The King

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Sneak Peek of Book 2

Deep breaths, she told herself, deep breaths.

She needed to calm down but she couldn’t. She hated this feeling, this feeling of fear, of weakness, of death.

She was so close to death’s doors that it practically called to her, like a siren. Sometimes she welcomed death’s call. Even when she didn’t want to die, she was begging for it. She wanted freedom, and if death was the only way. She’ll welcome it with open arms. She won’t fear death anymore. No, death wasn’t the enemy, he was.

“Come here,” he smirks.

She obeyed, as much as she hated this man, she had to obey. If she didn’t, he would punish her for being bad, and she didn’t want that. No, she had to be a good girl. She had to be good or he would- she couldn’t even imagine what he would do to her.

“Good girl,” he chuckled, reaching out to grab her arms and pulling her towards him, having her stand between his legs while he sat on his bed. “Now, what do we do?” he sang to her.

She wanted to vomit, cry, scream, push him away, and run, but she couldn’t do that. She just stood there. She leaned down and kissed his cheek lightly, with her lips.

“No,” he growled in disapproval.

She shivered in fear and leaned back down to kiss him again but on the lips this time.

And that’s when it began.

Heaven woke with a groan. Her body ached from the pain between her legs. Scratches covered her whole body from the event that happened last night. Pulling the blanket off of her body, she glared at the new black and blue marks on her thighs. Dry blood covered her hips were he dug his nails into her while he had his way with her. Her body was covered in his scent mixed with her own blood. It was made her feel sick to her stomach.

Heaven looked over the door to find the Alpha’s tent closed. She could smell the sun just peeking over the horizon. She shivered in disgust and grabbed her white robe off the ground. Quickly throwing it on, she slipped out of the tent to see the Alpha and his men gathered up by the fire, laughing. Heaven didn’t know what they were laughing about but she didn’t want to find out.

All Heaven could think about was to wash away the blood and his scent. She wanted a long bath, get dressed and get herself ready for the Hunt.

Tonight was her only night to escape from hell. Her only chance to find a mate before ‘he’ takes her as his forever. She couldn’t stand for the idea to be mated by that monster and frankly, Heaven felt bad for his true mate. Pray to the moon goddess that they never meet and that he died a slow and painful death. Heaven only hoped that she would live long enough to hear it or better yet see it herself. If she was lucky, but she knew she would never be so fortunate enough to see that day come.

“Heaven,” the Alpha spoke making her jump as she squeezed her robe closer.

Stiffly, Heaven turned and gave her Alpha a weak smile, “Yes,” she spoke softly.

“Tonight, there is no reason for you to attend to the Hunt. We already know who you belong too.”

Heaven didn’t know what to do. Not attend the Hunt? How was she going to find a way out of this? Her first thought was that she would have to go rogue and hope to the moon goddess that he wouldn’t find her.

“Yes, Alpha,” she whispered, bowing her head. She was doomed.

“Be in my tent before the Hunt starts,” she could feel his sly smile on his face form.

“Yes, Alpha,” she said, trying not to look away from the ground.

“Leave,” he ordered and she did.

Heaven moved quickly to her tent, finding a warm bath already waiting for her. With a small sigh, Heaven walked over to the bath and glanced at the clear water to find a small mark on her cheek and a mark on her neck.

“Heaven,” the soft voice that belonged to her friend, spoke from behind her, “How bad is it?” she asked. When she didn’t say anything, Renee marched up to Heaven and pulled her shoulder forcefully. “My moon, another mark?”

Heaven looked away from Renee before dropping the robe to her feet to show her, her new marks.

“That bastard,” Renee muttered in shame.

“I’m to go straight his tent before the Hunt starts,” Heaven whispered. She could hear her voice crack as the lump in her throat formed.

“What?” Renee whispered, “Heaven, you can’t”

“I must. You know we can’t disobey the Alpha,” she said quietly, pulling back tears.

“Fuck him, Heaven!”

“I have,” she said shamefully.

“Heaven,” her friend whimpered. “That’s not what I-”

“I know,” Heaven turned to her bath and climbed in. She faintly smiled up at her friend, “It’s alright.”

“It’s not Heaven. You can’t keep going on like this. You nearly died two months ago when he didn’t get his way,” Renee looked away biting her lip, “I can’t keep looking at you this way. Heaven if I have too, I will take your place so you can escape from here.”

“No, Renee. I could never put you in danger like that, ” she whispered.

“Then you’ll sneak into the Hunt.”

For a moment Heaven thought about it. But there was no way. He would find out and come for her. And kill her. “He’ll know,” Heaven whispered, shaking her head.

“Not, unless we mask your scent and have you leave before your heat grows stronger.”

“You sound like it will work,” Heaven smiled at the hopeful thought.

“Because it will,” Renee smiled.

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