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The Mission Went Wrong

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Grace was sent on a mission that she thought would be a easy open and closed case. But, what happens when her past and Adrian past catch up with her. Will she be willing to lose everything for the man she think she loves? Will he be willing to open his heart even though he knows it hurts a little to much. PS. New Episodes Every day! I hope you love it.

Romance / Drama
Leslie Kristen
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Grace Adams was brought into the same room as always before she was assigned a mission. Amanda Briggs stood in front of her “Your target, is the son of Jason Cross. His name is Aiden Cross, he’s a quiet and lonely kid, if only his bastard father was the same then our job would be easier” She brought up a photo of the only son of the biggest crime lord in the city. He wasn’t that good looking, his father was known for his habits concerning the wives of the people who worked for him, but those good looks haven’t done a good job of transferring over.

“He’s currently studying engineering at MIT, get him where you want him then get the information we want. It will be on his laptop” Briggs added and checked her notes “You know how important this information is, we do this because other people can’t” She looked at Grace “I don’t like asking you to do this but it’s part of our job. All the other agents, including me at one point, have done it at some point and this won’t be the last time. Now head down to wardrobe and they’ll get you into something fitting. Dismissed”

Grace stood before listening at attention listening intently to the mission. She started taking a few notes on an app that was encrypted. She nodded her head offering a soft smile. “I know you don’t like asking. I know the outfits are my least favorite part. But, I know I have to fit in.” She nodded her head and headed down to wardrobe.

She let her heels click down the long hallway as she made her way to her destination. She put in her thumb print as it took a prick of her blood. She stuck it in her mouth to take care of the small almost non existent trickle that was there. The door steamed open and she walked in. She was met by countless people. Before she knew it she was walking away with her blonde hair curling half way down her back. A sweet simple yellow sundress that was very modest and simple flats on her feet. She had a laptop in one hand and a suitcase packed full of the rest of what she would be wearing. Before she knew it she was arriving at the MIT. She let out a deep sigh slowly rolling her head back and forth to get some type of relief. She went straight to the housing building to pick up her keys.

The room assigned to her was the same as any other room. It had a single bed, a chest of drawers, a desk and chair, a wardrobe and a window which gave a rather tactical view towards the main building of MIT. It wasn’t 5 star luxury but it was functional, as good as any student could expect.

With her keys was a copy of both her timetable and the timetable of Aiden Cross, as well as a key to his room. Upon looking at the number, it was discovered that her target was only a few doors down from her, no doubt the agency had played a few games to get her that close to him, they were good at that. Getting you where you needed to be in order to complete the mission. This was the first time Briggs had ordered her to carry out a mission with an ‘intimacy factor’.

Grace knew without a doubt that she could do it and that she would do it. She had a few dates here and there. She was by far inexperienced, she had not even lost her virginity. But, she had always promised that if her job required it then it did. Each mission had a folder in her mind and they were far from anything emotional inside her brain. She did have the notes on her phone but they were just letters to strike up her memory. They would not have any real information for him to have. Getting a guy to want her would not be the issue or so she thought.

She fiddled with her keys deep in thought. Soon she found herself nibbling on her bottom lip thinking about what she was going to do and how she was going to do it. Before she knew it her body hit something hard. She fell down her suitcase losing balance turning over on its side. She rubbed her head softly wincing. Well, well, well and so it begins she thinks to herself. She had only been here a few minutes and she had just ran into the guy himself. Quite literally ran into him. Dizzy and sweet with a hint of innocence. “I am..so so sorry. I was lost....” She said a soft laugh bubbling from her lips, her pearly whites showing. Her big brown puppy dog eyes meeting his sweet smile on her face.

He looked at her and reached down, extending a hand out “No problem. Are you ok?” He pulled her to her feet with some effort, he did have some muscles, more than your average guy but nothing to shout about. What was strange was his eyes, they were much, much darker than in any of the photos she had been given prior to the mission. They almost seemed to lack light around them, as they highlighted the whites of his eyes, just visible from resting tensed expression on his face.

His face was indeed accurate compared to the photos she had been given, when you compare his features to those of his crime Lord father, it was a sheer disappointment that those good looks had not transferred over. He wasn’t ugly in any sense, but it was almost as if the contrast in looks between his father and himself made him so.

“Where are you trying to go?” He asked, a slight accent in his voice, it was nice. Made him sound caring yet serious at the same time. The hand he pulled her up with was somewhat chapped, hard skin in places most 19 year old men don’t have.

She grabbed his hand pulling herself his hands were strong, so she knew he would most likely defend himself at least somewhat. They felt calloused against her soft moisturised hands. She let go of her lip and started using her dress and wiping her hands clean. “Yeah, I am just fine besides the fact that I bruised my ego.” A southern drawl escaping her lips. She silently cursed because she tried to keep it hidden. She shook her head the smile spreading bigger across her lips. Her eyes met his she had to blink a couple times but looked at them again. It was just a moment to long, so she turned her head away smiling trying to play it off like she was blushing. They all said he looked ordinary but, his eyes were something.

A part of her did decide it was in fact one of the greatest sins he didn’t look more like his dad. But, he was not bad to look at and had just enough looks to let her know this mission wouldn’t bore her. She could not help but admire this man’s muscles. She knew everyone started with he wasn’t as good looking. But, in her mind he was downright cute on some level. Or, maybe she was just crazy about muscles and nice eyes. Now if he had a nice smile. Her mission will be good as done.

“I am trying to find my room and I have to admit I am lost. I always thought they gave you maps to find and get your way around.” She let the southern drawl poke out now on purpose. She had to let her character stay true. Even if it was a mistake on her part. She shrugged pushing her lips together as if she had an unknown insecurity. She didn’t but she wanted to keep character. She had to.

Aiden nodded a little “What’s your room number?” He paused “Relax, I’m not gonna try anything with you. I’m not my dad” Everyone knew who he was, but when someone is the son of the biggest crime lord in the country, you either suck up to them or stay out of the way. Most people chose the latter.

Aiden told her how to get to her room “Up the stairs, left then just follow the corridor” he said plainly, it was clear he wasn’t helping her simply because she was a pretty girl, anyone could have fallen and said the same things and he would have told them the way.

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