My Responsibility Became Love

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Arnav Singh Raizada is a name everyone wants to be...But he don't want to be himself because he has everything but he is orphan... Arnav Singh Raizada lost his family in an Accident...Now, he doesn't have anyone except his love Sheetal. He was going to marry her and make his dream come true of having a family... but suddenly something happened which broke his heart and soul. Then,one day "I don't want to live alone god..but you always take away my loved ones..I never liked being alone...This loneliness is killing me god." Arnav said Standing on the edge of his terrace. "Who said you are alone?"A voice came from behind. Arnav turned back,he got angry looking at that person...And yelled,"You are bounding me to live otherwise I would have died peacefully long ago." Now after sheetal,his loves death what is left for arnav to live ? Did sheetal leave something for him? Will he able to live happy life?

Romance / Drama
Muskan Ganguli
4.8 6 reviews
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“You are only my responsibility whom my love gave me.″He shouted at the girl front of him with anger.

The girl was crying, she was very sad and was angry on her fate.The man whom she love, doesn’t love her and even wanted her to marry her off with someone, because she is his responsibility.

″Responsibility is the word which have ruined my life.″She thought in her mind.

″You think that I am your responsibility, right?″ She asked ,he nodded looking at her.

″ OK ,then I am setting you free from it,today. I am myself allowing you to break the promise you made to my sister.″ She said frustrated with that your my responsibility chanting.

″You can’t set me free ,My responsibility will get over when i will marry off u to someone suitable for u and I won't break my promise at any cost.″He said to her declaring to make her marry someone else.

″Why!Why are you doing this with me? I said I don’t want to marry someone else.I love you,Why can’t you understand me and my feelings?Either you have to marry me or I am not going to stay here and marry with your choice.''She said to him shouting ,Indirectly threatening him that she is not going stay here with him if he won't marry her.

But he was not at all effected by her threat.

″Please don’t force me marry someone else, I will never ask you for anything else but let me be with you ..I will never ask you to love me, but don’t do this to me″.she said to him requesting falling weak with continuous crying and screaming

″I won’t listen anything...Now my friend and his family are coming to meet you for marriage and you have to marry him″.He declared ,ignoring her pleading and tears.

″Don’t you get this that i will not marry anyone other than you.″She shouted surprised with his stubbornness to make her marry that boy.

″And i will not marry you at any cost.″He said to her also shouting losing his control.

″If you can’t marry me then I also can't marry that boy,and if you will force me then i don’t have any other option left. ″She said looking down and trying to take something.

He watched her with that thing and shouted ,“NO!”

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