The King

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Chapter 3

The sunset over the mountain the moment Blake peeled her eyes away from the computer screen and glanced out the window. Taking her attention back to the screen she stretched her arms over her head will a yawn. She then rubbed her eyes with the palm of her hands.

"Blake it's almost eight. You should get ready for the meet," Ross said through the open door.

"No need," she yawned. "I ready to go. Besides, the meet shouldn't take that long. Can you make sure there is coffee ready for me when I get home? I'm going to have to do an all-nighter and finish this up before tomorrow," she said getting up out of her computer chair.

Blake slipped her hand under her baggy, white t-shirt to scratch the inch under her bra-line. Lazily walking towards her bed she slipped on her socks that she left on the bed.

"You're not going to the meet looking like that, are you?" Ross's brows rose to hair-line if it could. "For moon's sake your wearing sweatpants and an old white tee with a coffee stain on it!"

Blake looked down at her tee, pulling the shirt out to indeed find a stain on it, "Well look at that, so it does."

"You can't look at the King looking like that," her brother said horrified.

"It's fine, I won't be there for long. It's not like I'm there to impress anyone."


"You worry too much," Blake yawned once more getting off the bed and walking around him to head down the stairs to get her shoes on.

"Blake, this is the King we are talking about! If you show up looking like that! It's disrespectful towards him!"

"Oh well," she shrugged. "If he knows what's best for him, he won't say anything."

"Blake," Ross sighed in defeat.

Peering over her, "Ross, you worry too much."

"You said that already," he whined."

Blake held back a smile as she finished putting her shoes on, "Lock the door while I'm gone and don't open it for anyone, okay?"

"You worry too much?" he mocked with a side smile.

"Lock the door," she repeated with a more serious tone.

Rolling his brown eyes, "I heard you."

"Good, I'll be home in an hour at most."

"Okay," she heard him sigh as she shut the door behind her.

"Oh my moon, Blake," Seth sighed in relief, "your here."

"Seth," Blake glanced around the large meet hall. Everything seemed to have been in place.

All the tables were set for the meet tonight. The food and drinks were made and displayed in one corner of the hall.

The past Alpha and Luna were seated on the other side of the room, closest to the main table on the stage where the King was to be seated with his Beta and best warriors.

"Do we have any problems for tonight?" She asked raising a brow.

"Well," he hesitated, rubbing the nape of his neck. Blake glared at as if to say get-on-with-it. "The King will be here soon but there's trouble on the west border. I have to go-"

Raising her hand to stop him, "I'll go, it's your duty to be here to greet the King. Besides," she smiled softly, "I need the little workout."

Not realizing that he was holding his breath, he whispered her name in a sigh. "Blake-"

"I know, I'll be careful," she didn't want to hear him say she shouldn't go. Slapping the side of his shoulder, "I'll be back soon."

"Blake!" Seth yelled quickly taking her wrist. She peered over her shoulder, waiting for him to say more. But he didn't, his eyes traveled to the floor and then back up to her. "What are you wearing? You look like a bum," he frowned.

She smiled, "You just noticed," pause, "You're not going to lecture me too, are you?" she frowned.

He didn't answer right away, "When you return from the west border, I want you in a clean gown. Your King will be here tonight and you will not be seen looking like a bum."

"Is that a threat I hear, Seth?"

"We may be friends but don't forget I'm still your Alpha."

Blake wanted to laugh at him but she didn't. She knew he was serious and in times like these. He always made sure she knew between the two.

"Of course," she bowed, "If you will excuse me." Blake refused to look him in the eye as he loosens his grip on her wrist. Taking the opportunity to take her hand back, she brought her arms to her side and stroked out of the meeting hall.

Eric took a deep breath and smelled the air. They were close. He could smell a roasted duck, most likely slow-cooking over a campfire. The sent had him nearly drool with delight. But there was something else in the air. Yes, another smell and it smelled like trouble. Rouges.

Peering over his shoulder, Dolph could sense them too. With a sharp nod, Eric raced ahead with Dolph close by his side as the others stayed behind.

Eric didn't need his men getting in his way. He could solve this fast by the time their pack came and deliver the dead bodies to the this Alpha Seth. How in responsible of him to have such firth come near his pack. The Hunt was less than two weeks away, and the last thing they needed was a pack of rouges roaming around stealing she-wolves.

Do you smell that? Dolph said in Eric's mind.

Blood. Eric growled. And a lot of it. It smelled as if there was a bloodbath going on. It was when the painful cries of wolves only proved Eric's fear.

Over there! Dolph yelled. Just a few feet away in front of them, was indeed a bloodbath. What the hell. Dolph had said for Eric. Ten lifeless bodies laid on the ground. The forest floor was drowning in red blood. In the many dead bodies, there was only one that moved.

"I knew I didn't kill all of you," a female voice sang. In the distance, a small woman walked out from a tree and stalked towards the whimpering rouge.

Dolph was ready to attack the woman but Eric stopped him, putting his hand up, he watched the woman before him. The woman was cover from head to toe in blood. Her baggy shirt and sweatpants were shredded, only revealing her creamy color stomach, thigh, and right knee.

"Please, I was only doing as I told," he cried putting his hands up to protect himself.

"Funny, so am I," She smiled tilting her.

"No! Please!" He screamed.

"That's enough," Eric growled under his breath.

The woman growled under her breath and turned her head toward him. Her eyes were a bright gray and gold. "Who the hell are you?" she hissed making Dolph ready for attack.

"Your King," He said trying to get a hold of temper before he jumped on her himself.

"King?" Eric watched her body relaxed. He waited for her to bow but she didn't. "Go ahead up, Alpha Seth is waiting for your arrival," she peered behind him, "It seems you left your pack behind."

Eric glanced back at the many bodies on the ground, "Was this your doing?" he asked.

She didn't answer but picked up the rouge, "I have plans for you," she told the rouge who had just soiled himself out of pure fear as she gripped him up with one hand. Who was this woman?

"Woman! You were asked a question!" Dolph growled.

She turned towards away from them and peered over her shoulder while dragging the rouge by his hair, "Are you coming or waiting for your pack. Either way, I'm leaving with or without you," she announced turning away.

Who was this woman, indeed? Eric never meet a woman who took on rouge by herself let alone talk to an Alpha or King for that matter in such a manner.

Dolph growled, nearly ready to transform into his wolf and attack the she-wolf. "Enough, wait here for the others."


Stay! Eric commanded.

Dolph bowed and stayed as Eric followed the female.

Blake glanced over her shoulder to find the so-called King trailing behind her. She could tell he was an Alpha but the King. No. What would be the odds of running into the King? It made her wonder if she was setting a trap for her pack or not. She couldn't tell.

Before setting out for the rouge, she had a couple of Omega waiting for her, back to the borderline. If they didn't react to him as they did for Seth. Then she'll kill him. It wouldn't be that hard.

"Your back," an omega said. Blake didn't know his name other than he was around the same age as Ross. "You had us worried. You should have let us aid you at least," he began, "Alpha Seth would be pissed if-"

She throws the rouge at him, "Take him away will you? Treat his wounds too. I want him alive and well in the morning."

"Yes," he bowed. Lifting his head, he peered over my shoulder and quivered. Fear ran across the boy's eyes. As did the other. Without another word, they all left running. Odd.

"They let you hunt rouges alone," the so-called King growled. A dark mist scent filled her nose and she almost shivered. Almost.

"This way, if you will," she didn't have time for questions. She was losing time. She was going to be late. She hated it late.

"Did you not hear me woman!" he yelled.

"I heard you," she lazily said with a yawn. "The meeting hall is this way," she said.

The so-called King placed a hand on her shoulder and turned Blake around violently to face him. "I'm your King and you will treat me as such," Blake glared at the male. That only seemed to piss him off even more and she knew it. She was bathed in rouges blood and need to be treated for her wounds.

With a disappointing sigh, "If you're looking for apologizes you looking at the wrong person. Your Alpha doesn't affect me. So if you would, I'm running out of time and patients with you. Do we understand each other?" Blake knew she was running on a thin line but she didn't care. Ross was home alone and she didn't have time to waste with this male.

The so-called King glared at her, "Who are you?"

"No one," she glared back turning away and continuing on the path to the meeting hall. Once at the door of the meeting hall, Blake opened the doors and entered. Half the hall was filled with her pack and the other side empty for the King's pack to sit.

Everyone gasped as Blake entered. She wasn't sure if the gasps were for her or the male behind her. All that mattered is that she had disobeyed Seth's orders to be washed up before the King showed up. But there was no need now that the "King" has already seen her.

"What the hell is this," Seth growled looking Blake from head to toe.

"I was able to handle the pest problem. I have one in the pit for you to question in the morning." Seth glared over her shoulder but she didn't dare look behind her, "Oh and this is the King," she announced, "We ran into each other, the rest of his pack will be here shortly."

Seth bowed to the male behind her, "Sir," he said in a firm tone. Seth made his way to Blake as the "King" walk towards the stage to sit on his throne for the next two weeks.

Seth stood in from of her, peering over his shoulder, "We'll talk later," he growled.

"It wasn't my fault," rolling her eyes.

The King sat in his chair and glared down at Seth as if he was nothing but dirt. "You must Seth Kelly, the Alpha of these plans. Were is your Beta, Blake Norton. I don't see him by your side."

Blake held a laugh as Seth hissed at her. The King noticed her snicker and raised a brow, "What's so funny she-wolf."

Seth stepped back as if to guard her but she stepped around him, giving the King a good look at her, "I'm Blake Norton, the Beta," she grinned.

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