voice shook.

“Where you excepting someone else,” she smiled.

He cowered in his chair, trying not to buried this head down into the table, “But you... you’re a...”

Eric growled at the boy’s next word but it was Blake who handles it, “A monster? Was that what you were going to say. ” The boy said nothing. “You’re right. I am a monster.” Blake couldn’t help but giggle. The boy looked at her and bowed his head as if to pray. “Every rogue that ever came beyond our boarder have all died by my hands,” she lifted her hands up, looking at them as if it was the first time she was looking at them, “These hands, this body,” she whispered running her hand over her body like the thought aroused her, “Has been covered head to toe by their blood. You know. You were there that day.” Blake knew how to play crazy, it sometimes worked on young boys.

“You know what I love more then killing,” the boy flinched, “Torturing them to death. You see, I don’t really care about all the questions and answers,” Blake rolled her eyes while moving her hands in circles while she walked around him. “What I like is the screams you make,” she whispered behind his ear, “and the way you beg. You have no idea what I have in store for you. But you see, that man over there,” Blake pointed at Eric. “He is the only one who can call it all off. If you give him what he wants, I stop. But if you don’t, he lets me do whatever I want to you,” whispered moving a lock of his hair, he screamed and she laughed.

“Tell me who sent you,” Eric commanded as the guard returned with what Blake asked for.

“Wolfbane, silver, and food as you commanded,” the guard said before literally running out of the room like he feared the very people.

Blake smiled, “See even my own pack fears me,” she laughed. The guard must have heard Blake because it was perfect. She had the rogue where she wanted him.

“I...I don’t know. He didn’t give us a name. He just said to grab as many women or children we can get!”


“I... I don’t know,” he yelled in fear.

Blake slammed her hand on the table, “I don’t know is no longer an answer!” She walked over to the items and picked up the wolfbane off the table. It was just a needle, but it was enough to kill any wolf, maybe even an Alpha.
“We assumed that he wanted a mate or use them as a hostage.”

“A hostage?” Eric asked. “Why would he need a hostage. What did he want from the Black Water pack?”

“One of us overheard that he was looking for someone.”


“I don’t...” The boy glanced at Blake, “Everlasting,” he whispered.

“The Twelve Guardians,” Blake whispered.

“What is that supposed to mean?” Eric asked looking at Blake and then the boy.

“The Twelve Guardians don’t exist. The story of the Everlasting was just something to tell the children,” Blake replied. The Everlasting was a tale of Twelve Guardians of the twelve packs. Each with their own set of abilities. It was said that they were a gift to the Moon Goddess to protect her children but they were stories. Who in their right mind would believe in such a tale?

“He believed,” the boy whispered.

“Will there be another attack?” the boy nod, “when?” He shook his head and then bowed.

“Beta Blake the north border has been breached,” a guard yelled outside the room.

“Damn it. I guess we’re going hunting boys,” Blake yelled making her way out of the room, “I want some survivors! Whoever this mother fucker is. I’ll find him and I will kill him.”

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