The King

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Chapter 7

Blake could hear Seth growl from the distance. Clearly, he didn’t hear her bluff about killing the other male. It wasn’t like she was going to kill him. Or would she?

“Are you ready to die?” Blake called out.

The male before her crouched low like he was about to tackle her. His feet were wide apart and his arms out open.

Blake didn’t know if she should laugh or tell the male to stop fulling around. Instead, Blake stood her ground and watched his movements.

What was he thinking? Was he trying to full her with that ridiculous pose? Or did he not know how to fight but that would be ludicrous, all wolves knew how to fight but he looked like he wanted to give her a big bear hug.

Blake waited for him to make his move and that’s what exactly what he did.

He charged up to Blake in a roar, lifting his right fist towards her, dodging it without a problem. He raised his fist again and tried to hit her once more.

Blake dodges every attack as if he was coming at her in slow motion. Was no one a challenge anymore? She asked herself as she blocked his next punch with her arm.

He pulled back and howled in pain. “What the hell,” he muttered, clenching his teeth.

Now it was her turn.

Blake smiled and swiftly came towards with a low kick. Hitting her opponent on the side of his knee. Her opponent fell the moment the sound of his bones cracking filled her ears.

Her opponent howled in pain once more and faced her.

Blake stood before him with a sinner grin.

All he has to do was look her in the eye to see he was done for. He could see the thirst for blood in her eyes. He knew then that she was the kind of predator that wouldn’t let her pray leave- alive.

“What are you,” he whispered in fear.

She wasn’t normal. Blake knew she wasn’t normal. She hadn’t been normal for a very long time.

“I believe we understand now. Now, don’t we?” She smiled sweetly before looking over at the Alphas. “I didn’t kill him, happy now!” she asked Alpha Seth. Nodding his head in approving, Blake walks towards the outer circle, where the people move out of her way to let her out. “Follow me, children!” Blake barked, waving her hand in the air.

Eric stood beside Alpha Seth, watching the crowd follow Beta Blake like a couple of ducklings. While leaving her opponent on the ground and unable to use his leg.

During the small fight, it was clear to Eric that the male from his pack was weak and that he needed to train his pack better. But Eric could not deny that the she-wolf that he saw in the ring was no ordinary she-wolf.

The bloodlust in her eyes showed that she thirsted for the thrill of the battle. She had displayed a sinner smile at her opponent as if she was feeding off on his fear.

Just remembering how she snuck up on them without making a sound all the way to the time he first meet her in the woods, covered in rogues blood.

Eric nodded head, she was defiantly not an ordinary she-wolf, she was a warrior, a protector, a Luna, and she was his.

Pride swelled in his chest.

After all these years he had finally found her.

He finally founded his mate.

A small smile formed on his face before disappearing from the sound of Alpha Seth’s voice, “I’m sorry for her actions, your highness. She can be-”

“Refreshing,” Eric grinned, following the crowd outside.

Eric watched Beta Blake move the crowd to an open area. Her brother, Ross stood by her side. The two siblings were talking for a brief moment before Blake slapped her brother on the shoulder. Ross proudly stood against his sister, giving her a nod, he waved his hand above his head and began to run.

Eric no longer looked at the boy. His eyes were solely on the woman who watched the boy with a gentle smile. The she-wolf before him was not the same as the she-wolf he saw moments ago. This was someone new.

The she-wolf, standing from afar with gentle eyes, whereof a woman who was unhappy yet there was that gleam in her eye that said she was hopeful.

“Your Highness,” Beta Blake spoke tenderly, shocking Eric. He didn’t release he had walked up to her while he was lost in thought. “Is there something you need?”

“No,” he quickly replayed, taking a step beside her to face the trainees. Their arms barely touched. “You’re having your brother lead the run, why?”

Blake looked at her brother, smiling from ear to ear. “My brother is a growing boy,” She frowned “It’s time that I teach him what I know before I leave.”

Eric nodded showing that he understood, “The Hunt, once you found your mate, you two will have to part.” Eric said as if it was to remind him that his little mate would have to leave her pack and join his. It one of their traditions after the Hunt, was that once a female found her mate she was to live with her mate’s. Meaning she had to leave her pack and family behind.

Eric glanced over to his little mate and watched her eye begins to harden. Her eyes began to turn black as her stare became cold.

“That will not happen,” her voice was low and cold. She glanced up at Eric, “You will not speak another word about this again, do we understand?”

“About finding your mate?” he was a little shocked. Didn’t she want to be with her mate, with me, he thought. Did she not feel their bound like he had. Anger washed over him but he didn’t dare to say anything more to upset his mate.

Blake turned away, watching the crowd make their laps. With her arms folded under her breasts, “I have more important things to do then flock around like some horny rabbit. Like you, I have dues that don’t involve me on all fours like an animal.”

The image of her on all fours fill his mind, making his mouth water. Eric took the opportunity to take a good look at her. She was smaller than most she-wolves he knew, she barely five foot two, partially the size of a child. The only muscle she seemed to possess was, well, none. She was bit chubbier than most of the she-wolves. The she-wolf before him didn’t seem to work out as much as the others. After what she displayed today, showed that she was a skilled fighter and stronger than most. Perhaps she had alpha blood running through her veins.

Eric moved his eyes up to her large breasts, full and soft. He quivered at the thought of when he would finally have his full with them. They were the perfect fit for his hands but he wouldn’t know until he touched them.

He squeezed his hands into tight fists, forcing himself to look at the side of her face. His little mate shared the same dark brown hair as her little brother. Her eyes were a shadowy gray that all ways seemed to fill with sadness and guilt. What were thoughts eyes hiding? What kind of secrets were they keeping?

Swallowing whatever comment that would piss her off, he calmly said, “Your wrong.” He paused, putting his hands behind his back, he looked at his subjects. Before he said anything that would make him seem more attractive she spoke once more.

“Are you saying that you have dues that involve you on all fours?”

Eric’s mouth dropped as he slowly turned towards her. Did she say what he thought she said? An alpha. On his knees. On all four for the taking? He couldn’t come up with anything to say as she continued.

“Whatever floats your boat, I’m not judging,” she nodded her head and patted his shoulder in pity, “It was bound to happen to at least one Alpha who would like to be treated in that kind of matter.”

“No,” he muttered in a low whisper, so low he could barely hear it himself.

But the little she-wolf just continued on, “Most people don’t know, but I’m a writer and in my latest work, was working on a BDSM story and I have some toys you can have. Not used of course,” she added with a smile before making an O face while she jumped up and down making Eric’s drift towards her breasts, watching them dance. “You can help!” she screamed in excitement.

“Help?” he frowned.

“If you don’t mind,” she asked sweetly, “I need a model.”


“My house is the red house on the east side, you can’t miss it.” Eric was too stunned to say anything. She misunderstood everything and made him seem like some kind of pervert.

“You have-” he tried to say before he was interrupted.

“Sorry, I have to go. Will you be available tonight,” he nodded his head like a fool. “Great, see you tonight then,” she smiled and it wasn’t just any smile, it was pure and real.

What have I gotten myself into?

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