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Gazing intently in each other’s sights that made him explode into utter blush when he bit his lips and blinked furiously yet nervously, breaking the bridge of the gaze afterwards and she enjoyed every of his sweet action.

With a permanent grin over her lips, hyuna got off from top of him and the bed which surely made him form a frown so confused on his charming slow breathing face. She doesn’t say anything rather just roamed her fully naked body at the side of the bed. He watched her as he eagerly crawled over the whole bed, just to reach her near where she was standing. Like a baby who waits for his mother to breastfeed him, he was impatiently waiting for her just exactly like that as later jungkook too made his knees drown in the mattress, opening his tasty long thick legs, but covering his member with a cushion over it when he gulped the saliva and stared her with wide parted lips and strongly intimidating orbs.

“Mommy..“., he whined frustratingly digging his knees deeper in the mattress as he supports himself on them, squinting the cushion near his bulge which was causing him extreme pain out of anticipation.

“Wait a little, my prince charming. I’m getting you a medicine so that you won’t feel much pain afterwards.“., hyuna watched every of his needy desperate action and she was beyond happy to see how much that he wanted her. She than took out a little dark colored glass bottle from the bag that she brought with herself and walked back towards the bed where he was waiting for her. “Here, drink this and you will feel good.“., she smiled and told, after opening the bottle and alcoholic smell immediately reaked the air around them both. She got the bottle head near his nose and just when he took a whiff, the most disgusting look in his expression’s list, ruled his face.

“What exactly is this, mama?“., jungkook jumped his annoying narrow eyes at the woman in front who was being just inches apart from his disturbing face when he asked that obvious question covered in pure innocence, already building wierd and odd thoughts inside his head. “I-I don’t like the smell of it.“., a fear of tasting an unknown thing was evident in the way jungkook spoke to her.

“It’s a bit soar, honey. But trust me. You will feel good and relaxing after having it. It will heal you from inside and out.“., gently holding him from the back of his head, hyuna mentioned and sweetly but forcefully made jungkook drink the red liquir when he just was unable to do anything furtherahead while having his eyes shut and with his moisty soft lips completely pasted and covering the bottle head.

Jungkook gulped in the whole liquir that filled the bottle and coughed right after she removed it from his mouth while he still was composing himself from the wierd feeling that started to grow inside himself.

“I don’t feel good, mama.“., his eyes got heavy when he pressed the side of his head and felt dizzy all of a sudden. “My head’s aching.“., he dropped his shoulders and lifted his tired eyes at hyuna while she put the bottle on the side table, smiling ever so proudly. On the other side, his state screamed exhaustion the next moment when he was about to fall back.

Seeing him like that, hyuna quickly got over the bed and behind him, supporting her own back upon the bed’s head when her arms surrounded his chest and pulled him closer to herself, whispering sweet tempting words in his ears.

“Sshh. Don’t worry, babyboy. Mommy will make your every pain leave you. Mommy will take care of you. You are in very good hands, sugar cake.“., the tip of her nose begun to trace the area beneath his ear and he responded spreading his legs, wide opening them, over the mattress and melting into the sensation and feeling that took over him so suddenly, when he had his eyes half closed, almost feeling like a fainted person and with his head already leaned back upon the side her of shoulder when a low groan escaped his parted lips.

Hyuna was sure about the fact that, jungkook would be vulnerable if only she made him deal with........ a wine.

Her teeth eagerly captured his skin and he groaned in extreme pleasure and pain, not knowing about what was happening with him or going to happen, when she slipped her hand down his arm and slowly wrapped her finger dangerously around his wrist, making him remove the cushion from his member that dangled between his opened thighs. Her another hand held his chin up and while jungkook was simply not being in his own control as he just inhaled and exhaled long anxious breaths. A sharp shaky hesitant moan left his bare nude raised chest when he felt her gradually stroking his bulge. He was bursting into tightness and she loved that, when he tried to close his legs out of shyness that hyuna always have admired.

“No no no no! Babyboy, stay like that. I’ll help you release your pain.“., making his head dive in her neck even more as his hair brushed against her cheek, she warned and gave a lick to his elongated sexy neck when he lost his full control and completely melted into the touch that she was providing. She observed his actions along with his whole condition which was totally uncontrolling for him and literally that state of his made her core burst like a lava itself. With her feet that she kept his legs apart and held them at place while she wrapped his bare chest and shoulders like an octopus. Just when her luscious horny pair of wet lips came in contact with his inflammable fair skin, he moaned lifting his chest up and lowered it down back in her front. She continued to play with him ahead and started showering wet kisses all over the surface near his neck. Out of extreme pleasuring frustration hitting him all over, he suddenly grabbed her thighs and dug his fingers in her skin. As deep as he could go. No words exchanging between them rather than the sweet destruction that she was doing to him. He gripped her skin even harder after she gave a bite to his sensitive sweat draining skin once again as he arched his spine into her chest. She surely didn’t mind him doing the thing as she was greatful that he was holding onto her rather than anything else as he kept on hitting his back in her chest with his head rested over her shoulder while she held his jaw up. Still holding onto him after making his neck flood a little with few hickeys, her eyes darted at his crotch while his hands were placed over her thighs. He felt so numb even at the slight touch by her as his legs stayed widely open still, without even making any movements. With his chest breathing slowly and eyes closed, still being laid onto her chest, Hyuna thought that it will be the perfect time to make the wine hit him now.

A low shaky whimper erupted so early when after few minutes, she took ahold of his bulge and a shockwave ran through him all of a sudden. She started moving her palm up and down, stroking and pumping his thick member, whereas, at the either side, the wine begun to hit him and he madly started to moan. She sure was lucky that in order to attain a peaceful sound sleep for his baby, namjoon provided jungkook a room with sound proof walls. With each stroke that he was shaking so badly and a wave of true pleasure was also gushing through his whole burning body when he scrubbed his trembling legs all over the mattress. Feeling knots blowing his abdomen.

“Aahh!.“., he lifted his head and threw it back, way harder this time when the speed of her palm at his throbbing bulge increased and he could not take it any longer when he squinted his eyes and grabbed onto the sheets under them, sliding his bare back against hyuna’s own hardened breasts. He rolled his hips which were already placed against her clit, dropping his head in front and hit it back in her shoulder when his lips were parted to bigger inches as the tension was getting higher and higher in both of themselves, making them scrub against each other. Her lubricant clit frictioning against his lower part which made her excited even more when he now begun to swirl, and screamed.

“Fuck!! Mom--Aah!!“., panting heavily being almost out of breaths as jungkook gritted his teeth madly out of extreme tension built inside himself. But she heard him less and focused upon ruining him some more. Even when his hand was upon her’s trying so dead hard to stop her pumping his throb even more, hyuna doesn’t listened and kept on stroking his dick when his climax reached so early and soon a stream of white fluid executed in the air from his rocket as he kept on ejaculating his juices for following few minutes, when he was being too weak to hold it inside himself as an urge to release himself was that he all felt. “Stop, mama!! I can’t take this anymore.“., he yelled the second time and begged her to stop it when she smirked widely seeing his juices constantly staining the sheets now. Along with the slight pain in the pit of his stomach, a wave of relaxation also went through him.

“Yes, baby. Release yourself.“., an order that he had to obey when she roared in his ear so seductively and planted a fetished sweet wet kiss beneath it. He on the other side was already shaking so badly when he completely yet already was fallen upon her bare chest. Over his plea, hyuna slowed down the pace of her hand and later just dangled his member a little, whereas he just breathed heavily. He was remained such heated mess all of a sudden when the cum that still was dripping from his tip, stained the sheets.

Hyuna later replaced herself with two pillows at the back, supporting Jungkook’s weak figure since she knew that he was still feeling heavy out of the mixture of massive pleasure and alcohol, combining together and destroying him a little. Still being on the bed, she went infront of him and filled the space between his legs. Her eyes landed upon her babyboy and surely the mess that she created in the beautiful form of a slow breathing sweating jungkook, made her feel victorious over her little hardwork. She gained him and he dedicated his everything to her. Sitting right in the middle of his muscular thighs, hyuna stared him right there and gave a mild caress to his pretty but weak face as feeling her palm cupping his cheek, he opened his eyes., the next moment a hurtful expression took over his facial features and she caught the thought. Knowing the thing that this obedient boy was waiting for her orders.

“Just don’t move. Okay?“., she slid that statement out and he dropped his head defeatedly, doing a nod later after few moments. She lifted his chin up and shared a passionate heated kiss, relaxing his everything. Before he could do further, she pulled apart and lowered her face between his legs and got herself ready to suck him out. Just when her tongue flickered the tip of his dick, his chest started blowing unsteady breaths. She slowly took in his dick and he jerked off a bit, so suddenly, with his mouth forming an O, when his breaths hitched and he almost choked.

“Oh god! Mommy.“., he chewed on his bottom lip, squirming his figure eagerly as he furiously was leaving moans. Time to time. She fastened the bobbing of her head and that was the vary moment when he squirted right in her mouth and a wave of relaxation ran through his whole heated body.

“Your so tasty, babyboy.“., said the woman who gave a long lick to the crotch of her adorable little daddy, watching him falling at ease. Hyuna went near his face and kissed him so furiously yet tenderly and temptingly, when jungkook tasted himself along with the sweet taste of her soft lips while his body lied almost like a weak feeble person and it was evident in the way that he was trying so hard to keep with the rhythm of her lips. He was so tired and exhausted out of the heavy dose of alcohol which jungkook wasn’t habitual to. While, she kept on making out to him, licking, sucking and kissing down possibly every of his spot. Gaining no words from him, she simply paused everything that she was doing and asked staring his dull state, with heart eyes. “What’s wrong, sweetheart? Did I mess up this time? You’re not responding me....“., she gently caressed his pretty face, asking in pure concernation and expected words from his side.

“I’m so tired, mama.“., looking back right in her eyes with his own hurting ones, jungkook simply replied and she just sighed guiltily, thinking the fact that he wasn’t really familiar to alcohol as this sudden heaviness literally must have taken him down to off limits.

“Okay, my precious. We will have a break for an hour. What say?“., she lovingly pecked his forehead and passed her a small weak smile. Without any further ado and thinking much ahead, the young naked boy placed a pillow in her lap and simply rested his head over it. She loved the way that he always got to tell her that he’s her’s no matter what happens as hyuna later covered his bottom half with the blanket while jungkook laid comfortably in her space, all unbothered. He exhaled relaxingly, hitting his heavy breaths on her exposed legs which surely made her shrudder a little under him.

“Mommy?“., his vocals came out normally whereas she was facing few tension rates.

“Ye-Yes!“., supporting herself upon her nude arms standing behind her back, she blew in the air and exhaled. Later lowering her head at the guy in her lap.

“I love you, mommy.“., his both suddenly wrapped her exposed leg as he pouted like a little stubborn baby which surely made her break into a little laughter.

“You’re adorable!“., she ran her finers in his silky messy hair and later lowered down her enchantingly smiling face, just to place a kiss over his cheek. He simply hid his shyly yet utterly blushing face, snuggling deep into the pillow.

“Mommy!“., his cute little embarassing vocals were all muffled up in the soft material when he was flushed with a shade of red. He turned his head back and faced her again with a smile so beautiful ruling his face as he had crinkles appearing near his galaxy eyes.


“Yes, mommy.“., he stared with a much brighter light holding his huge orbs when he quickly responded her.

“I’m sorry’re too sensitive to make love, sweet thing. You will probably get hurt.“., her eyes showed nothing else but true dissapointment which was catchy for his surprised eyes.

“What are you alking about? Wa-Wasn’t this the part of making love, mommy? Whatever you just did to me now.“., still with his head in her lap, he asked bewildered, following an expression so horrible.

“My little sugar baby. This was just the tease and you were unable handle even that. You’re so precious, my baby. “., she smiled apologetically and lovingly kissed his lips. He returned the kiss by smooching and sucking onto her bottom lip, holding her face in place.

“I don’t know!“., he aggressively pulled onto her lower lip, growling in his sudden sexy manly voice and that mere act made her moan a little in his face. “I want to make love to you. I-I-I want to f-fuck you.“., he sounded so daringly eager and addictive to her when he let out those words desperately but still his tongue shook a bit saying that specific word in the end.

Hyuna froze and went blunt once again towards him at selecting the right words like twice, while watching him getting up from her lap as he sat infront of her with blanket still covering his abdomen. He went near her amazed face, shifting closer when he closed his eyes and dived into a kiss so slow and passionate in her lips. He always had this habit of keeping her face at place when he tilts his head and deepened the kiss. That was when the wine begun to hit him perfectly on spot when his both hands gradually grabbed her shoulders and made her lie down over the mattress comfortably under him. Both smiled in between the kiss and her nude arms wrapped his neck, just when his palm started tracing down her side curves.

“You’ve taught me so many dirty things already. Ma’am. I guess, it’s the right time for me to do the practical.“., leaving her lips, he formed a smirk so wide and begun to pour gentle soft kisses upon her neck, melting her with each sensational rhythm that his luscious lips were doing upon her skin. “You made me break my shell to off limits.“., he sounded perfectly like a dominent daddy at the moment and that was when the wine was hitting in so perfectly, when he raised her one leg up, pulling it closer to his lower part and making his bulge rub against her core. His metallic heavy voice burnt her from everywhere as she later wrapped her both legs around his abs when he pertained to please her with his throb.

“Yes!! Awh!! It feels so good, baby. Keep on making love like that with me.“., automatically that her hands roamed all over his bare back when the next moment that he tried to enter himself inside her.

“Ride me, mommy. I guess, that’s how the adults talk with each other while making love. No?”



Enjoying much, my thirsty furrballs?



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