The King

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Chapter 5

Blake escaped home after leaving the infirmary. The first thing she did was march up the stairs and blessed herself with a nice hot bath. She stripped her new bloody clothes on the white tile floor and turned the water on before jumping in.

Tilted her head back to wash her face from the rogue’s blood that filled her senses. Turning around she placed her hair under the water, running her hands through it to clean off what was left of the rogues.

With a little sigh, she ran her hands down her neck and down to the scare that was on her shoulder. Closing her eyes, her heart ached. And she cried. Blake crouched down, hugging her knees close to her chest.

She didn’t know how much more she could take. How much more she could keep going. Even if there was a chance she could survive, there was still that chance she was going to die. Rubbing her face with her hands, she already knew she was living dangerously just being a Bate and throwing herself at every possible moment that could lead her to her death.

But that’s how she wanted to die. She wanted to die at the hands of another than to have people know about the cancer that lived inside her body.

After her shower, Blake wrapped a towel around her body and walked across the hall towards her room. Throwing her towel on the floor once she was in her room, by her dresser. She threw a black tank top over her without putting her bra on and slipped into a black boyshorts panties.

Looking over her shoulder, she peered at the window. She walked over to the window, glaring at the moon that appeared in the sun’s last light.

“Two weeks,” she frowned taking her eyes off the moon and down to her backyard. In the shadow, Blake saw a body of a male creep up to the house and makes it’s way to the back door. “Who the fuck-” she said cutting herself off and making her way down the hall to the stairs.

Her bare feet tiptoed to towards the kitchen. The kitchen door was slightly opened, with the kitchen light escaping into the narrow hallway.

Kicking the door opened, Blake marched into the room, ready to kill who-ever dared to enter her house without permission.

Before her, the mess hair intruder with leaves and grass in his brown locks was caught eating a banana from off the counter.

“Ross,” she growled. Feeling her blood boil in fury. “Did I not tell you to stay inside the house!”

Ross froze in his tracks with a piece of his banana that was seeping out from between his lips.

“Well,” she demanded, folding her arms over her chest.

Swallowing what was in his mouth, he coughed before speaking, “I went to get some air.”

“Air? Open a window.”

“But Blake-” he pleaded.

“Ross, the Hunt is near. You know that rogue sighting is an all-time high during this period of the year. What if a rogue or hunter saw you?”

“Blake, I can handle myself. And the hunters haven’t come in our area since . . . since what happened five years ago,” he said, forcing out the rest of his sentence.

Blake glared at him, “That doesn’t matter. What I say goes, you hear me? If I tell you to stay home, your ass stays at home. Until you go through your training and become an adult, I won’t have to order you around. So, for now, you listen to ever goddess damn thing I tell you. Do you understand!” she yelled, her voice boom off the walls.

“You can’t boss me around! You don’t even know what I’m going through!” he yelled. “All you do is stay up in your room, drink coffee, and do your Beta duties. Do you even care about me?” he frowned.

“Of course I do,” Blake sighed letting her arms fall to her side. “Everything I’m doing is for you.”

“Is it? Is it really for me? Or are you running away from something?”

Blake looked away from her brother, folding her arms over her chest once more. “It’s time for bed, Ross. We have a big day tomorrow,” she whispered.

“Blake,” he whimpered, “what are you hiding from me?”

“Goodnight Ross,” Blake sighed. “Lock the door,” she said leaving the room and walking back to her room.

Once in her room, she shut the door behind her and leaned against the wood. She felt so weak. Lifting her head up, she stared at the ceiling, holding her sobs back. “I’m sorry, ” she whispered finally letting the tears escape.

Eric sighed, leaning in his chair, he rested his head on his fist. He glared at the double doors, waiting for the she-wolf to return. As the hours passed, the night was coming to an end, and few of Eric’s people have already been escorted to their sleeping quarters.

“Your Highness you should get your rest,” Dolph subjected. He stood behind Eric, looking out into the crowd that was slowly disappearing as the night went on.

“Your right,” Eric sighed once more, slightly disappointed. He was almost looking forward to seeing the she-wolf’s return. He wanted to hear her talk once more. Her boldness towards him gave him a refreshing feeling. He couldn’t remember the last time a woman spoke to him the way she did. Or the way she acted around him. It was as if she didn’t fear him at all. She didn’t ever react to his pheromones when he tried to subdue her. She didn’t even react to her own Alpha’s pheromones. She was a very interesting she-wolf in did.

Eric lifted himself out of his chair and walked off the stage. By the time he reached the bottom of the small stairs, he was greeted by the Alpha Seth and his mother.

The ex-lune, Addy, was a tall slim woman. Her eyes were a light shade of brown. Her dark-brown hair hung just below her ear, and tucked behind her ear, showing off her heart-shaped face.

Alpha Seth was a spitting image of his mother. Tall, slim, with brown hair and eyes. But like many Alpha’s he was big-boned and covered in muscle.

“Is there something wrong, your Highness?” Abby smiled, cupping her hands together before bowing, in respect.

“No, I would like to retire for the night,” Eric spoke firmly, standing tall.

“Of course. I’ll take you to the packhouse.”

“Is that were I’ll find your Beta? I would like to talk to her.” Eric said without thinking.

Abby looked at her son, with a worried look. “I’m sorry your Highness, but Beta Blake does not stay in the packhouse. She has her own home a little far from the packhouse.”

“That’s ridiculous. The Beta is-”

“I understand,” she interrupted. “But Beta Blake is a person who likes to be alone. She’s not very sociable.”

“Then why have her as Beta then?”

“Because she’s good at what she does,” Seth said firmly with a growl.

“And what would that be? She has nucleated her duties as Beta by not returning as well as disrespected me multiple times.” Eric pointed out.

“Beta Blake is not like any of us, she’s different, and as for her duties, she never disappoints. She is like a shadow, your highness. She’s always there, never out of sight,” Abby said with a smile. “You’ll understand tomorrow.”

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