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Jungkook hurriedly dashed back towards the bed and jumped over the mattress. He later grabbed Hyuna’s both arms and pushed her upon the soft material, making her bounce over it.

“Make love with me.“., he stared right in the utterly surprised eyes of the woman when his face was inches apart from her’s while they both stared each other in the long space after he harshly yet furiously pinned her hands on the mattress. “Make love with me, mommy.“., the way he desperately pleaded once again leaning in her lips this time, making them brush against each other and rested his forehead against her’s, jungkook begged and panted. His lips parted so early and he captured her bottom lip, sucking and pulling hard on it. Making her moan a little.

“What do you mean by make love with you, my honey bear?“., surely those nicknames made him burst into massive blush when she whispered touching his face and asked being confused. After hearing her question, jungkook went puzzled and sweats formed upon his forehead. He pulled apart and sat upon the mattress, right in the middle.

“I---uh. I-I meant to say--“., the boy so shy, afraid and hesitant, blinked in express speed as jungkook stuttered so badly in embarassment, giving a rub to his one arm. He finally inhaled and exhaled, deeply, taking the decision of conveying his wish. “I-I want you to make love with me. Like the adults do with each other.“., his round huge curious orbs met her’s when he opened up to his favourite woman in front.

Hyuna was left blunt towards him. Even the choice of his words was truely adorable and cute. He was all in one word, a package so expensive and amazing. After few minutes, biting his lips, he crawled over to her side and softly held her both hands.

From the thing that he was constantly admitting, hyuna guessed one thing correctly for sure, to what he now wanted. To what he now needed.

In other words....

He wanted sex.

Hyuna simply chuckled at him as he frowned, pouting like a baby.

“Did you mean sex, babyboy?“., her lips cornered to a side as Hyuna smirked widely with wild upcoming intentions and he blushed badly, covering his both ears.

“Mommy!“., he frustratingly raised his voice at her and she just left laughing at him. “Mommy, stop making fun of me ~“., he puckered up his bottom lip and his brows furrowed when he acted like an angry whiny baby.

“You gotta obey my words to do that all, babyboy.“., she whispered seductively near his face, tracing a finger upon his cheek and his throb begun tightening up already that made him throw his head back.

“Deal with me, mommy.“., he simply grabbed her shoulders and made her lie down upon the bed, being on top of her when he just stared her, thinking enough to perceive ahead. “Let’s make love tonight. Dad won’t be disturbing us now since, it’s twelve already.“., he mentioned in his low heavy but happy vocals, curving a very wide yet chunky smile, lowering down in her lips and those hot sexy vocals sure did made her soak up her panty. It literally felt like instead of her doing the ordering, he would like to take the lead.

Holding her pretty face between his palms, he kissed her so tenderly after he got rid of his shirt that had his toned rock hard chest hidden in it, making the fabric fly in the air and accordingly, Hyuna did the same thing, the next moment. Removing every of the garment from her hourglass curvy body. He pressed his body against her’s, sharing his heat and being under him when their chests crushed together, sharing equal fires. His fever was nowhere already and this heat was simply of nothing else but pleasure. The shaft that she could feel getting rubbed against her drooling panty covered core when Jungkook kept on scrubbing his also clothed penis on it. Up and down. Groaning in her neck so desperately and needily, with his eyes closed and inhaling her crazy scent, starting to go wild. Feeling his hot voice verberating against her burning skin, she gasped and roamed her hands all over his bare back.

She pushed him and later made his figure bounce comfortably under on the mattress when Hyuna too removed her panty. His cloth covered crotch started twitching up and he pressed his head back in the mattress, raising his chest to extending limits, whimpering out of pain occuring between his weak trembling thighs and exposing his heavenly sweaty neck and collarbone.

“Momm--Aahh!!“., the young boy frustratingly gritted his teeth as the pain started to grow in the lower part of his body when jungkook rolled his head and madly yet tightly gripped onto the sheets. He begun to blow in the air as sweats covered his heavily breathing state from every spot and just when Hyuna started scrubbing her core against him, he let out a moan so loud.

“Hush, babyboy!!“., she quickly held his panting and sweat drooling face while he could not control himself at the dangerous heat that he was emitting on the moment when he shifted under her. Hyuna removed the hair from his front, only to make her own forehead touch his burning one. Without even wasting any more moment, he quickly shared a fierced hot kiss in her moist lips, relaxing and easing himself up.

“I love you, mommy. I love you so much!“., his arms wrapped her waist and he turned her over now. His smile so precious coming right through that hot breathing face when he kept on panting and threw his head back, stretching his neck, out of extreme anticipation. Making her thirsty eyes drool over the view so ravelling. “Argh! It’s hurting so much.“., he said between those hard unsteady breaths when he crumpled the sheets near her face and squinted his eyes. “Mommy.“., the way he stared her with pleading eyes showing nothing else but pure decessive pain waiting to fade away soon as he later dived in the warmness of her neck, holding her closer to himself after they both lied besides each other’s naked bodies now. “I’m in pain, mommy. Help me.”

“Don’t worry, my precious little babyboy. Mommy will take care of you.“., supporting herself over her nude fair arms, near his face, Hyuna hovered over him once again and oh so beautiful that he looked being under her, with all that innocence and hotness, being at one place. While he kept on glancing her in wonderful fantasies, Hyuna leaned in his left ear and gave an erotic lick to his earlobe, sending lightning bolts down his everything. Seductively announcing her words. “I will handle you so gently, my beautiful angel.”

And just when Jungkook felt her exotic gullible flesh touching his ear, he felt an outburst of several knots in the pit of his stomach, slowly closed his eyes feeling the sensation and hungrily ran his tongue over his own dry lips, pulling the sheets underneath them. A chill ran down his spine when she bit the tiny area down his earlobe. An unknown relaxing feeling gushed through his whole body when he rested his hands at the either side of her curves.

“Mmhm. Ah, mommy! Yes.“., she kept on doing sinful things to him while he just stayed there under her like that, allowing her to do whatever that she wanted. While his desperate low sharp moans erupting from his bursting manly chest, blessed her thirsty ears. He simply could not think of any other thing currently, as he was being way more up than the clouds itself. More like being in paradise of pure love. “Ahh! Yas, mommy. Keep on doing that! It feels so amazing.“., he suddenly crunched a little amount of her porcelain warm skin, grabbing it so suddenly like that and they both winced in the most pleasuring way, at the same time. Though, the pain in his part between the legs was so disturbing but he managed to cover it all with groans and grunts. While he was being a total inflammable bomb mess besides her, Hyuna smiled victoriously and with a touch of mischivousness also, when she looked towards the young powerful sex slave under her. The touch of her soft palm made Jungkook gradually open his eyes and met her’s when he was being so eager for her lips, just when his own were already agaped to huge inches.

And oh so lovingly that they both stared each other with pure heart eyes, being a sweet sweaty mess. When suddenly she observed botherance in his charming orbs.

“Can I share something with you?“., questioning in his sad broken vocals, Jungkook slowly breathed near her face, boring his eyes in her’s and she just simply smiled to his words. Kissing him gently on his lips and later on his forehead. Truely, he was the sweetest babyboy that she ever saw or more like witnessed in her whole dry life. Jungkook was literally beautiful, inside and out, and she always have fallen for his every changed attitude, by every positive means.

“What happened, sweetheart? Are you okay, sugar cake?“.. she studied the dull lights out look on his face and placed another soft smooch on his sharp knifed up jawline, making him squeal a little under herself and tiny adorable chuckle escaped his mouth.

Jungkook didn’t answer back, rather, he simply got up and now at this point that he wasn’t ashamed of sitting completely naked besides this woman being comfortable. But still, slight shyness made him cover his bottom part with the blanket. He started fiddling his fingers when his back was at her. She put a hand upon his shoulder and instead of twirling his face, he dropped his head and whimpers arised from his space.

Before Hyuna could ask furthermore about his sadness, he spoke himself now with tears draining his pretty eyes and face.

“Dad hit me, mommy. For the first time!! That he slapped me.“., with his head still low that he sobbed and kept on crying when hyuna shifted closer and hugged his dull figure from the back.

“Sshh, baby.“., he felt her pecking his neck when jungkook forcefully turned and embraced his life out of Hyuna. His arms wrapped her neck and he than exploded into waterfall tears right in the crook of her neck. He trusted the wrong person so rightly. He was hurt at his father’s actions and this woman was the only human being in his mind to whom he thinks that she understands him well. “Cry on, sweetheart. I know. It hurts. It hurts so badly.“., while he was burdening out his depressing feelings, Hyuna ran her long cylindrical fingers in the lavish mess above his head and sweetly delivered her words in his ear, feeling his hands slipping down her back and pushing her even more closer to himself, tightning the hug. When after good fifteen minutes that Jungkook’s big whimpers converted to little sobs again when he eased himself up in crying heavily in her neck.

He later pulled apart, rested the fingers of both of his hands upon her jawline, holding her face up and shared a kiss so passionate and hungry in her awaited parted lips. Even those few minutes felt like million rounds of the clock. The salty taste of tears was mixed slightly with the moist forming on their lips but eventually the saliva of their sinful desires covered it up as they both deepened the kiss, lustfully eating each other’s mouth. Her hands responded automatically on their own when her palms got filled by the warmness of his massively blemishing cheeks. He broke the heated kiss and breathed heavily in her lips while his hands still were cupping her face. The moist on their lips sets free and he connected their foreheads. His throb down there making it hard for him already to deal with everything as he groaned a little in her face and that attitude surely made her clitoris burst in to a tsunami. He was delicate as flower. Sweet as honey. Was pure as an angel, well now, after all the sinful actions he has done. He wasn’t. But also, hot as a burning hell. His everything screamed of a dominant daddy, but oh so adorable.

“Let’s have sex.“., he suddenly beamed in his desperate, needy yet sexy vocals. Leaving the woman in utter happiness as her dream was about to come true. He waited for her to do everything with himself. He wasn’t really sure if he was ready for all this or not but he knew one thing that he want her to make love to him. He needed to fullfil his dream also.

“Alrighty. Lie down, baby..“., hyuna curved up a cunning smile and pecked his boopy nose. When her hands on his nude bare chest made him lie down on the mattress, as they had their eyes locked so intimidatingly. “I’ll do the orders and you have to obey them, sweetheart.“., hovering above his figure, Hyuna pecked his cheek and whispered in his peacefully attractive face, earning an obvious nod in return the next moment.

Jungkook smirked daringly yet widely in the reply, lying on the bed under her, comfortably and waited for her to start doing things to himself. Which would be so unhandling but relaxing at the same time.

“Yes, your highness. Babyboy is all your’s tonight.”



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