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After the door was opened, first of all, Jungkook bowed in respect and later he slowly went inside and crossed the door, casting a small fond smile. Satisfying his father about nothing odd. Though everything was already under control.

“Mommy!! I missed you so very much..“., the boy in stunning black outfit, suddenly hugged the woman who stood in surprise after opening the front door.

“Jungkook? Bunny boy, w-what are you doing here?“., the woman was totally bewildered having the man at her place as Hyuna asked with her slightly hurting throat and coughed.

“Mommy, you’re sick and you didn’t even tell me about it!! Do you even know that how much I was being hell worried about you??“., the boy complaint with the cute little pout ruling his babyface when Jungkook threw his arms in the air and watched Hyuna closing the front main door.

“Aww, my babyboy. I’m so sorry, darling. I forgot to inform you about the urgent leaves that I took due to sickness. Please forgive me.”

“No! You’re so bad. You don’t love me. You don’t even care about me anymore, mommy.“., the way Jungkook was currently behaving like a two years old child, whose candy got lost somewhere. It was hard to match the vibes with the clothes he was wearing.

He looked completely like a whole meal to be served right in the middle of the night, though it was being just nine in the night. He wore everything black. The stunning turtle neck that covered his heavenly chest and above that, he had a long coat. Along with tight jeans hugging his bulky thighs and raven boots that completed the look.

The way he comfortably bounced upon the couch that was present in the living room of Hyuna’s house, the boy so grumpy stared her with big puppy eyes that held some rage in them.

“Babyboy, I’m so sorry.“., running her hand in her long ebony messy hair, Hyuna smiled sweetly at her admiration and sat besides him upon the gray stretched leather couch.

Right after she got herself seated aside him, he shifted closer to her side and held her face. He tilted his head and begun to lean in her already heavily breathing face as they both later shared a kiss so tempting and passionate.

His arms surrounded her figure and made her fill his lap, making their arousing heats mingle with each other through the clothes. Right above his throbbing shaft under the pants as she gasped between the kiss while he took her upper lip between his own rosy ones.

“You don’t know that how much I fucking missed you in these days. My eyes kept on searching for a particular face and you weren’t there. I love you, mama.“., he sounded so aggressive, needy and desperate. All at once when Jungkook was having Hyuna between his arms. With their faces just few inches apart. Those sparkling eyes of his which shined with an anticipating spark in them. The gentleness along with the power of healing so pure, as attractive as stars up in the sky, as he stared her with desires so lustful.

“Jungkook, I’m sick! Stay away from me. You’ll catch the cold too.“., she tried pushing him away by the chest but he didn’t let her even move an inch as the deadly smirk that curved up his sweet thin lips, wasn’t noticeable for her.

“No way! I’m not letting you go anywhere.“., he forcefully made their fingers lock with each other pressing his palms and sharing the heat, as he later pushed her even more closer from the back and slurred seductively, right in her amazed face. “I didn’t say dad to wait for me just for few long minutes like that.”

“I just want you to not get sick, my babyboy.“., she worriedly shook her head and kept the distance from his face but he being the stubborn one as he continued to grow connection among their faces.

“Mommy cares about me so much? That’s wonderful. That’s why I have fallen for your delicate behaviour with me, mommy.“., he chuckled in her lips and smiled widely while holding her closer to himself. “I love you. Please don’t even think of leaving me behind like that again. I suffered!”

“Never. My adorable littly daddy.“., being upon him, Hyuna whispered in his face and their lips collided once again, filling their shapes when they both closed their eyes living the moment as their fingers traced each other’s necks.

While Namjoon waited outside in the car, thinking to why his naive innocent kid was suddenly involved in a woman who was way much older than the boy. This worried Namjoon to hell as he was now curious to know the hidden things behind the situation happening.

Even though knowing that his father was waiting for him outside the house and in the car, Jungkook kept on making out with his all time favourite personality as he still didn’t want her to leave him.

Eagerly kissing her back and deepening the passionate kiss, with his eyes closed, feeling the sensation, his hands clutched from behind onto the translucent shirt that Hyuna was wearing and like a baby who holds onto his favourite thing, that he was grabbing her, while her beautiful fair hands were fully drowned in his silky fresh hair when she grinded on his tasty thighs, as being a good boy, Jungkook took shower before leaving his own house. He smelt so fresh and endearing as he made sure to make a good first impression.

“Don’t you have anyone by your side in this house? Are you married? Where’s your family?“., breathing heavily in her wet salivary lips after pulling apart, jungkook almost flooded those questions being a bit confused, in his throaty hoarse voice and making his hot breaths hit her panting face. While his palms held her pretty face.

“I did have a husband who left me a year ago.“., slipping off of his legs, Hyuna replied while his hands still held her wrists.

“Means, you’re available for my father. Will you be my mommy?“., pulling her closer and making her burst into his strong manly sculptured chest, he connected their foreheads as the adorable boy shyly asked and giggled lowering his wonderful orbs. He was being impatient so very much to gain her every passing moment.

“Jungkook, you’re so adorable. My sugar pie.“., together, they were having their heart melting moments when suddenly the horn startled them both as they both later jumped out of fear and twirled their heads towards the main door.

“I should go now.“., a the boy blew his nostrils anxiously and gritted his teeth and sighed heavily after dropphng his head. “Dad must be waiting.“., he raised his upset eyes after few moments at the woman infront who just simply nodded looking at him.

“Sure, sweetheart.“., and she whispered, holding his pretty hands and staring back in his eyes.

They shared one last hot and passionate but goodbye kiss as Jungkook later left her house.

With a heavy heart.



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