The King

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Chapter 4

Eric couldn’t believe what he just heard. The little she-wolf before him, covered in blood, was the Beta. The Beta was not a man as he had first thought but a little girl who had handled a small pack of rogues. This little girl who looks like the grim reaper herself was the Beta.

No, he refused to believe that this little she-wolf was, indeed, the Beta.

Eric narrowed his eyes towards Alpha Seth, “I don’t like jokes,” he growled, “where is your Beta?”

Seth bowed his head in submission, “She is our Beta, Your Highness.”

Eric’s eyes fell back to the she-wolf. Her head held high with pride. This female was the Beta, unheard of. The she-wolf was odd, he would admit, but, the Beta?

“Are you disappointed?” she asked in a seductive tone, catching him off guard. Something stirred inside him making his inner wolf scratch to the surface. This little female was challenging him, her gaze was firm and deadly, making even his blood run cold from fear. He could even hear his wolf silently whimpering in the back of his mind. “I’m the Beta of this pack. The deadliest too,” she smirked.

“Blake,” Seth hissed behind her.

Eric forced himself not to smile at her boldness, never in his life have someone spoke to him like that other than his closest friends.

“A warning for you and your pack,” She continued, making Eric stand violently out of his seat. She dared talk to him in such a matter, “If anyone in your pack poses a threat to my pack, I will not hesitate to kill. That also includes you.”

Eric couldn’t help but smile at the she-wolfs bold speech. “You threaten me.”

“Was I not clear?” she asked tilting her head to the side.

“Blake!” Alpha Seth yelled.

Gasps filled the room around them, but both Blake and Eric never looked away from each other.

Eric clenched his jaw. Oddly enough, he wasn’t upset with her, no, he was strangely aroused by her boldness, her lack of fear, and the hint of amusement in the glimmer of her eyes. Never had a woman had the balls to come up to him with such a devilish look, not even a male, for that matter?

“Blake Norton,” he whispered giving her name another taste in his mouth, and he liked it.

“That’s my name,” she replied folding her arms over her large chest. He didn’t realize how big they were under that baggy shirt. It made him wonder what she looked like in a more fitting attire or, better yet, without any clothing.

“Do you have a death wish?” He deeply inhaled her scent but could only take in the smell of rogue’s blood.

“I would ask you the same?”

“Do you?” He said wanting an answer, not another question.

She only answered with a smile across her face, “Who hasn’t said I’ve died already.”

That had shocked him, but he wouldn’t let her know that. No, she wasn’t going to win this fight, but he didn’t know what to say now, she won, and she knew it.

Looking over her shoulder, “I did my job, Seth,” she announced, “I’m returning home to Ross.”

“Blake,” Seth said as a warning.

The she-wolf wasn’t even fazed by her Alpha. She just turned to face him and tapped his cheek with the palm of her hand, “Be a good boy and stay out of my house. I like to sleep in tomorrow, only the moon knows you’ll need me for tomorrow night.”

“Blake,” Alpha Seth growled mixed with a whimper. Eric could tell Alpha Seth loved the little she-wolf. Just one look in her eyes and the Alpha was spellbound, “See the pack doctor before you head home, at least do that and I’ll agree.”

“Got it,” she replied. “Let’s go doc,” the she-wolf called out heading towards the door, as an old man got up from his chair, and followed behind her.

What an odd female. Glaring at the pack doctor as he walked through the door. Eric couldn’t help but think about the she-wolf named Blake. There were many things that were bothering him, what was her relationship with Alpha Seth and who was this Ross person. Was Ross her lover? No, the connection between her and Alpha Seth said that they were in a relationship beyond Alpha and Bate. Was Ross her pup? Why else could she leave and not come back if she had a pup to watch over? The thought of the she-wolf having a pup nearly infuriated him and he didn’t have a clue as to why it bothered him so, other than it did.

Blake peeled her blood-stained shirt from her skin, throwing the material onto the infirmity room floor, she moved her back from side to side, stretching the muscles in her back.

“You should be more careful, Blake,” Dr. Milliken sighed, shutting the door to the room.

“I’m fine,” she replied, mimicking his tone.

Dr. Milliken glare at her through his half-cut glasses. With another sigh, he walked towards her, “well let’s have a look.”

Blake obeyed willingly, sitting in the computer chair with no back. Dr. Milliken looked closely at her back, arms, chest, and stomach. He glanced down to her legs seeing no problems. “Any pain?” he asked.


“How about when you shift? Or are you still avoiding the shifting?”

“I’m avoiding,” Blake replied. She placed her hand over her shoulder that still bared the scar of the silver bullet that hit her five years ago.

“Still hurts?”

“My wolf form is slow and always feels pain.”

“And your human form?”

“Ever now and again it pinches but it doesn’t last long. Why you ask?”

“It’s about your appointment the other day,” he said, taking a seat in the chair on the other end of the room. “The x-ray we took shows that the sliver is still in your body and growing.”

“I see,” Blake sighed in disappointment.

Five years ago, when Blake was shot with the silver bullet, it was shown that it was not just any silver bullet. It was a strange new bullet that was able to liquify and explore throughout her entire body that nearly killed her in a span of just two months after being shot. Even with the bullet safely out of her shoulder all those years ago, the silver was still inside her, and it was able to grow like a disease. Only now it wasn’t inside her bloodstream but in fact inside her bones.

“How long . . . how long do I have to live.”

“Blake, we can try another-”

“How long!” she yelled throwing herself out of her chair.

“I don’t know for sure, but my guess is two weeks,” he whispered.

“Two . . . two weeks. That’s all I have?”

He nodded his head, “The silver is growing rapidly than before. I don’t know why it is.”

“Does anyone else know about this?” she asked.

“No, I thought about telling the Alpha-”

“Don’t” she spoke quickly, “don’t tell anyone.” She couldn’t believe what she was hearing, just two weeks.

“Blake, we can find a way around this,” The doctor said placing a hand on her bare shoulder.

Blake wanted to cry, yell, scream to the ends of the Earth. “What . . . for the past five years, I’ve been in and out of this place. I’ve been going through surgery after surgery, to get the sliver out of my body and you haven’t done one successful damn operation on me!” she furiously yelled, turning away from the doctor, she held her tears in, “I can’t keep doing this doc. My brother, the Alpha, I can’t keep hiding this.” Blake took a deep breath before looking at the doctor, “I thought for sure we were in the clear but this is the reality, right.”


“Don’t bother doc, I don’t need your words of hope.”

“Blake there may well be away, but it could, well, you may not like it.”

“What doc, what do I have to lose at this point.” Blake looked into the dark blue eyes of the doctor before her.

Nodding his head, “Very well. You heard of the story of the Moon Goddess, the one of Everlasting.”

“A child’s tale,” she waved a hand, “The Everlasting aren’t real.” Blake sneered.

The Everlasting was a tale of Twelve Guardians who held a piece of the Moon Goddess within them, making them immortal. The Everlasting werewolves that sacrificed everything to the Goddess including their own lives. Like the Moon Goddess, they shared her appearances, white hair, pure ice blue eyes, pale fair skin, and the mark of the moon. Rumor had it that the Everlasting held strange powers in order to protect the twelve packs. But those were only stories that parents told to their young. Even Blake’s own mother told the tales of the great Moon Warriors, known as the Everlasting.

“The Everlasting are as real as you and I are.”

“And you want me to believe that the Everlasting are going to save me from the sliver.”

“No,” he said in all sincerity, “You can be an Everlasting.”

Blake couldn’t believe the doctor, he was crazy to even think that a child’s tale would save her.

“And how do you suppose one can become an Everlasting. Everyone knows the tales that the Everlasting were chosen since the day they were born and they had to do something of great sacrifice or die to even awaken the Moon Goddess gift. Meaning there is a chance I’m not even an Everlasting also meaning there is a fifty-fifty chance that I’ll die anyway.

“It’s all we have at this point. What do you have to lose?” He asked mimicking her from before.

“Everything,” She replied in a whisper.

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