The King

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Chapter 32 pt 1

Eric returned to the Pack House more pissed then he wanted to be. He needed to go for a run or something. He realized himself that just a simple as giving him a look pissed him off. Once that happened he just wanted to jump the person and kill them. Whatever it took to get the feeling to go away, it was to see the person disappear from his sight. Was this the effect of losing a mate. Was he slowly losing himself from his grief.

Lost in thought, Eric didn’t realize that he arrived at the Pack House until he felt something or someone run into him.

“I’m sorry, ” Ross spoke up rubbing his nose. The boy looked up to Eric and bowed before uttering another word. “I was just about to look for you.”


“Yes, Luna wishes to see us both.”

“Do you know why?”

“No, ” Ross was able to look Eric in the eye during their whole conversation. For some reason, it made him proud knowing that there were some of Blake’s traits in Ross. It made Eric realize something about the young boy and that was that Ross had some Alpha traits to him. Before he was just like any boy, rebellious but obeyed his Alpha, and never looked at Eric in the eye. But in the past few days since Blake has passed Ross was different. Almost like a different person which was understandable since what he has been through but he did show some Alpha traits in the past few days. “Shall we head up?”


Eric walked into the old office, it was a large room with two black leather chairs facing an old wooden desk. There the Luna sat at the desk before standing up with a smile. Alpha Seth senior stood beside. “You came,” she cheerfully said, “I was hoping you would.”

“Luna, Alpha Seth senior,” Eric greeted.

“Come sit, please,” she smiled extending her hand out with a nod towards the chairs in front of her. She then quickly turned to her mate, placing a hand over his chest, “Honey,” that was all he had to hear from his mate.

“I don’t want to-”

“Please honey. Nothing will happen, just a little talk.”

“He has been destructive ever since-”

“Honey,” Luna spoke firmly giving even Eric a chill. Normally Eric would have growled at the man but held it back when only because the Luna had beat him to it. It had only taken the Alpha Seth senor a few moments to accept his mates’ words and left willingly with a sigh but that didn’t stop him from glaring at Eric as he marched out of the room without a word.

“I’m sorry about that,” she apologizes while taking her seat as her mate left the room. “I just want to say that I’m sorry-”

“With all due respect, I tired of people saying they are sorry.”

“Yes, your right,” she smiled with hurt in her eyes, “Blake was like a daughter of mine. To know that she is with the moon goddess now tells me she will be at peace,” She turned to Ross, “With your sister no longer here, you are now our responsibly.”

“I don’t understand what you are trying to get out,” Ross spoke.

The Luna look at him for a moment before nodding her head, ” I should get on with it now. I just don’t know how to tell you.”

“Tell me what,” the boy moved to the edge of his seat.

“You and your sister were and are Gray Wolves, known to be the strongest wolves and are known to be the closest thing to the Moon Goddess. A little over fifty years your grandmother came to the Black Water pack seeking refuge when her pack, the Sliver Moon were attacked. Very few lived and scattered to other packs.”

“How come I never heard of the Silver Moon Pack,” Ross asked confusedly, “Wouldn’t that mean that there were thirteen packs?”

“Yes, you must understand that when she arrived here to the Black Water Pack no one believed her until your grandfather showed up a few days later badly wounded. He was one of the warriors who had been searching for their Alpha’s daughter, your grandmother. Seth’s senor’s grandfather, Alpha John, he and King David, your grandfather,” she looked over to Eric, “wanted to keep this a secret.

“The Silver Moon pack was a fairy tale, in a sense, to everyone. Stories and legends of the Pack become just myths. They were known to be the original Guardians known as the Everlasting. Your grandmother was going to be the future Luna the night of the attack when an ancient evil being arose. Your grandfather was one of these Guardians and saved your grandmother.

“When King David heard the story, he was worried that this evil being would come back but it was your grandfather that insured him that the evil would never return. King David had ordered everyone involved to not speak of this ever again.”

“How do you know about this then, if it was an order, how do you know and why speak of it?” Eric glared.

She softly laughed, “If you knew Blake you should know that Gray Wolves are good storyteller,” the Luna turned to Ross, “Your grandmother believed that the evil would return. So she told your mother the story of the Everlasting but the true tale so that your mother, if should he come back, would know what to do. When you and your sister were born she told you the stories. She even told me the stories for she knew she wouldn’t be here when you would need her the most. I didn’t understand back then but she passed I understood.

“So I’m telling you, after hearing the news about our attacker, it seems that the Gradians have returned. Meaning the evil being is not as died as they thought he was.”

“How would know?” Eric asked.

The Luna looked down on to the desk and took a deep breath, “I was told that evil will always return until the Moon Goddess is born.”

“What? How is that-” Ross sat there confused as much as Eric was.

“Ross, Eric, I asked for you here not to tell you just this but... I believe evil has once returned again. This Quillon must be Gradian and he searching for the rest of the Gradians. If what I fear is true. Your Majesty,” she breathed, “Please, take Ross with you. You and I know that he has shown signs of his Alpha traits these past few days. I ask you to train him into the Alpha he is meant to be. he will benefit more with he is with you.” The Luna bowed her head.

Without even thinking, “I will take him in,” he turned to face Ross, “if he agrees.”

Ross meets Eric’s eyes with so much confusion, “you are just going to believe her. You have to admit everything she is saying is crazy. The Everlasting is just a story to tell children,” he growled.

“Even if it is or isn’t, I believe one thing. You do show sighs of an Alpha, and I am willing to take you in.”

“Why because you feel responsible for what happened to my sister?”

He got him there. In Eric’s head is said yes and no but, “I want to help you.”

Ross stood up, looking around the room as if searching for answers on the walls, “I don’t want to leave my home.”

“Ross,” Luna spoke, “You will always have a home here. You can always come back. I’ll take care of the house. Whatever you need or whatever is bothering you I can take care of it.” When he didn’t meet her eyes, “Ross,” she paced a letter on the desk, ” Blake wrote to me and had it mailed to me yesterday. She knew you specials and she knows she wouldn’t be around for long. Her last wish to me was for you to be safe, to get stronger, and to forgive her. The only thing I can think of to honor her wish is right now. To learn from the best, the Royal Blood Pack can give you so much that we can’t.”

Eric stood, from his chair “Why don’t you think about it, I leave tomorrow morning, and if you still need time or change your mind in the future, my offer still stands.”

Ross couldn’t look at anyone, his head was down until finally, “I want to learn more about the Silver Moon pack and the Everlasting, will I find answers there, in the Royal Blood pack?”

Eric wasn’t very sure, “The answers you seek lie in the ruins of the Silver Moon pack, but no one knows where it is. Your mother had told me the only way to get there was through the Calling but I don’t know what that means. I’m not sure if she knew what that meant either. What I do know from what she told me, it would be dangerous to get there, not even the King would be able to survive the journey. Only a trained and powerful Gray Wolf can do it.”

“Is it possible that there are others like me there?”

“I can’t say, your grandparent barely made it through when they fled. If there where other survivors they may have not tried to return.”

Ross took a deep breath, “The Calling, huh? I’ll go to the Royal Blood pack to train and ones my training if finished, I will find a way to the Silver Moon pack.”

“How will you get there?”

“I don’t know but I will find a way.”

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