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Seraphina grew up believing that the supernatural beings of her world were nothing more than merciless, cruel monsters that killed for fun and threatened human kind. Born into a clan of hunters she knows she should hate them but one rampaging wolf comes face to face with her she can't help but feel sympathy for him. Things take a turn when her father captures the beast and torture him, she's unable to do anything except keep him alive and she soon finds out not everything she learned as a child is as it seems. At the everything she will have to make a choice, and now she's not so sure if the werewolf is the monster or her own people.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Blood...that's the only thing I could focus my mind on when I looked at my surroundings...

So much blood...

Fires burned around me as our small village was burning to the ground. People Were running around frantically trying to escape the carnage only to find more...

I watched as men struggled to fight back against the monsters that were killing everyone on sight.

Massive wolves nearly as big as a horse were tearing apart men and women alike. Limbs were being ripped from their bodies and throats were being torn into.

All I could do was stand there, paralyzed in fear as people I grew up with were screaming, fighting, and running for their lives. Even our warriors who were trained to kill beasts like these stood no chance.

The night was shrouded with smoke as fires raged across each building. Blood soaked the grounds as both man and monster alike were slaughtered.

Why was this happening? So many were dying on both sides...what was the point to all this bloodshed? I wish I knew...

"Seraphina!!" I looked around for the voice calling my name, and soon enough I saw my brother killing off one of the giant beasts running rampant through our home. He pulled his bloodied blade from the beast's neck and started to run towards me.

I could feel tears prick the corners of my eyes. I was I didnt want to be here anymore!

A deep growl had me looking away as a much larger wolf came out of the smokey ruins of the house across from me. Blood soaked his fur and covered his face. In his maw of sharp teeth, I could see a human arm that was ripped from its owner, who was most likely dead.

I froze in complete horror as it dropped the limp limb and stepped towards me, with its lips pulled back in a snarl. It's glowing green eyes were focused solely on me.

I could faintly hear my brother shouting my name, and the sounds of a struggle but I didnt dare look away, it was almost as if I knew, if I turned away from the monster in front of me, if my eyes strayed from his then I would die...

It walked closer snarling towards me. As I stood there paralyzed by heart was ready to point out of my chest and my breathing quicked. I watched as its muscles tensed and it lunged towards me.

I squeezed my eyes shut and covered my head with my arms before turning away. A sharp pain raked across my back and I fell face-first into the ground. The sound of a heavy chain and a Startled yelp could be heard and I opened my eyes to see my father standing before me with a silver chain around the wolf's neck.

I could hear the sizzle as it burned into the wolf's skin. It thrashed around snarling and pounced on my father, knocking him to the ground. I shakily sat up and watched.

My father lost his grip on the chain and with it loosened the wolf took the chance to slip free and runoff.

A distant howl could be heard from the forest as all the wolves perked up at the sound and started to retreat. I watched them run into the forest as my father got to his feet and came towards me.

I looked up at him just to have my head snapped to the side and my small frame falling back from the force. My face stung as tears threatened to spill from my eyes.

"Useless child! Did you want to be killed by that beast?!"

My mind was reeling with everything that happend and I couldn't focus on anything. My back burned and I could feel something warm soaking my clothes.

Soon enough I was pulled into a warm body and arms were wrapped around me in a comforting manner. I instantly knew it was my brother.

"It's not her fault she's just a child she was scared!" Eric tried to defend.

"No, she is weak! Just like her mother!"

My head was spinning from everything that was happening and I tried to look up at my brother.

As my father moved away and eric glanced down at me holding me tightly against him. He pulled his hand away noticing fresh blood and looked at me in horror.

I became too dizzy and my vision started to blur. The last thing I could remember from that night was how my bother called out my name, as I fell unconscious.

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