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Sidney has been working toward her goal since she was sixteen. She hasn't let anything or anyone get in the way of her dream until enough is enough and she walks out on her job. Now trusting no one, least of all anyone from her old company Sidney has to gear down even harder to focus back her efforts on her dream. With so much time and energy in one area, will Sidney even notice the amazing man who is offering her everything if she would just be willing to accept?

Romance / Erotica
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**trigger warning: this story contains scenes of sexual assault**


I almost never go to these places – I usually don’t have time. But today is an exception – I made the time. It was that or kill someone, and I don’t even mean that figuratively - I’m ready to snap someone’s goddamn neck. The merger is not going well because they want to fine-tune every detail – even though they agreed to everything seventeen months ago. I shouldn’t even be in this fucking city on what I am sure is the hottest goddamn day of the year and yet, here I am. In this fucking city trying to not go to jail.

Which is why I’m sitting in a Tim Horton’s hogging my share of the air conditioning, on a Wednesday over the lunch hour. I have left my CFO and best friend Caleb to finalize things while I get my shit together, and people watch. I don’t think I’ve had the time to do this since… university? Fuck. That’s pathetic. So glad I work so hard to make all this money that I have no time to enjoy.



As I sit alone at my four-top I notice people are starting to share. I’d heard these places were popular, but I had no idea – it’s fucking insane. Just then a gorgeous red head stops at my table and asks if I’d be willing to share with her and her friend, still to arrive. I want to tell her to fuck off since the whole reason I came here is to be alone, but I don’t and slide over to make room instead.




The woman sits opposite me and occupies herself with her phone as she waits. We mutually ignore one another until she starts to wave at someone behind me. She gets up to greet and hug the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. By far. Bar none. For sure. All those things. Wow. Thick, dark brown hair and when she sits down beside me, I get a glimpse of her blue eyes. She’s fucking tiny but curvy. She must work in an office nearby or something because she’s dressed in a skirt and jacket. She looks about as comfortable as I am in this fucking heat.

“Aren’t you going to get something, Sid?” Red head asks the beautiful brunette who is apparently named ‘Sid’. I continue to stare at my phone while absorbing nothing – sure hope none of this is important for this afternoon’s phone conference. ‘Sid’ puts her face in her hands and sighs. She smells fucking incredible.

“No, I don’t think I could keep anything down, Ames.” ‘Sid’ and ‘Ames’. I wonder what they’re short for? I wonder why the fuck I care? ‘Ames’ is no longer looking concerned and is instead pissed off. What the fuck is happening here?

“Let me guess. He’s fighting with his wife, so his hands have been extra busy lately?” ‘Ames’ snarls at ‘Sid’ who is now staring at the tabletop. What the fuck? Who is getting handsy? This is fucking perfect! I’m sorry for ‘Sid’s’ troubles, but the timing couldn’t be better. I’m in the perfect state of mind to kick someone’s ass. Just point me in the right fucking direction.

“It’ll pass, Ames. I’m so close to my goal, I can’t afford to walk away now,” ‘Sid’ sighs. ‘Ames’ seems to concede and reaches across the table to hold ‘Sid’s’ hand. Whatever this goal of ‘Sid’s’ is, it must be fucking amazing for her to be putting up with the horrible shit that is currently going through my mind. “And besides, he’s my boss. Who’s going to believe me over him, anyways?” She adds, and ‘Ames’ nods angrily.

What. The. Fuck?

I assumed she was putting up with ‘it’ to get what she wanted, to reach her goal. A user – like most of us in the corporate world. Fuck I’m an asshole. She is putting up with it because she doesn’t have a fucking choice. Jesus. Sometimes I’m so stupid, it is a wonder I don’t fall down dead because I forget to breathe.

I wonder if this happens to a lot of women?

I’m think I’m a bigger asshole than I realize, as I sit here smelling her. I promise to berate myself further later, and ashamedly tune back into their conversation while still pretending to be reading on my phone. I never realized how boring my work is, before. Christ, it sucks.

They’ve moved onto other topics and before long I realize I need to leave. Awesome. I have to interrupt them, so that ‘Sid’ can slide out first. I turn to them and clear my throat, which draws their attention. ‘Sid’ looks at me for the first time and confirms my suspicions.

Yup. She’s fucking stunning.

“I’m sorry to interrupt, ladies but I need to return to the office.” I give them my most charming smile which ‘Ames’ returns as ‘Sid’ slides out. I deliberately divert my gaze from staring at her ass because I know if I don’t, I’m going to bury my face in it. Oh God, I’m getting a hard-on. In public. In a Timmie’s. In daylight.

Oh God, I’m going to be on the news tonight.

“No need to apologize,” ‘Sid’ smiles at me and now I can’t stop staring at her mouth. Oh shit, not better, not better! Not better!! “I have to head back to work too,” she says as she essentially dismisses me while turning to hug her friend. Now what do I do? Ask her for her number? After saying what, ten words to her? Yeah, that’s not too creepy. And what would be the point? I don’t live here and as soon as this fucking merger is done, I am getting on my plane and never looking back.

No. I’ll think of her the next few times I jerk off and then someone new will come along. No biggie. Turning my back on both of them, I make a quick pit stop in the bathroom and when I come out, they’re gone. I am relieved and disappointed at the same time, which confuses me. And that annoys the shit of me. By the time I’m approaching the building I’m about to acquire, my mood has gone completely into the toilet. This deal better be fucking done, or heads are going to roll. And that’s when I see her – ‘Sid’, going into the same building.

Shit. She’s about to be my employee.

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