The Best Way to Start Over!

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After loosing Her husband a year ago Kay contemplates moving on. She has been crushing on the older Eric for a while but never thought for a moment he would want her as well.

Romance / Erotica
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She sat there staring out the window and watched her daughter play with their dog Bruno. She thought of the day they got that dog. It was about six months after her husband Dan died. She had gotten her dog as a way to help with the mourning. Now a year after Dan died in that car crash, she just sat there watching her daughter and trying not to look upset. ‘I wonder if she knows what day it is’ she thought to herself.

Brandy: Hey what are you up to today?

Me: Trying not to cry. Why

Brandy: Can you get a babysitter?

Me: Why

Brandy: We’re having a few people over. Want to come? Might get your mind off things.

Me: Idk

Brandy: come on. You never go out anymore.

Me: idk

Brandy: please!!!! You need to get back out there!!

Me: ok but i’m not ready to “get back out there”

I stood in front of the mirror getting ready. I decided on a cute pair of jean shorts and a black spaghetti strap tank top with sequins on it. My hair was in a messy bun on top of my head. “I think I look pretty damn good,” I said to myself.

“Kay where are you,” Krystal yelled from down stairs. She was here to watch Mary for me. “Up here,” I called back.

“You look Hot! You’ll get some tonight” Krystal said as she walks in my bedroom. “I’m not trying to get laid,” I snapped back. “Ok ok never mind,” she said as she throws up her hands in defeat. “Listen just try to have fun. Ok. You haven’t had any real fun in forever. Just let loose a little bit. Please,” she said in a concerned voice. “I know. I’ll try,” I said, letting out a deep breath.

I headed down stairs and saw Mary sitting on the couch with Bruno. “Whatcha doing boo,” I say as I give my daughter a kiss. “Just watching T.V. are you going out,” she asked barely looking at me? “You’re stuck with me tonight babe. But we can watch scary movies all night,” Krystal says with a smirk on her face. “That sounds great,” Mary excitedly yelled.

I just roll my eyes at the two of them. Sometimes Krystal acts more like a child than my ten year old. But she has been so much help this last year. She is one of my best friends. Around the same time Dan died she went through a bad break up. I guess we just kinda leaned on each other. She would normally go with me to stuff like this but she and Brandy aren’t really friends. So I am on my own tonight.

Brandy: You still coming right?!

Me: yep on my way now

And with a deep breath I gave Mary a kiss and I headed out the door. ‘Just relax. Just relax’ i keep telling myself. I had become kinda a homebody this last year. I hardly went anywhere fun. So I was a little nervous. Brandy only lived about five minutes away.

As I pulled up to her house I could see Jimmy in the garage. ‘Oh god I do not have the energy for him today’ i thought to myself. Brandy, Allen (Brandy’s husband), Jimmy, and me all grew up together. We had known each other for almost twenty years now. Jimmy and I dated a long time ago, before I met my husband. For the last six months every time i see him makes a comment about us going out again. I didn’t think i was ready to start dating again and if i was it wouldn’t be with Jimmy. He was an ok guy now, but when we were together he was an ass. And no matter how nice he was now that’s what I would remember. Plus the sex wasn’t that good. I needed someone more adventurous in the bedroom.

As soon as I got out of the car he noticed me. “Hey babe. Did you come to see me,” he said with that annoying smirk. I just rolled my eyes and asked where Brandy was. When I got to the back yard there were about twenty people. Most of them I knew but a few strangers. But then I saw Eric. Oh he was so hot. I had known him from my job at the bank. I was an assistant manager and he was one of my customers. I had no idea that Bandy and Al knew.

He was gorgeous. He was about six feet with tan skin and brown hair that went just below his shoulders. I loved his hair. He always kept it in a sexy ponytail. He was built quite well too. Oh god it looked like his abs had abs. He was about twelve years older than me but that just added to his appeal. But my favorite part was those beautiful green eyes. He looked like a Greek god. To say I had a crush on him was an understatement. For a minute I watched him and thought about all the fun we could have. I silently hope he liked it a little rough like did. Nothing too crazy. But I did like to be dominated a little in the bedroom.

I stood there wondering how his now ex-wife would cheat on a man like that. If he was mine I would never look at another man, that was a given.

But why was he here? I pulled my eyes off Eric and went to find Brandy. She and Al were standing by a table with some food on. “Hey you actually came. I owe Brandy a dollar now,” Al said with a playful smile on his face. “Oh shut up,” I smirked back. Grabbing Brandy so we can talk alone, “hey how do you guys know Eric over there?” I asked, trying not to look too interested. But by the huge smile on her face I knew I had failed. “So you like him uh,” she asked. “I know him from the bank,” trying to shrug it off, but yet again she wasn’t buying it. “Al and him meet at the lumber yard and kinda just hit it off,” she said with a mischievous smile on her face. “Good, Al needs some other friends other than Jimmy,” I said with a laugh.

After a couple of hours of talking to people about shit I didn’t care about I was ready to go home. I hadn’t talked to Eric the whole time. I didn’t think he even noticed I was there. I was texting Krystal checking on Mary when I felt someone walk up to me. Praying it wasn’t Jimmy I looked up into those beautiful green eyes.

“Hey” he simply said. I smiled back but all I could say back was “Hey Yourself”. He just smiled, but he looked uncomfortable. “So you and Brandy and Al are friends,” he said while looking around. “Yep, I've known them for a long time,” I replied sheepishly. I was staring at his lips all i wanted to do was kiss those lips. But no that wouldn’t happen. Even if he was into me, I don’t think I’m ready. I felt like he wanted to say more but he was weirdly quiet. We have had longer conversations at the bank, just making small talk. Maybe I’m just overthinking things and he just feels weird talking to me here. But he was the one to approach me. I don’t know. Thank God Brandy and Al walked up to break the tension. “So what are you guys talking about,” Brandy asked with a smirk on her face. I rolled my eyes at her “literally nothing.” As I said it I noticed Eric slightly glare at me. But dam he couldn’t get his words out could he. Just then Jimmy walked up and said something stupid. I really just tune him out at this point. “Well before Jimmy says anything else stupid, i need to go,” i said looking over at Brandy. And then i think just to piss me off Jimmy puts his hand on my ass “oh come on babe. You know you love being around me.” I snapped. I grabbed his wrist and twisted it in a way that made him yell, “SHIT GIRL”. “Now what did I say about touching me?” i said as i let go of his wrist. “And don’t call me babe again.” Jimmy looked pissed but everyone else was trying very hard not to laugh. I told everyone bye, but when I looked over at Eric he winked at me. Why would he wink at me. I must have seen wrong.

When I got home Mary and Krystal were passed out on the couch. Deciding to leave them there I headed up to my room. I took off my Make-up and slipped a tank top on to sleep in with just my panties.

As I fell asleep I couldn’t help but think of Eric. I was thinking of his fine ass as I fell asleep.

I could feel strong hands run up and down my body. Soft lips kissing and sucking on my neck. His hands slowly run back up my body to cup each of my breasts. And then his lips are no longer on my neck but slowly moving down until he sucks one of my nipples into his mouth. I feel so good. I arch my back from pleasure. His tongue is swirling around my nipple until he moves to the other one giving it just as much attention. I can’t help the soft moans that escape me. My breath hitches in my throat while he makes his way down to my now dripping core. I thrust my hands into his long soft brown hair. His hands are on my thighs as he pushes my legs apart. His mouth is hovering over core when he talks for the first time, “I want to hear you moan my name.” I was feeling amazing, “Eric” I said barley above a whisper. As I said his name his tongue started to lick my slit. But then all I can hear is a “beep beep.”

My eyes fly open as my alarm goes off. What the hell was that, I thought to myself. I looked down and my panties were completely soaked. “Well maybe I am ready to start dating,” I said to myself.

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