The King

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Chapter 32 pt 2

Eric left the room then, with Ross following behind. Eric made his way to the front door until Ross called out to him. He turned around to face the boy to find his arm extended holding a key towards him. Eric looked at the key and the back to Ross unsure what the key was for, “It’s to the house. I haven’t been there since...” he took a deep breath, “Her sent should still be strong in the house. It’s kind of like she’s still there,” Ross said with a weak smile. “I thought maybe it could help.”

“Thank you, Ross,” Eric took the key from him.

Nodding his head, “You think this Everlasting and the Evil is real?” Ross asked.

“I don’t know. I never heard of the Silver Moon Pack and that tells me that I don’t know our history as much as I did. I want to know as much as you do.”

“So there are things even a King doesn’t know,” Ross muttered.

“It would seem so,” Eric hated the idea that there were things that his grandfather let alone his father didn’t tell him about. Eric knew about the many packs, their Alpha and Betas’. There was so much that he had to learn to be a good ruler but no one had told him about this thing that was coming if it was even coming at all. Eric had thought that there Quillon was out of his mind but that voice in the back of his head screamed at him that maybe he is right.

For right now he will train and bring Ross up to be a King like him as well as help him to reach his goals. Like Ross, he wanted to know about the Silver Moon pack as well as what his grandfather tried. On top of that, he was going to kill Quillon, a guardian or not, Blake was gone because of him.

After Ross left Eric alone he returned to Dolph’s side who was pacing around where the unmated females had been. Trevor was by Dolph’s side telling his friend that everything was alright. Trevor, his Gamma, and map, had kept to himself most of their visit ether calling his mate and spending his time helping with pack doctors since before and after the rouge attack, he even spent most of the time visiting the other packs about what has been happening around the area. Eric was grateful that he was able to return before the Hunt started.

“I’m telling you, this is your time,” Trevor cheered.

“No one will want me. Look at me,” he growled. “Even if I had a true mate she would run and cower away from me.” Dolph was a man of many scars but he had a heart of gold.

“Your mate will not care about you look like, she will love you for you.”

“I never thought you would ever say such cheesy things,” Eric joked cracking what could have been a smile but it immediately disappeared. He felt ashamed that he could without her. Dolph and Trevor both say this and the two of them looked at each other before facing their friend and Alpha.

“Neither did I,” Trevor smiled weakly, almost afraid to.

Nodding his head in response, Eric turned to Dolph, “You shouldn’t be hard on yourself,” Placing his hand on his friend’s shoulder, “Your mate is out there, and she will be your everything. You’ll even wonder what you were even worried about when you see her. She is out there”. Saying those words, Eric meant them but they did hurt.

Dolph didn’t say anymore but placed his hand above Eric’s shoulder. His silence was more then Eric needed. He could tell what his friend was trying to say without words and that brought a smile on Eric’s face. Dolph returned the smile with a small one until it disappeared by the sound of Alpha Seth’s voice. “Unmated males, please line up.”

“You can do this,” Trevor whispered in encouragement as Dolph made his way to the lineup.

The sunset was about to fall turning the sky into a mix of colors of blue, purple, orange, and red. While the men, one by one, shifted into there wolf form including Alpha Seth. Focusing his eyes on his friend instead of the young Alpha, Dolph was much larger than the other around him. Those next to him looked at him and moved a couple of feet away from him. Their action made Eric growl at their ignorance.

Dolph’s wolf may have been larger than others, but it was the scars on his body that made him just that more intimidatingly. His scars were still visible even when in his wolf form where his dark fur could no longer grow back. Dolph never really cared about his appearance among the men but he had always worried that his future mate would reject him, just like all the other females have in the past.

When the sun disappeared above the trees, it was Alpha Seth that howled and led the unmated males into the Hunt.

After Trevor left to return to the Pack Doctor’s to help with the wounded from the rouge attack, Eric was left standing where he was when the Hunt started, holding the house key Ross had given him sometime during the day.

Eric looked at the small key that was pinched between his pointer finger and thumb. He thought about going to the house before the Hunt started but he didn’t think it would have been a good idea. To smell her sent again he feared he would go crazy again. He thought that if he had walked through the door all the memories of them would come back to him like a wave. He didn’t even know if he was ready for that. He may never be ready.

Lost in his thoughts he didn’t realize he was already walking back towards the house, hell he didn’t even feel him owe legs. Inside his wolf was screaming to come out, to be let free. His wolf couldn’t accept that his mate was gone and Eric tried to forget during the day until night falls just so he could break his walls for just a moment before he slept and collect himself for the next day. It was hard, he couldn’t help but get angry at every little thing that bothered him that never did before and maybe that was because he couldn’t ever forget. How could he?

When he arrived at the front door of the house, he took a deep breath, before placing the key in the keyhole and turned the nob.

The first thing Eric notice was her smell, the scent of vanilla, coffee mixed with a woodsy scent. It was such a strong scent that it was like she was still in the house with him. It was then he noticed that in this dark house the was light seeping from the kitchen door down the hallway before him.

Eric took a deep breath to see if he could smell who could have broken into the house but couldn’t get a scent at all, all he smelled was her. Careful not to make a sound he made his way down the hallway to hear the intruder shuffling in the kitchen. By the time he got to the kitchen door he hears the intruder curse out loud, making him hold his breath.

“Motherfucker,” she muttered.

Slowly opening the door a woman stood with her back towards him on the other side of the island, running water over her hand. Eric didn’t know who she was but her voice was familiar. Her skin was pale, her long hair was as white as snow and she was very small compared to other females he near, just like Blake was.

“What the hell,” she growled taking her hand out of the water and placing a finger in her mouth.

He took a quick look at the stove and back to the woman, with a shaky voice, he called out, “Blake?”

“Yeah,” she growled, turning around with the biggest pissed off face he had ever seen but he didn’t care. He slowly stalked towards her as if he didn’t believe what he was seeing and yet he hoped he wasn’t dreaming. Her grey eyes peered back at him and he knew it was her, he wasn’t dreaming, “Didn’t I tell you I wanted coffee ready when I got back,” she questioned.

“Blake,” was all he could say before bringing her into a hug. He could believe it. He lifted her off the ground and placed her on the island where he put himself in-between her legs as he continued to keep her in his arms.

Her skin was warm to the touch and she didn’t vanish, not yet at least. It left him with only one way to truly tell if she was truly here. He pulled himself way just far enough for him to look at her new appearance before placing his lips upon hers. He could feel her breath against his own. Her moans filled his ears. Her body pressed against his owes as her arms snaked around his neck and her thighs squeezing his hips.

“Tell me it’s you, ” he breathed breaking their kiss, placing his forehead on hers. He couldn’t look at her, he didn’t want her to disappear in front of his eyes again. He couldn’t bare it.

“Eric,” she whispered placing her hands on his cheeks and pulling him away so he was looking at her. “It’s me. So can I have my coffee now, ” she said with a straight face.

With the biggest grin, he had all week, he laughed and nodded his, “it really is you.”

“Yeah, it’s me, ” she replied.

“What happened to you?” He asked taking a lock of her and bring it up to his lips.

“We can talk about that later, ” she turned her head towards the counter where an already made cup of coffee was sitting, “it’s getting cold.”

Eric reached over to grab the cup and give it to her. She took the cup with both hands, closed her eyes, and took a sip. Pulling the cup away she smiled. “It feels like forever since I last had a cup of coffee.”

“Please tell me what happened. How are you here? How could this be possible? It’s been six days, ”

“Six days?” She interrupted taking another sip. “I didn’t think I was gone that long. So that means the Hunt started already?”

“Yes, but-” Blake pressed a finger against his lips.

“Let’s skip the questions and emotional part. I believe I also told you I wanted you in my bed when I got back and I don’t see you in my bed.” Eric was a little shocked by her words at the moment but nothing made him more shocked than her next reply, “do I have to punish you for disobeying?”

With a sly grin, “I will get answers from you, ” he growled hungrily as he softly placed his lips against hers.

“You’ll have them, ” she smiled back. “But first, take me to bed. My body is already feeling the heat.”

“Heat? But I thought you couldn’t?”

“Just shut up and take me upstairs, if you don’t I’ll find someone else too.”

“Like I would let you,” he growled. He took her cup from her and wrapped his arms around her body as she wrapped her arms and legs around him. “I’ll make sure you never think about leaving me again.”

She hummed as she rubbed her cheek against his, “I hope you don’t regret those words, ” she whispered.

“Never, ” hungrily growled taking her lips with his own. He moved them up the stairs and into her room. Placing her on her bed he gave her another kiss before saying “I love you.”

“I.. I love you too, ” she muttered under her breath.

Eric raised his eyebrows, with a sly grin, “what was that? I didn’t hear you.”

“Just take me, ” she said rolling her eyes.

“That’s not what you said just now, ” he frowned.

Blake let out a little giggle, “I love you, Eric, ” she smiled.

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