The King

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Chapter 8

Blake couldn’t stop thinking about how excited she was. What were the odds of finding a dominant male who fantasized about being dominated? Not to mention the King of all Wolves, for that matter.

For weeks, Blake had this story in her mind but could never write it. She had bought all the equipment for studying the subject of BDSM but she could never try it on herself, so she read stories and watched videos as well as deleting her history after searching. She could never live with herself if her brother found out.

It wasn’t her fault, it was her editor who came up with the idea to help her with her next project. The result of it, Blake couldn’t get it out of her mind.

Blake almost wanted to laugh at herself. She was indeed a workaholic, even when life was coming to an end, she was going to work, and her last story will be a BDSM. What were the odds? Funny, she never thought this was how she was going to end her career with a BDSM story and have the King of all Wolves as her model. Well, at least she was going out with a bang. May as well enjoy the cards that are laid out for her.

As the day had slowly begun to end, Blake watched her brother collapse to the ground, gasping for air. He wasn’t the only one laying on the ground gasping and panting for air. Both Black Water and the Royal Moon pack where on their knees, laying down, or leaning against each other for support as they rested.

“Tired?” Blake asked her brother as she walked up to him.

“I feel like I’m dying,” he groaned, closing his eyes.

“Well, you wanted me to treat you differently, so- has my growing boy doing?” she joked.

“Shut up,” Ross whined. “Is it always like this?”

“No,” she frowned looking up at the now setting sun, “you just skipped a couple classes.”

“What!” he said barely lifting his head.

“You’re on pro level training, baby.” Blake looked at her brother with a wink before laughing.

“You’re cruel,” he gasped letting his head fall back to the ground.

“Payback is a bitch, but you knew that,” she smiled then glared at him with a look that could kill. “Don’t leave the home again, without my permission. Do we understand each other?”

“Yes,” he yelled with a raspy moan.

“Good,” Blake glanced at the rest of the group, “Go rest and ready yourselves for dinner. Eat as much as you can then bed for all of you!” She yelled. “You have a busy day tomorrow!”

Blake had immediately gone home with her little brother following her, crawling on his hands and knees behind her. Deep down, she felt sorry for her brother. The poor boy was literally on his knees. Blake couldn’t even bear to look at him as he whined about how much his muscles hurt. But Blake knew it was good for him. There wasn’t much time for them to be together.

This was the least she could do for her little brother. When the time is right Blake knew she had to ask Seth for a favor. And if she is lucky, maybe she would die in a rogue ambush and don’t have to say a damn thing about the disease inside her body.

Walking up the little red house her father built for him and his mate to live in, Blake only wished her parents weren’t ashamed of her for leaving her brother. Taking a deep breath, Blake made her way towards the door and opened it for her brother. He crawled inside the house and collapsed just foot away from the staircase. The boy had one hand inches away from the bottom step, while he was out cold, sleeping.

Blake almost laughed at her bother but just shook her head.

Eric took his place at his table with Dolph by his side and Alpha Seth on the other. He watched some of his pack members, as well as the Black Water, come together in the hall, taking their seat. Each and every one of them looked like walking corpse. Not to mention not even half of the ones who were training weren’t here.

Eric heard Alpha Seth sigh, muttering, “she overdid it again.

Alpha Seth comment had Eric turn towards him, “Does she always train your pack?”

“Not all the time, my Zate and Eta mostly train the others but time to time she likes to train them.”

“That is an odd thing for her to do?” Eric whispered.

“It is, but she likes to do more then what is asked of her. She likes to keep herself busy.”

“Yet she is not sociable?” Eric raised his eyebrow. Beta Blake didn’t come off as anti-social to him.

“You don’t have to be present at an event to be social. You’ll see.” Alpha Seth frowned looking out into the crowd.

Eric looked back at the crowd and his world seemed to spin. Across the room, Eric tried everything to keep his mouth closed, Beta Blake walked towards their table with a black, skin-tight gown, revealing her shoulders and legs. Her hair curled and a lock of her hair over one shoulder.

Was she trying to seduce him? Eric sore to himself that he wouldn’t get up and carry her over his shoulder and take her somewhere privet to take her.

Her scent filled his senses and he wanted more. He wanted to sit her in front of him, on the table, with her legs spread. He wanted to cup his hands over her creamy white legs. He wanted to explore every part of her body and bury himself between her legs for a feast he will never forget.

“Alpha Seth,” She said bowing her head. She then turned towards Eric, “Your Highness, forgive my rudeness for not returning last night. There was something that needed my attention.”

Eric studied her face, only because he didn’t trust himself looking anywhere else. “You’re forgiven, Beta Blake.”

“Thank you,” she replied, bowing once more and taken her place beside Alpha Seth at the table.

Eric felt a wave of jealousy run through his veins. It was so foreign to him. He never felt so jealous before let alone this horny for anyone.

His pants were become to tight for comfort and right now all his blood was rushing down to his groin. Goddess, help him, he wanted to attack the little she-wolf, his little mate, right here right now in front of everyone and he didn’t care. He needed her. But does she need him just as badly? He couldn’t tell, he glanced over towards her and she looked calm. Stone-faced. No emotion of lust filled her eyes. She was more relaxed then he was.

Blake looked out, watching the two packs mingle together like they have known each other for years. She didn’t care much for talking. Blake didn’t know how many times Seth came over to make breakfast and coffee for her and Ross while trying to strike a conversion.

Really, Seth was the kind of man who liked to gossip and complains about things. But that had all changed when he became Alpha. At times it was about work within the pack, which she sometimes didn’t listen too, gossip about other packs and how he wanted her to be his Luna.

At last year’s Hunt, Seth had attended but never found his mate. Both his parents where sadden by the news but they never lost hope for there was next year.

And if Blake attended this year, which she wasn’t, he would surely make her his mate. Even for the males during the Hunt, it’s hard to keep control but Alpha’s are able to hold back, if they choose too, that is.

“Blake,” Seth whispered, “Are you not hungry?”

Blake looked at him before looking at the plate sitting in front of her. She didn’t even notice, which was a surprise. “Sorry, I have a lot on my mind,” she whispered back.

“You want to talk about it?” he asked.

Another thing she hated talking about, peoples feeling let alone her own.

“No, it’s nothing,” She said picking her fork up to eat.

“Blake, I’m here for you,” Seth said, placing his hand on my leg.

A growl filled the room, shocking the room. But Blake kept her cool and took Seth’s hand and pushed it away, “Thank you but I think I’m going to retire for the night.” Placing her fork on the table she got up from the table and fixed her dress. The last thing Blake needs is a jealous mate coming after her. Knowing that growl, Seth finally found a mate and is denying her.

What a pain.

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