The King

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Chapter 28

Blake and Eric rushed to the North Border to find a blood bath of both rogue and Pack but the war was not over. Nothing but the sounds of growls and whimpers filled the woods. Blake watched as her pack members fell, dying. For a moment she felt like that fifteen-year-old girl all those years ago, hiding in the tall grass. She couldn’t watch her pack die in front of her but that’s what she did. She watched.

“Blake? Are you alright?” Eric asked. She didn’t release that she was panting. Her heart rate was high and for a moment, everything became a blur.

“I’m fine, have the others retreat and take the wounded back. I’ll handle this,” she replied slowly, not trusting her own words.

“I’m not leaving you alone,” Eric yelled forcing her to turn and look at him.

“This is not up for a debate, Your Highness, commanded the pack to fall back and I will handle the rest.”

“I won’t let you fight alone. I won’t let you kill yourself!” Blake could see the tears forming of his eyes and she smiled.

She reached out to him, placing both her hands on either side of his face and forced him down to kiss her. “I won’t die. I promise. I fought alone before. I just can’t see any more people die today.” She whispered pulling herself away from him she faced the battlefield but before she ran out she slightly turned her head towards the Alpha King, “When I get back, I want coffee ready and you in my bed, okay,” she laughed.

For a moment Eric stood there shocked at what he heard from the little she-wolf as she ran straight into the battlefield and by the goddess, he thought it was the sexiest thing in the world. With a small smirk, I will make you that coffee and I will make sure you never leave my bedside after this.

Eric’s mind linked the pack members and ordered them to fall back while quickly taking the injured back to safer grounds. He took one more look at his little she-wolf already attacking the first rogue that came through her path. With a smile, he knew his she-wolf was capable of taking care of herself but still worried. He’ll help the others and return for her. And maybe when they were done they could take a long steamy shower together.

Goddess, she was breathtaking

Blake held her breath as she made her way past the rogues trying to save anyone who hadn’t been successful in escaping. In one fell swoop, her long claws meet with a rogue’s throat while making a complete three-sixty and dug her hand deep into the flesh, getting under the ribcage and meeting his beating heart. She felt it pulse in her hand, how it sped, and then died once she squeezed it until it burst.

“Go quickly,” she growled staring into the young omegas eyes. The omega looked at her with fear in his eyes before he crawled to his feet and ran off. She knows what he thought. Her voice wasn’t human anymore. Her face was now distorted. Half-human, half-wolf. She was a living freak show. It was one of her living secrets. One of her not being able to fully transform into her wolf form. Now. Everyone will know.

“Well. Well. What do we have here,” a man spoke. Someone Blake didn’t recognize.

Blake glared at the man, “What do you want,” she growled.

She took a deep breath but couldn’t smell anything of the male. He was of average size for a werewolf of six foot two but there was something different about him. His hair was white like snow, his eyes were the lightest blue, and his skin was fair and pale like he had never spent a day in the sun.

“Who are you,” she found herself saying before he could utter a word.

“You can call me,” he paused as if he to think about what his name was, “Quillon.” The male smiled showing white teeth.

Like Blake cared to remember his name, she only needed time to figure out how many rogues were around her and where they were all hiding. It was clear to her that this man was important enough for them to all regroup around him as if to protect. Which with rogues, it was an odd behaver.

“Leave now or your men will all die,” she bluffed. There had to be at least a hundred of them. More then what she thought from before. She could take down at least half if she was careful and didn’t let any blind spots open for the taken.

“There would be on need. I’ve only come for one person,” the man smiled.

“Really?” Blake raised an eyebrow. “Is that why you tried to kidnap children and women. Your declaring war.”

“War, maybe. But I’m not the enemy. The true enemy lies in the darkness,” Blake didn’t trust him and he knew that. The male smiled and did a little laugh as if it was all amusing to him. “The Moon Goddess came to me in a dream and gave me the gift to tell the future. And you, my dear sweet Blake, will die.”

“How do you know my name?” She whispered.

“I know quite a bit about you. You see in just moments, your true mate will show. And here,” he opened his arms and look at the grown,” will be a bloodbath. From here you will go mad, and you will be shot and you will die. Just like your parents did.”

Blake was panting at this point, pissed beyond belief, “who the hell do you think you are?”

“Oh, right on time. As always,” Quillon smiled.

“Blake,” she took a deep breath and turned around to see Eric running over to her.

“Your true mate is the King. Well, I guess you didn’t see that coming,” Quillon whispered in her ear. How did he, “It’s too bad? He won’t make it.”

Blake took a deep breath as she felt Quillon’s hand burst through the body, just below her heart, “Blake!” Quillon ripped his hand back out of her body. Blake fell to the ground, unable to keep herself upright. Eric called out her name once more before leaving his flesh for fur. His dark brown almost black fur ran passed her.

She could hear the sounds of the blood being spilled. All Blake could think of was that he needed her. No man could fight a hundred wolves alone and survive. She could already feel the healing process but it wouldn’t be enough. She was going to have to transform but it wouldn’t heal her wound fully, no but it would enough. It had to be.

Blake could feel her bones crack and brake into her wolf’s shape, with a scream she could feel her flesh turn to fur and she groaned in pain. She didn’t think it would hurt to transform when wounded but boy was she wrong. It hurt like hell and she felt like she was dying. But she couldn’t die, not yet.

Protect, a small voice spoke inside Blakes mind. Must protect.

Just though two words were enough for her.

Rest now. I will protect.

“Protect,” Blake whispered feeling her own mind gently fading in the wind. Her eyes blurred while feeling the last of her bones cracking into place. She took a deep breath in, filling her lungs with air, and howled a war cry.

Eric clamped his teeth in this prey juggler, his eyes scanned his surroundings. He counted fifteen, twenty, left who didn’t run away. All desperate to live, all fighting for what they thought was right. But one man stood out. The man with white hair. He just stood there. Smiling as if everything was going to plan.

Eric growled, he was the leader. That white hair male is leading them and him. . . he. . . hurt. . . killed. . .

A wolf’s battle cry howled in the wind, echoing all around them. The cry makes Eric turn to find Blake in her wolf form. Her grey fur shined in the light of the moon, almost making him forget that they were both on the battlefield, beautiful, but it was her blood satin belly that snapped him out of it. She was alive. She was using too much energy, she needed rest.

To his surprise, she moved swiftly as if she wasn’t hurt at all. She dashed behind a tree and pounced onto a rogue’s back. Her teeth dug in the flesh, piercing through the skin. Eric watched her as she finished off the rogue by snapping his neck. For such a small body, it amazed him how strong his mate was.

“Ah, the gray wolf,” the white hair male said, “such rare fur among our kind. It is said that the gray wolf was the closest we were to get to the moon goddess as well as the most powerful among our kind. Since the white wolf is extinct. Until now.”

Blake growled at the male and charged for him. In a split second, she was there, she had jumped in the air and the next she was gone. With a swing of his hand, he hit her and she was thrown across the clearing.

“You’re so eager to die, I see,” the male laughs. Eric charged for the male but was stopped by the rogues that now circled around him. “Tell me Blake of the Black Water Pack. How does it feel to know that everything you worked for, everything you prepared for will all be for nothing,” the male called out. Blake was already on her feet, running toward the male but he only dodged her attack. “You should know I am only doing this because this is my role, Blake. There are greater things a stake here. I’ve come for the white wolf Blake. Give the girl to me and I will let you live. She’s the only one who can save us all.”

Eric could see that Blake wasn’t going to back down. Every time she got up she charged back at him but he dodged her every move and when he was having enough of it he hit her again. Eric was fuming while he made his way to them but the rogues around him stopped him. One by one they attacked him and eventually a few got the better of him and jumped on him. Taking a bite at his legs and torso. He growled in pain until he felt the weight on his back lessen.

It was Blake. She attacked the rogues, she bites down on a rogue neck who was on his back and jerked her head, snapping the rogue’s neck. She then pulled away from the dead body, slowly, watching her surroundings for the next attacker but the rogues pulled back.

She was covered in blood, there was nearly nothing left of her grey fur. Stepping away from the body she stumbled a bit. She was losing to much blood and she knew that. She didn’t know how much she could go on but she knew this had to end soon. It was to kill Quillon or die knowing that the rogues could breakthrough.

“Give us the white wolf, Blake. I know who she is and I know she is the key. She is our future.”

Blake didn’t know what the hell he was talking about. There was no white wolf in the Pack. Even among Eric’s Pack, there was no white wolf.

“Remember I am not the enemy. I’m trying to protect us. Give us the girl. We can teach her how to use her power. I can make her stronger.”

Blake didn’t understand him and there was no hell she was letting him through.

With a sigh, “We could have prevented this if you had just given me the girl. The Hunter is here,” he whispered turning his head towards the east. The sound of a gun could be heard miles away. It was so soft you could barely hear it if you were not careful. And the blast of the bullet leaving the gun. “Goodbye, Blake,” Quillon muttered.

She almost didn’t hear him when she ran, shielding Eric from the silver bullet the lodged itself into her chest.

“Right on time as always,” Quillon lazily said with a sigh, “our time is up. Time to fall back.”

Blake watched as Quillon and his men escape into the forest as two large hands took a hold of her.


She watched the rogues run until she couldn’t see any more until everything turned black.

“Blake!” the voice echoed until it could no longer be heard.

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