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Now when Jungkook and Namjoon were all alone in their home sweet home, eating the dinner together, after a tiring day spent so well. The father and son had some time together, while the father had his eyes fully focused upon the boy so innocent, seated in front as Jungkook was being busy in eating the food being served.

These following days were going normally great for both the males but still Jungkook was in need to meet her. No matter what.

“Jungkook? Congratulations on having such remarkable grades.“., Namjoon spoke in a manner so casual but dry while munching over his food.

“Thanks, dad.“., Jungkook cleared his throat and clearly it was evident that he was seeming suspicious now as after those words, Namjoon eyed the boy.

“Jungkook, now that you have cleared your exams. It is time that, we should leave this place for a while and go visit a beautiful location for your nice vacations. What say?“., carefully placing the utensils aside, Namjoon way of talking was concerned and stern but he lowered down the strictness at the end of his sentence.

Jungkook suddenly froze in his every single action with his all lights blowing out as he gulped and avoided the eye contact with his father, shaking his eyeballs as he stopped eating and stuttered after a very long pause. Lowering and shaking his head slightly., “I-I-I-I-I don’t know, dad.”

“Why, my sugar bear?“., Namjoon politely asked. He was slowly getting to know about what was going on behind studies as from the change in his child’s behaviour afterwards, from the time that particular teacher begun to break into their house and home tuting his son. Namjoon was observing everything as now he was desperately willing for jungkook to stop mentioning her name.

“I-I-I don’t know, dad. I don’t wanna go anywhere....“., the boy with an annoyed cute little pout ruling his upset face, now started to play with the meal infront.

“Jungkook? Honey, you’ll gonna have so much fu-“., Namjoon was about to gently hold his son’s hands when Jungkook irritatingly yet angrily snatched them back. Arguieng his father in return.

“NO, DAD!!! I don’t wanna go anywhere!!! I don’t wanna leave this place!!“., for the very first time, after Jungkook’s loud laughters in those previous happy times, in this house, he roared like a beast upon his own precious father who stared him with eyes so wide and mouth agaped. Seeing his child acting like a stubborn kid.

“Jungkook? Are you argueing back with me?“., Namjoon could not believe his eyes, seeing Jungkook’s chest heaving with breaths so vicious as the boy later hit his palms harshly over the table, glaring the man in front.

“I’m not going anywhere, dad. I. WON’T. GO. ANYWHERE!!“., jungkook kept on shouting madly upon his father who just blankly stared his son with unsteady breaths.

After few minutes, Jungkook dropped his head and hid his eyes with his one forearm, when he started crying. Panicking his father.

“Jungkook?! Kook, I’m so sor-!!“., Namjoon furiously made a stand and rushed to comfort his now suddenly whimpering baby.

“No!! Leave me alone, dad.“., but the adorable crybaby simply yanked his father’s loving big cirling arms away. When jungkook later made a turn and dashed to go in his room, upstairs.

“Kookie, you didn’t even eat!!! I’m so sorry!!!!“., no matter, how much that Namjoon kept on apologizing without any mistake but jungkook didn’t dare to listen him.

Now namjoon was way more worried about his precious angelic child who was walking to the path of getting spoiled so badly, as the father later sighed deeply yet heavily and rubbed his face with both of his big hands. His eyes were glued to the stairs that were going up as he saw his son’s room door being shut. Namjoon thought that may be jungkook might going to miss his mother in the meantime when they will be having vacations as the father took this thought as the reason for his son’s current legit sadness and unhappiness.

But, Namjoon surely doesn’t had an idea that his son was afraid to get apart from his mommy.

Not his actual biological one who gave birth to him. But. The one, who gave pleasure to him.

As now, in the room so delightful and pretty but hawling currently at the same time, the boy sat upon his bed, crying heavily than ever. Missing his most favourite person of all the time as Jungkook was having his head low upon his arms which were resting on his knees when he weeped silently in the room.

After leaving him like the way he was being. Namjoon could not bare a tear in his angelic moonboy’s orbs as after few hours, his father entered the room.

“Jungkook? I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you. Why did you act like that? You never talked to me like that before.“., speaking in his enchanting vocals, Namjoon said and the worry and sadness were mixed together with a touch of heartbreaking emotions when he slowly sat besides jungkook who lifted his head.

“I just don’t know.“., in his cracky vocals, jungkook sniffed and looked away, sobbing.

“Do you even know? That you’re acting so odd these days.“., the another man so handsome, tilted his head as Namjoon stared jungkook right in his eyes but the boy didn’t even look.

“I’m just missing mommy.“., seated upon comfy mattress and among those messy blankets and pillows around, Jungkook rudely retorded in his anguished tone. Without even looking back in the eyes of his father.

“You could have simply told me if you were missing your mother. Why you suddenly overreacted like that?“., namjoon scolded his sweet but spoiled brat now who grunted in the response.

“I said! I don’t know!!“., jungkook immediately made a quick stand and balled up his fist, brawling upon his father who simply frowned.

“Jungkook? What happened? Why you--”

“Please!! Leave me alone, dad.“., just when the father was about to take him in his arms, the weeping boy backed up on the moment. “Please.”

The stubborn upset and dishearted boy said another thing which apparently shook whole world of Namjoon’s.

“I need my mommy. Dad!! I WANT MY MOMMY!!!“., the boy so angry suddenly screamed once again this time with much more higher voice as tears later drooled from the corner of his precious pearl eyes.

Jungkook was madly addicted to her and needed Hyuna at the moment to comfort him, rather than his own father. But he doesn’t wanted his father to know this thing as currently, all he was being desperate was to be in the arms of his pretend mommy and this sudden thought of going afar at a very long distance from his lover, made Jungkook agitated, frustrating and lost.

With his face lowered, jungkook cried heavily after shouting with enough force as a hurricane of mixed feelings and emotions with sadness and temper were flooding all over himself.

Poor father thought that his son don’t want to leave this place in memory of his mother but doesn’t knew exactly that, it wasn’t the real case.

“Okay! Okay! Calm down. We aren’t going anywhere. Alright?“., the man smiled with a satisfied feeling, assuring the boy and held Jungkook by both of his arms, giving a rub to them.

Jungkook didn’t utter any word and slowly yet silently wrapped his arms around his father’s big figure.

“Come here, my babyboy. Let’s go to sleep. It’s late already.“., Namjoon calmly and gently made Jungkook lie over the bed and sink into the blanket when the sniffles still were arising from the young boy as Namjoon covered him up to his shoulders and later placed a soft kiss over jungkook’s head. The father later switched on the dim fairy lights present in the room of the world’s most adorable boy and left after giving a final check.

Hearing that nickname. Jungkook missed Hyuna even more.

“I miss you, mommy. I’m missing you so much.“., he strongly gripped the nearest pillow to himself and let his eyes drain some tears on it.

“Your babyboy is afraid to go very far from you, mommy.“., his innocent broken voice, muffled up in the soft material as jungkook kept on shedding tears in it.

He suddenly lifted his face from the pillow as his mind hit with an idea. He thought about trying a thing. Removing the blanket from top of himself, jungkook first checked the door as grinned successfully when he looked towards the time also and saw that his strict father won’t bother him now.

Biting his lips, he looked down and with his palm that he gave a stroke to his covered crotch. Thinking about the naked body of his favourite person. Hyuna.

A low moan emitted from his gradually parting lips as he closed his eyes and started feeling himself. His another hand furiously grabbed the blanket when he fastened the pace of his hand rubbing his twitching throb. Imagining Hyuna in just her undergarments.

“Ahh! Mommy...“., his warm body swirled all over the bed when after few minutes, jungkook made himself sat up and got rid of his upper single shirt and then he later dropped himself back and bounced with the soft pillows, giving more strokes to his dick with his heated palm and touched himself in every erotic manner possible to feel the ablazing heat. When he could not fade off the image of her nude body.

He didn’t know that he was destroying himself so sweetly. But still the pleasuring that he was receiving, was mind blowing and enjoyable for him to accept.

Hyuna was successfull in her brutal plans of gaining this beautiful young daddy. Making him fall for her for real.



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