The King

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My Thanks

I want to thank everyone who has been here throughout this journey during this book.

I came up with ‘The King’ or the Hunt series at the end of 2017. What I didn’t except while writing this book was that, one it took so long to write and two with family affairs and my health. Writing this story made it very personal for me. I lost six family members while writing the book in the year of 2018 going into 2019, as well as a scare from my doctors when they thought there was a possibility that I could have had cancer. I never realized how much stress I was in these past few years that it took me to realize I was in a dark place and I didn’t know it until I talked to someone. And I mean really talk.

I want to thank everyone for taking the time to read this book and hope to see you again in the next book, ‘The Hunt’. Or another book of mine. Most of my stories are on Wattpad and are slowly being moved over here. Some stories will not be on Inkitt so if you like, my account it Alexander 226 on Wattpad and maybe I'll see you there. Or you check out more of my work when when I post them on Inkitt

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