The King

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The smell of peppermint woke Blake from a beep sleep. She found herself in a bed of wildflowers. As she laid there she saw tall white walls surround her. “Where am I?” she slowly spoke, using her elbows to lift herself up.

“That is a very good question, now is it?” a woman beside Blake spoke. Blake didn’t even realize the woman was crouched beside her. The woman was more focused on the flowers as she gently touched the petals.

“Who are you?”

The woman smiled gently before standing up. Blake Had never seen a woman like her before. Her hair was white as snow, skin as pale as a ghost, and eyes like sapphire. She wore a long white gown with gold lace on the top half of the gown along with love gold lace on the bottom seams of her gown. She wore gold bracelets on her right ankle and another on her left wrist. She had even worn a gold neckless with a moon crescent that hand hung just meters away from her breasts. Her long white ran past her curved waist while she turned towards Blake.

Who was this woman? Blake had thought to herself.

As if she knew what Blake had thought she answered, “I am known for many things, but you would know me more as Moon Goddess.”


“I’m a little surprised I found you in the garden, normally our guests are in their rooms. But since you are here that only means one thing,” the woman frowned. “You died earlier then you were supposed to.”

“Died? I Died?”

“Yes, you sacrificed your life for another.”

“What happened after that? What happened to the Pack? The King?”

The Moon Goddess looked down on Blake before taking a deep breath. “All your questions will be answered, for now, if you would please follow me.” The Moon Goddess turned, facing her back towards Blake, waving her hand a door appeared in front of her.

“What the Hell,” Blake muttered.

“This way,” the woman called, walking through the door.

Blake was very hesitant about following the so-called Moon Goddess but what else was she to call her. She fit the description of what the Moon Goddess would look like but how could she be real. Never in history has anyone spoke about seeing her, hell they didn’t have a picture or a painting of her. But on the other hand, Blake never had seen a place like this. Everything was white, even the few people who walked around wore white like the Moon Goddess. Not as flashy as her, they wore the same flowy pajamas like they just got out of bed.

“We don’t have all day, Blake. We have very important things to talk about.”

“Yeah, sure,” Blake muttered casually walking over to the mysterious door that just appeared out of nowhere.

“I’m sure that you know about the Everlasting?” the Moon Goddess spoke once more as Blake walked through the door.

“Yes, the twelve Gradians of the twelve Packs.”

“And do you know why there where Gradians?”

“No, not really,” Blake replied honestly. Stories about the Everlasting where myths to tell young children of the great hero’s with special abilities. Some parents stopped telling their children about the Gradians because some claimed that there was something dark that no one what to tell. As if they wanted to erase their history.

“I see,” she sighed.

Blake noticed that they were in a long hallway before asking, “where are we going?”

“The Twelve Gradians,” she ignored Blake and continued on down the hallway without stopping, “you call them, were my children. Born from my very womb. Each one inheriting one of my many abilities.”

“I don’t understand,” Blake interrupted.

The woman turned with a raised eyebrow before answer, “well, when a man and a woman-“.

“I get that part!” Blake yelled, “What I mean is-”

The Moon Goddess smiled at Blake, “Even a Goddess falls in love. Their father was Human when I meet him. There where days I would visit him but I couldn’t be with him. The older he got he only asked me for one thing. To live with me for eternity.

“At first I had refused and told him it was better to live out his life but he claimed life wasn’t worth living if I wasn’t in it. In the coming years, a lot had happened. War, plague and a fall of a kingdom. My lover was a King who was betrayed and in the end, he sacrificed his for his people. Out of anger, I turned everyone into wolves, for my lovers’ family crest was of a wolf. With the last of my energy, I gave my lover new life, in order to do that I had to give him a part of myself,” She shyly smiled at that. “Giving him the other half of my soul. We were bond to each other for eternity.

“A few years later I had given birth to our first child and then our next. I raised them on the moon with me. I learned about their abilities and helped them understand how to use them. Until one day a creature arose. Something I never created. Something old. Older them me.

“My eldest son was the first to volunteer to go down to earth to kill the Beast. Like the leader he was, he convinced his sibling to follow him. But I had warned them that there was a chance that they would not be able to return. They were willing to still go. I sent them down where they fought the Beast but they did not kill it. It laid dormant in the mountains of the Silver Moon pack.”

“Silver Moon pack?” Blake didn’t remember anything about the Silver Moon Pack. Was there even a Silver Moon Pack.

“Yes, child there was,” she answered as if she could read my mind. “It’s the very pack your Grandmother was born into before the Beast awoke once more. Destroying the entire bloodline of the Gray Wolves but your grandparents. It feasted on your pack member.”

“Where is it now?” Blake asked out of curiosity.

“He sleeps once more but time is running,” the Moon Goddess sighed. “He will waken again,” she stopped for a moment as if she was lost in thought. Bowing her head down she turned to Blake, “We’re here,” she waved her as if she was shooing a bug as a door opened. She looked at Blake, nodding her head to tell her that it was okay to go inside.

Blake really didn’t want to go first but when the sound of crying babies filled her ears she heard a familiar voice try to soothe them.

“Oh dear, Richard. What do we do? It’s okay, little darling. Everything will be okay.”

Blake peeked her head through the door and felt her breath escape her. Tears started to stream down her as she watched the woman stick her hand in the bassinet. She smiled at the child, soothing it as Blake took her in. Blake slowly walked up to the couple before her.

Richard was tall and lean. His dark hair pulled back neatly like always had it. His cold stare lingered on the child for a moment before turning to Blake. Blake didn’t even notice she stopped breathing until a hic-up excepted her.

The woman beside him lifted her head with a smile planted on her face until it fell onto Blake. Her gray eyes stared back a Blake before they started to tear up. “My moons,” the woman whispered.

“Mom,” Blake choked as the woman run over to her, embracing her in open arms.

“My baby,” she cried back. “Oh, my baby. My beautiful girl,” she breathed stepping back and placing her hands on either side of Blake’s face. “Look at you?”

“Mom,” Blake couldn’t get her words until she saw her mother smile from ear to ear with tears just streaming down her face, “I am sorry,” she screamed, collapsing onto the floor with her mother still wrapped around her.

“Oh,” her mother cried, “none of this is your fault.”

“If I didn’t. If I just. . . you two would still be-”

“Blake, darling, we never left you. We are so proud of you. Aren’t we Richard?”

Blake’s Father stood behind his mate and smiled. He took his place beside his daughter, “I wouldn’t have been any prouder. Your strong, beautiful, independent, you even have Alpha’s wrapped around your fingers.”

“And your Beta,” her mother added. “You have done so many things for your brother and your pack. My only wish is that I didn’t burden you. You have gone through so much, oh my baby,” Blake’s mother tried not to cry.

Blake tried to collect herself but she didn’t know what to say or do until the Moon Goddess walked passed the small family on the floor to the child in the bassinet. “Blake, would you like to meet someone.”

Blake’s mother immediately got up taking her hand in her daughters, helping her up, “You have to meet her, Blake,” she smiled.

“Who?” Blake asked trying to keep her balance after her mother moved surprisingly fast.

Standing at the end of the bassinet, Blake was welcomed by the sight of a sleeping child. The was so small and so fragile looking with her little fists raised beside either side of her head. Blake felt her mother wrap her arm around Blake’s shoulder as she said, “Isn’t she precious.” Blake was going to say ‘sure’ until she saw her name on a card on the wall of the bassinet.

It read: Blake and Eric Price

“That’s my name. Why is my name- what is going on?”

“Meet your daughter, Blake,” her mother laughed.

“My daughter,” she whispered. “That can’t be. I can’t have children. I’m dead and even if I was alive. She can’t be mine.”

“She is. Blake, I am giving you a choice to become a Gradian. Live your life with your mate. Have a family,” Blake stayed silent. Did she really want to go back? She was so tired of the fighting and the bloodshed. What if this was just a dream and just wishful thinking. Even if It was real, why her?

“This is very real Blake. You and this child are very specials.”


The Moon Goddess looked at the child, “in the many lives you have lived, you were once my son. Like all my children’s, you all return to the moon but your souls must return to the Earth without the memories of who you once were. You, Blake, were once my eldest son. And this child was made by your own hands, not my own.

“You fell in love with someone on Earth and you created this child. You wanted to make something of your own,” the Moon Goddess rubbed a finger against the child’s cheek. “You had me promise to not give your child to anyone but you and your mate. Unfortunately after fighting the Beast, your mate died, and when you returned to the moon. You made me promise and told me that this child was the key to defeat the Beast.

“Every time you were reborn, you died before you and your mate could bare a child. Even when I gave the opposition to be reborn, you refused. She has waited a very long time for you. And I am afraid that this will be the last time I ask you.

“The Beast will awaken twenty-two years and when he does. He will kill everything. If you refuse, for the sake of the world, I must break my promise to you and give her to someone else. The other Guardians have been chosen, all they are missing is you.” she looked at the child once more,” and her.”

“Where are the others?”

“If you agree, they will come to you.”

Blake stayed silent once, “darling what’s wrong?” her mother asked.

“What if I fail? What if I’m not the right person for the job. And you expect me to willingly put my child in danger of this Beast? What if you are wrong about her being the key? Why don’t you do if you’re so powerful?”

“Blake,” her parents hissed.

The Moon Goddess raised her hand to silence them, “I cannot leave this place, not anymore. My soul can not survive on Earth without my other half. You see the Beast killed my mate and his soul never returned to me. Those who died by its hands will not return to the moon and therefore cannot be reborn. If I leave, it will be the end. Everyone here and on Earth will begone forever.”

“Blake,” her father spoke. “Your mother and I will support your decision.”

“This is so fucken stupid.” she breathed. “I’ll kill this fucken asshole before he wakes,” she could her mother hiss at her for cursing.

“So then you agree?” The Moon Goddess raised her eyebrows as if she thought Blake would refuse.

“Yeah, I fucken agree. I better get a vacation after this, besides,” Blake smiled at the little baby in front of her, “I looking forward to meeting someone.”

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