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The next day, when Namjoon entered the room of his boy with a tray dressed with breakfast meal on it, he heard a groan that came from beneath the wide spreaded blanket on the messy bed in front.

Namjoon was sure about his adorable son’s lazy ass as seeing the little messy jungkook rolling all over the bed, it simply made the man curve a soft smile upon his deligent beautiful face, with heavinly dimples popping out so early. But soon, the smile vanished and his eyes were getting wider by the moment, when once again, Namjoon saw jungkook’s nude arm stretching out from the furred material.

At the other hand, Jungkook was being so relaxed and totally unbothered by the drastic terrible situation and thoughts that were taking birth inside his father’s mind, while jungkook himself was drowned among that comfy blanket, after all that pleasuring sweet stuff that jungkook did to himself last night and right now he was still being in the river of slight pleasure. As in his own mouth he whispered her name right after dizzily being in his wonderland.

“Ah. Mommy, you’re so sweet.“., jungkook twirled over while his face and voice was all burried in the pillow that he was holding closer to himself when he moaned faintly in it. Whereas, there was another soft pillow which was unwantingly and surprisingly between his legs. Slowly getting rubbed against his dangling crotch. Last night, he unwore his everything and went completely nude in the madly lustful thoughts of his favourite person.

“Mommy ~~“., another slur that the young boy did in his sleeping state while running his fair elegant fingers in the drooling mess above his head as, Jungkook groaned and was smiling like a day dreaming baby in his slumber. Giggling and chuckling sweetly, with his eyes shut. “Mommy. Do me, mommy. Do me so hard!“., the cylindrical fingers that he ran through his fluffy silky hair and gripped the strands so tightly as he pulled them a bit hard with his eyelids closed, whining slowly being in his sleep, while his another hand was grabbing the pillow between his legs. When, the little happily frustrating adorable daddy was imagining her nude figure, swaying right infront of his eyes. As a dream so wet.

“Jungkook....“., the another man who was so worried to see his son acting like that as Namjoon was spaced out after getting seated besides jungkook half naked body coming out from the blanket and watching his newly developed morning activity. His boy has never done that. This was weird.

Jungkook was being desperately in his own exotic world while rolling over the whole bed, being a half blanket burrito. Whereas, Namjoon called him, not once but twice but the boy didn’t had any idea about how much that his father was panicking seeing him like this.

“JUNGKOOK!!“., at last, the angry father had no choice left but to yell at his spoiled angel.

“Aaa!! Wha-What!“., and the shiver that ran down the spine of Jungkook’s whole body when he bursted opened his eyes to the widest possibility and furiously yet abrubtly sat up on the bed, when his father’s loud scream hit his eardrums. “Go-Go-Go-Good morning, dad...“., blowing his half naked chest that Jungkook surprisingly covered with his arms right after few minute moments, noticing that he has nothing on, breathing heavily and staring Namjoon in utter unsustaining fear as jungkook stuttered and later gulped, thinking about the upcoming alarming danger already, while avoiding the eye contact with his father.

“Were you out of your mind? Or what!!“., Namjoon screamed once again upon his son who squealed himself under the bad scolding that the father was throwing, observing a very awkward yet different situation and odd behaviour of his angelic pure son. “What were you even dreaming?! What kind of thoughts were you having!!!”

Upon the next scream that Namjoon did upon the boy, Jungkook flinched and squeaked as he lowered his head later and tears surrounded his eyes which were being beneath the hair falling at his front, blurring out his vision and hiding the sadness.

“Jungkook, now stop crying like a baby!! Grow up.“., namjoon than again bursted upon him and jungkook jumped at his spot when he was quitely crying, with his sobs being unheard and ignored by the person in front.

“I-I-I’m sorry, dad..“., with the back of his hand, jungkook wiped off his tinted rosy cheeks and whimpered, being the target of Namjoon’s firing gaze.

Catching the heavy tears that were drooling from his extremely sensitive son’s face, Namjoon regretted being angry at him and sighed heavily, gently taking jungkook’s hand and making it drown in the warmness of his own big ones.

“Kookie? I’m so sorry for losing my temper like this upon you. But, my child? Wet dreaming is seriously not a good thing for you to do. At this young age! Your purity and innocence affects, my sweetheart!“., the father politely explained and caressed the dishearted face of his son who can’t stop wincing at all.

“But, dad. Mom never bursted upon me like that. Ever! Though, I did several bad things.“., the young half naked teenager complaint in his broken cracky vocals when Jungkook lifted his head with a pout and met the wondering eyes of his father.

“My prince charming. Playing in the mud. Throwing your stuff toys or tearing them up. That’s not a bad thing at all. Children do such things. But, wet dreaming is such a dirty thing.“., Namjoon explained further, holding jungkook’s wet face when the boy cried even more and threw himself forcefully in the blanket, wrapping himself all over in it. Ignoring his father.

“I don’t want to talk to you, dad! You hate me.“., clutching the blanket that covered his shoulders, jungkook shouted back upon his father, stubbornly, irritatingly and yet annoyingly. Somewhere in his rude reply, was hidden the rage that he couldn’t simply show out of respect to his father, as he decided to not talk to him for real. For the rest of the day ahead.

“Jungkook? I brought you breakfa-“., namjoon spoke with mild honey dew vocals but flinched suddenly when the another male screamed so viciously.

“NO!! GO AWAY! I don’t need you, dad. I WANT MY MOMMY!”

“Babyboy? I’m so sorr-”


No matter, how much that Namjoon tries to console his son but jungkook didn’t listen to him and kept on shouting. It was the first time after the death of his mother that he was behaving like that, saying those rude hurtful things. Talking back to none other but his own beloved father.

And being the badly persisting and possessive one, jungkook was stuck at his childish decision of not talking with his father. He was completely changed after feeling a little powerful over the strength that he gained from Hyuna. The confidence that was breaking through his state. Surely, she made him, her own puppet as if her and jungkook were meant to be. For further following days, jungkook didn’t even budge to move from his room which was now converted into a total mess. He wasn’t eating anything. All day long that he sits with that long face and little nosy pout, upon his king sized bed.

“Jungkook, don’t bother me like that. Aren’t you my sweet little baby?”

“No. You bursted upon your baby.“., still the pout hung on his pretty adorable but saddened face when jungkook replied in a rude dry manner.

“Honey, I apologized. Okay, tell me if you want something.”

“I want my mommy.“., jungkook said and turned his face to the other side. “I won’t eat or drink anything until I’ll have my mommy.”

Namjoon was totally surprised at his son’s irritating behaviour when jungkook conveyed those words which really pinched Namjoon’s heart.

“Don’t be ridiculous. Your mother’s dead!“., namjoon gritted his teeth and clenched his jaw as he was so hella pissed off by jungkook’s irrational attitude.

“I don’t think so, dad.“., jungkook churned anxiously when he bored his angry eyes right in the orbs of his father. “I love my mommy so much. Don’t say anything like that about her!”

“What?!“., the father froze in his actions and frowned, trying to furrow his brows as deep as possible as namjoon fisted his hands and announced furthermore. “What the fucking hell are you talking about!! You are seriously being out of hands! Who is manipulating you, that you are keeping on argueing with me??? Who. Really. Is. That. Bitch.”

“Sh-Sh-She’s six year older than me a-an-and I love her. W-W-W-We ma-made love.....wi-with each other.“., staring his father with innocence filling his eyes, jungkook thought of sharing his true feelings with his father as he told in his drastical hesitant vocals but at a very wrong time that he opened up. Hoping and expecting, that Namjoon will hear him out atleast but he didn’t.

Namjoon was seriously and literally combusting after knowing the thing as his nerves wrecked up immediately hearing that statement and everything inside him and out, was being fully controlled by outmost rage now. He was totally mad at the thing that how could his own son can simply forget the woman who gave birth to him as he was insane and somewhere inside himself, depression was too mixing well with other emotions, when Namjoon thought about the fact that his own precious angelic and yet purely innocent son was being the target. Of that satanic sweet woman.

Jungkook didn’t say a single word after that, as he simply broke the strong eye contact with his father, blinking his eyes to extreme velocity and gulped.

Namjoon had enough of his child’s wishes, as the next minute, a noise of a hard slap was heard.


“How dare you do such a shameful act like that?“., his voice was so heavy and deep when Namjoon strictly announced those words after harshly placing a slap over jungkook’s pretty face, scolding him to death and piercing his eyes through the dangling soul of his son. “Tell me? What made you do that!!“., leaning right in jungkook’s now heavily whimpering face.

Hiccups engulfed sobbs arised so early from the young boy’s side when jungkook sat silently upon his spot on the bed, holding his cheek with his face lowered.

Namjoon shook his head in utter disbelief while staring his now sinful son whose tears can’t soften his rock heart now. Whereas, on the either side, Jungkook remained quite with his head low and deep down in his heart that he was screaming for both of the women; Hyuna and the woman who gave birth to him.

“I never thought that you would be such a mess instead of being a smarter kid. At this stage of your puberty.“., Namjoon ranted jungkook even more when the boy can’t stop crying with hiccups leaving his heavily lumping throat.

Without even further ado, Namjoon immediately turned his heels at his weeping son and left the room.

After coming to his senses, jungkook glared the door of his beautiful room which was left open by his father, when the next moment, he clenched his jaw and angry got up from the bed. Wore his blue boxers that he found lied somewhere under the blanket and aggressively darted towards the door, balling his hands. Just when Namjoon ended the staircase, he twirled in his tracks and heard the door of his son’s room being shut as a loud yell was also heard from the other side.

Jungkook roared like a mad beast upon himself after locking the door of the room and pulled his hair, gritting his teeth. He too has never been so mad as he later fell upon his knees, crying with a broken heart.

“Mom!! Look, what dad did to me.“., with a crack in his heart, jungkook complaint in his broken state and wrapped his arms around himself, raising his head to the roof and talking to his dead mother. Being all alone.

“Dad hit me, mom. It wasn’t my fault. Hyuna started to take really good care of me, mom. She made me feel that you are here. Being with me! When actually you were not. She made me realize that mothers can return in other forms. Mom, why did you leave? Why did you leave!! I-I-I’m not leaving Hyuna, mom. She was being my mommy. I needed her, mom. I wanted her. Mom, she came to me whe I was being in dire need of the love of a mother. When I was in a dire need of attention. She provided me everything, mom. She loved me. I’m her babyboy.”

Being seated on the floor and blabbering whatever was running in his head, jungkook was hitting with a flood of several different emotions inside himself currently. Though, it seemed like he was talking to himself but intentionally, he was actually interacting with her mother, in his mind.

“I’m her babyboy, mom. She loves me. She insanely loves me! Mommy Hyuna is so good. She provided the attention that I always have craved for. Died for. Dad sure did alot of efforts. But, she does even more than him. I love her, mom. I love mommy Hyuna so much.“., while delivering his words in wonders and fantasies with a cute little adorable pout, like a true actual baby, as if his mother was being right there in front of him, listening him, jungkook kept on playing with his fingers and politely shed a bright light over thoughts running inside his mind, while waterfall tears still drained his pretty astonishingly attractive face.

“Mom, if you’re hearing me right now? Though I know that you are there in heavens. But, mom. Dad did no good with me. I told him and he got angry at me, mom.“., the young naked daddy, just being in his blue boxers as currently jungkook was being a fresh snack for anyone thirsty, sadly pulled up his bottom lip when he complaint some more. “I knew already that dad would be so unhappy to hear that. Mom, I don’t know anything! I want my mommy hyuna right here beside me. I want her!!“., like a stubborn baby, jungkook shed few more tears succumbing in his sadness.

Hyuna surely was successfull in making him fall in her sweet plans as very neatly and pricisely, that her work was done. Jungkook on the other side, was completely in her control.

For the next upcoming whole week that Jungkook didn’t do anything for himself as being wrapped up in the blanket for seven days straight that he spent his time in his room. Without even eating or drinking anything. Without even talking to anyone all he does was to turmoil at his stubborness. At his spoiled behaviour.

Namjoon was unable to fight with the disastrous behaviour of his son as he decided to ignore him but couldn’t do such thing since, no matter what, jungkook was his child.

“Jungkook.“., namjoon called, giving a slight knock at the door of jungkook’s room but earned no response from the other side as he repeated himself again. “Jungkook?“., the man so worried panicked right away and begun to hit his palm over the wooden door, even harder when there was no answer coming from the other side.

Namjoon had no choice left but to kick the door after turning the knob constantly and making the entrance. The man gasped with huge eyeballs and staying stood at the doorframe, seeing his precious son being unconcious on the floor.

“Jungkook!!!“., namjoon hurriedly haulted towards the boy looking so feeble and fragile, lying on the floor. “Kook, wake up! Open your eyes!!“., lightly hitting jungkook’s face, namjoon roared loudly.

“Mommy...“., rolling over the floor with his eyes closed, jungkook’s mind was still revolving around one thing and one person as after namjoon placed his son’s head in his own lap, the boy seemed to be like in his unconciousness. Saying her name once again. “Mommy ~”

Namjoon was so bewildered and confused to see his poor son acting like that, also he was being all alone in the whole house. He was currently feeling so deluding having his son in his lap. Jungkook hasn’t eaten anything from past week and he was just breathing as he later squirmed calling her again.

“Mommy!“., with his eyes closed, Jungkook started to fuss around in namjoon’s lap and saw that jungkook started to shiver, wrapping himself and continously calling for her “Mommy...Mommy.”

At first, Namjoon thought of dealing with his son who was being so lightweighed when he held him up in his arms and get him towards the bed. The father panicked and covered his almost fragile son up, thinking to what has he actually done to himself in the madness of another woman. He doesn’t really knew that it was a mere addiction, with a touch of deligence. Namjoon quickly checked jungkook’s temperature while jungkook was shivering out of weakness.

“Jungkook? Dear, eat something.“., caressing the boy’s forehead, namjoon sweetly adressed, but internally, the almost devastated father felt even more relinquished.

“Mommy..... Where are you, mommy?“., with his eyes shut, being on the bed, covered with blankets, Jungkook faintly repeated himself. He groaned annoyingly after namjoon held his son’s burning hand out of the high fever. “Mommy.“., few tear drops now shed jungkook’s eyes when he was desperately missing none other but Hyuna.

Whereas, Namjoon kept on thinking that he might be missing his own mother but it wasn’t like that, as after an unknown idea hit his head, he looked towards his son and sighed.

Hyuna didn’t know that what was happening with her babyboy in these previous days as right now, she roams casually in her house. Wrapping her fingers around the warm coffee mug, wearing her all time favourite jeans shorts along with a see-through translucent shirt. Running her another hand in her long raven hair. But more than her own other works, her mind was also diverted towards the she swayed over his body. Rolled her hips over his twitching throb and made him moan her name, desperately.

Biting her lips in filthy fantasies, owning none other but the name of Jungkook, Hyuna smiled fondly and thought about the time that she spent with him. When he was suffering for a major reason being away from her? At the either side, she doesn’t even cared but was worried a little as they both grew alot of affection for each other. But still, she wanted a beautiful slave to retain her dirty desires, whereas, he was new to experience such things. Not to forget, a pure angel.

Just when Hyuna was about to take a sip from her warm coffee, the main door of her house knocked as later gently putting the coffee mug aside on the table, she want to take the door.

“Yes? Who is i--Oh! Mr. Joon??“., she swung opened the door and suddenly went in other kind of void, seeing the man standing infront of her.

“I’m really sorry to bother you at this hour, miss Hyuna. But, I came for your help.“., true that namjoon came haulting and hurriedly, when the sky was covered with darkness and the clocks were hitting nine thirty in the night. The reason that namjoon reached this only woman, was just one. That, jungkook was mingled with her so well and namjoon saw it several times that they both interacted nicely with each other. When the real case was something else.

“What happened, Mr. Joon? Is everything okay? As far as I know, the schools are now closed due to the vacations after the exams.“., after telling namjoon to come inside and made the another man so handsome and flawless enter her house, hyuna politely and respectfully mentioned but also internally was drooling over the hot mesmerizing personality of Namjoon. She thought that the father must have come to acknowledge something relatable to school but it wasn’t anything like that. It was truely unexpected for her to have her lover’s father visit her home and with a very heavy heart that Namjoon came in a hurry leaving his son behind like that.

“Actually, I came in a hurry and jungkook’s all alone in the house.“., though namjoon was hesitant in mentioning the thing but he had to admit that this lady could be such a huge help to jungkook.

“Yeah, I know, Mr. Joon. But, is everything okay? You don’t seem fine.“., hyuna admitted with a nod and saw the condition of the man in front as namjoon sighed rubbing his hands, saying the thing so unexpected in his reply. She seemed to catch that horrible expression at his face as she asked in a concerned manner.

“Jungkook’s sick from past week. Since, he was so attached with you only? Please. I want you to babysit him for another coming week.”

Seriously, Namjoon did a very wrong thing at strongly trusting this woman so blindly. He connected the chains of thoughts as he always heard jungkook mentioning her so oftenly, though he was burning in the fire of rage at coming to this lady who had a great effect at spoiling his son but he had no choice left to reach her out, being nice and humble. Whereas, hyuna already was missing his babyboy that her everything from the inside, jolted up and reawakened, like from a dead spark as she nodded and humbly smiled towards the panicking man in front. But, internally, another deadly tricks were taking place as she agreed on the decision and announced it so early. Without wasting any time.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Joon. I will surely take really good care of your precious baby.



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