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The way his elegant and charming eyes locked with her orbs filled with even much more powerful intimacy held by them, they both felt their hearts rambling to extending limits as without even granting any kind of permission, the boy blimeshing with hotness ruling his face, connected his lips with her’s and soon gained control over her everything when he felt her hands cupping his face and his holding her leg up making it wrap his waist. After slowly opening her eyes, she turned him over and made him lie comfortably around her. She sat up on his dick and gradually moved up and down, slowly dealing with the stinging pain that surrounded her warm clitoris. Just like her now rolling hips around his tightning throb, he too rolled his head over the bed feeling himself diving deeper into her core. She bent over his body and skimmed her chilly palms all over his chest when he suddenly fastened his pace making her fall over his bare rock porcelain surface. His one hand held her chin up as he shared a kiss so hot in widely parted lips whereas his another hand squeezed a handfull of her buttcheek, while he kept on thrusting deep hitting her sweet spot.

“Ah! Fuck!“., hyuna winced time to time and her desperate mouth was leaving shaking moans right between their heated lustfull passionate kiss, when the young one didn’t even want her to leave his lips as jungkook constantly kept on pasting his wet lips over her’s when she just was being heavy and wobbling moaning mess above his warm body.

“Say my name!“., unexpectedly that he bit her skin of the neck, harshly, giving the area a soothing hickey and gave a spank upon her ass as she felt so relieved at recieving that pain. He was hot as hell and was purposely acting like that when he nuzzled his nose in her hair and inhaled her strong strawberry scent. “Fucking say my name!!“., nailing his fingers in her skin after hearing nothing from the lady, he grunted aggressively and sexily in her elongated neck. Still the tension didn’t let her do that as he later anxiously and frustratingly twirled her over upon the bed, getting mixed with the sheets, hovering over her nude sweaty body when he repeated himself. Hyuna on the other side quickly formed a teasing smirk blowing his nerves out even more when he still was having his member stuck inside her and seeing her reaction, he gritted his teeth and rested his forehead upon her’s, pressing it against her’s, breathing madly. “Fucking say my name, woman.“., he warned panting in her lips and later brushing them upon her sleak jawline, holding her neck with his beautiful fingers wrapping it.

“Make me.“., she said between those hot unsteady breaths being even beyond excited and he suddenly started to thrust furiously inside her. Leaving her a complete desperate moaning and panting mess, just after few moments. He frequently pinned her hands at either side of her head and gripped them tight when he smirked daringly yet dangerously in her amazed and surprised face.

“Never challenge a male at doing things so dangerous to the women so desperate like you, mama. They will win anyway. No matter what.“., suddenly the young male so handsome let out those unexpected words which blew her mind off when she thought of ruling him. Instead, he literally took the lead. Heavy droplets of sweat streamed down his edenly facial features and later falling upon her throat and face while his front hair were completely drenched in wetness as he literally looked like a god so hot and that attitude emitting from his side was the main signal for her to know the thing that, the wine was doing its wonders perfectly inside his manly attractive yet fine body. He supported himself upon his arms, with his head sunk in her neck and fastened his pace when her core was so warm and wet as the fluids were dripping already while he fucked her even harden to extending limits. Both of their private parts were throbbing and drooling from the pleasure contained by their heated inflammable figures, when she closed her eyes and ran her hands in his lavish hair feeling the sinful lubricant leaving her core.

“Ahh! Jungk--Awh!!“., she screamed burrying her head back deeper in the pillow beneath her when she circled her one arm around his broad pointed shoulders and with the other that she grabbed his hip. Though it was being a painful feeling down there when their privates were colliding with each other so madly, she loved the feeling of everything that was happening. “Babyb--AHH Stop!!“., she tried to yell through those edging teeth when he too wrapped her strong arms around her waist and continue to burst inside her everything. Making her body swirl so madly in his hold.

“Yes. Beg for me to stop.“., she felt him deliciously licking her neck when his face was completely snuggled in that while he held her securely, pushing her closer to himself. “Keep on begging me like that.“., his hard and hoarse but soothing voice at the same moment was giving her a terrible time at calming down her clits and everything when she herself tried to grab his crotch in order to remove it but he hurriedly gripped on her wrist tight and frantically pinned it back near her head, not even budging to slow down a little. She kept on screaming harder and harder and that was surely satisfying for jungkook to inhale her desperate destroying state under him. He was completely a different person after having the wine and was really greatfull that he also experienced having such a thing like it.

“Stop!! Please!“., her body twisted and he pulled apart from her neck, just to see how defeated and down that she looked under him when he bit his bottom lip and smiled victoriously at her.

“Now that was fun. Making you beg for me. Making you scream my name. Making you mine, mama.“., slowly removing his massively wet dick in both of their juices covering their privates, he now poured some sweet fetished wet kisses in her neck, lovingly holding his most favourite woman near himself. Sweatbeads drooled both bodies when they both breathed heavily, almost feeling like as if thousand heavens broke upon them. The way he addressed her with - mama, once again, made her comfortably surround her arms around his neck. “I love you, mama.”

“I love you too, my precious baby.“., she placed a kiss on his neck and he turned over. Only to cover themselves in just one blanket, sharing the heat as jungkook later cuddled with her body and after placing a sweet kiss over her lips, he immediately passed out. That was really one hell of a hard round for the first time.

After the fresh rays of the sun were screeching through those thin curtains present in his room, the couple of the young and old slept soundly yet peacefully under the warm layer of a single blanket when their naked bodies were tangled and cuddled together, warmly and comfortably. The slumber was heavy that even those slight knocks at the room’s door didn’t make each of them to wake up while jungkook exhaled in hyuna’s neck, with his eyes closed and arms wrapped around her. Whereas, she was being totally unbothered. Not to forget that the boy was drunk last night which surely gave jungkook triple heaviness engulfed in his body and now he was being in a slight hangover.

“Jungkook?“., the tone of his father who stood at the door with an unknown worrying terrifying feeling, went through the other side of the room which held nothing else but silence since both hyuna and jungkook were being hit by the drugs.

“Jungkook!“., Namjoon slightly raised his voice in order to make atleast some one at the other side hear him. He alarmed that something was wrong with his child as after receiving no reply from the inside, the tall man panicked right away, feeling his breaths almost stucking in his dry throat as Namjoon immediately backed up and rushed towards his own room to get the master key, for unlocking the door. The man knew that nasty woman from the start already but just for the sake of his ruthless son, that he was being silent all of this time. He doesn’t knew that things already were being worst. “Come on. Where the fuck is it?!“., the hands of Namjoon wrestled with the clothes that were scattered in the closet when he searched for the patch of keys and finally found them in the corner. “Yes!“., the next moment, that he returned towards his son’s room holding the master key and rushed upstairs with an express speed.

Namjoon put the key into the keyhole and hurriedly unlocked the door, swing opening it afterwards. The scene that was created inside the room, shutted down his everything and blew his senses off when his wide eyes witnessed the horrible scene in front, of his own son lying under the sheets, naked, with another nude woman. The clothes of the both genders were scattered all over the floor that surely hinted namjoon that they were being clothless. At first, namjoon’s every brain cell stopped functioning furthermore as he just supported himself aside the doorframe and with his mouth agaped that the man just stared those two soundly sleeping figures upon the bed. One was no one else but the intruding woman who destroyed the whole comfort of his everything including his own son, and second was being no one else but his own precious angelic baby as, the couple of the young and old slept so peacefully, soundly and comfortably sharing the whole king sized bed together, being under the single warm blanket. Destroying the lights out of the other man who stood at the doorframe. Feeling the land vanishing under his feet, as Namjoon’s breaths stuck in his dry throat when he slowly begun to take initial heavy steps towards the bed in front, with his huge fully opened utterly surprised eyes timely jumping from one piece of cloth on the floor to another and than later darted upon the two half naked people on the bed sleeping like as if they ran a marathon.

“What have you done....“., the heartbroken father depressingly mumbled staring his son as namjoon’s hurtful orbs were glued upon the half nude figure of the boy covered with the comfortable blanket whose back that namjoon was facing. “What have you done, jungkook...“., he felt himself breaking even more when namjoon’s body felt so weak and trembling in front of the action that his son just took.

The nostrils of namjoon’s also suddenly got welcomed by another rare strong smell lingering the area near the bed, which resembled to nothing else but alcohol as he surprisingly twirled his head towards the mini side table aside the bed’s head and picked up the little bottle in his one big hand. He took a whiff from the empty vessel and his eyes went double in size even more. Meanwhile, his precious baby was awake too when namjoon slowly turned his face towards the couple and just stared the boy who stretched out his naked beautiful arm from the blanket, lazily and turned over as the young one opened his eyes, giving a tiring rub to a single one when jungkook groaned and roamed his eyes around.

“Dad?“., the first thing that seemed to caught by his dreamy eyes, right in the morning, was nothing else but the figure of his own father standing aside the bed as jungkook sat up on the soft surface with a head so heavy than ever since he had a dose of drug last night and just wondered for few seconds that, if it was all happening for real or was being just a dream. His everything shrilled when the father spoke.

“Jungkook.“., not even blinking his fuming emotionless orbs, namjoon called out his name so sternly and jungkook fully opened his pair of eyes. Believing that it was happening for real. “Did you just had alcohol last night?“., namjoon growled gritting his teeth and fisted his one hand whereas the another hand held the bottle as he showed it to the boy in front who was shivering badly by now as jungkook gulped hearing that question.

“A-A-A-Alcohol?? D-Dad, what are you even saying? That ain’t alcohol. That’s m-me-medication.“., jungkook’s fear was eating him out alive as he couldn’t even bare to meet his father’s rageful eyes as the boy stammered.

Just then, after few more moments passed on, the woman besides jungkook too woke up. Jungkook didn’t utter another single word after that all as with what else true reason that he will face his father. Namjoon on the other hand, was already so pissed by the woman who now tried to act all innocent.

“What happe--“., being under the same blanket with jungkook, Hyuna too sat up and took the most innocent glance possible, over namjoon who yelled the next minute.

“JUST SHUT UP!!!“., Namjoon viciously beamed, breathing heavily out of terrible temper blowing his brains and bursted upon the woman. “Get lost from my house. Right now.“., the tall man later pointed towards the door, telling the deceptive woman to leave this place already. The way namjoon roared, it made both of the others flinch a little.

Hearing his father’s hatred words for the woman that jungkook loved, it made the young boy lift his adorable admiring orbs at namjoon as Jungkook talked further ahead. “Dad, no...”

“Jungkook, what the--?“., namjoon annoyingly yet irritatingly went to the other side of the bed while jungkook just kept on shaking his head in a denial when namjoon harshly grabbed hyuna’s one forearm and pulled her out from the bed while her naked figure was being covered by the sheets which were too dragging away along with her.

“Dad. NO. STOP!!“., jungkook hastily wore just his jeans that he found from the floor and rushed to snatch the arm from namjoon’s hand. “You can NOT do this with her.“., making the woman now stand behind himself, jungkook collected full strength to face his father all of a sudden and glared in the eyes of namjoon who was beyond surprise to see his loyal son showing disloyalty and dishonesty at the mere moment.

“Jungkook. She’s a bad woman. She spoiled you. You’re my baby! You’re my chil--“., namjoon still talked with generous humble attitude but paused when jungkook said another thing that pierced namjoon’s heart as he just froze hearing his own son’s words.

“I love her!“., staring right in the eyes of his father that jungkook slightly raised his voice in his reply and panted a little. Standing behind his manly towering figure, Hyuna smirked so widely and lowered her gentle gaze, watching her fingers later getting mixed in the warmness of her young lover’s hands. “I love her, dad and we just......we just had sex last night.”

“Wh-Wha-What...“., and that was the vary moment when namjoon lost his senses and felt his everything from the inside just falling apart. While jungkook thought of destroying him even more.

“And, if you won’t going to marry her? I will.“., jungkook stood closer to her and tightened his grip around hyuna’s soft hand, threatening his own father.

“Jungkook, what the hell are you saying????“., namjoon anxiously barked back, trying to process his brains to fight back while his whole body was shaking so badly. “Woman like her aren’t even respectful. They are called sluts, whores and hoes!!”

“I don’t care, dad!!“., jungkook didn’t stop retording back right in namjoon’s face when the young one too screamed so furiously in his reply. “I will marry her! I don’t fucking care if I’m eighteen!! I just..... love her.“., those words coming from jungkook, trembled namjoon’s legs as the tall man felt all of the remaining strength washing off from his body. Suddenly namjoon felt so feeble, small and more..... alone. This wasn’t his boy. He was changed. Completely. Still the father battled to gain his precious son back from the woman.

“Jungkook, don’t do this to me. I have no one except you, my babyboy.“., namjoon could not fathom more strength to fight against his stubborn son.

“I AM NOT YOUR BABYBOY ANYMORE.“., jungkook just angrily glared namjoon and his eyes softened after he lovingly looked towards Hyuna. “I’m her’s.”

“She doesn’t loves you, jungkook! That’s fakeness. Those emotions. That kind of care? That was all fake! She just wanted you! Your body! Not your heart.“., while screaming with even harder voice, namjoon felt his heart clenching as tears built immediately in his eyes which bore in jungkook’s mad vicious ones. “Can’t you see it?”

“Is this true, mama?“., the boy innocently twirled his face and whispered, not even sparing a reply to his father who stood awaiting. Jungkook’s everything screamed true delicacy and enchantement as he spoke.

“You’re my baby, sweetheart.“., even in the hell that hyuna pretended as if everything was being just fine and smooth when she gave a gentle soft caress to jungkook’s beautiful admiring and adorable morning face, whispering back, brushing her lips slightly against his throat. She was so happy in making him a rival and fight with his own father, instead of her own self, when apparently she knew already that, this all will eventually going to happen.

“Dad, we both love each other and we will going to get married soon.“., jungkook’s answer was confidential when he later circled his both arms around Hyuna’s figure and held her protectively near himself, embracing her closer to his heart’s core when he stared namjoon. Jungkook was holding her as if she was being the last yet most precious being on the planet.

“Jung--“., the man so devastated, just sighed in defeat when namjoon depressingly kept on gazing his boy. “I guess, I can’t do anything at this moment....“., he felt his everything snatched away when jungkook turned his face back towards hyuna and smiled adorably and cheekily in her lips. “She’s not a good woman. You will never be happy with her.”

“Dad, she’s my choice!”

“You won’t be called as a grown up but a kid! Being with her. She’s a slut, jungkook!! She’s a prostitute. Look at her!! She’s a very bad woman. She will destroy you!“., Namjoon gave his efforts until his last breaths. “And I can not see you like that, jungkook. Please! I’m begging you to leave this woman.”

“Dad, just stop it!“., jungkook irritatingly yet madly shouted at namjoon, making him go silent when jungkook dared to pierce holes in his own father’s soul. “I love her. I love her so much. Will you just stop that all?!“., unexpectedly and off guard that jungkook tried to gain at namjoon, just to kill him at the moment so that the man don’t bash the woman that he loves even more and watching this all situation happening currently in front of her, she was actually entertained by that all. She knew already that young blood always burst in anger and is ready to kill almost everyone or could rip their skins apart whoever comes in their way as a barrier in between their lovers and themselves.

Just when jungkook balled up his hands and brawl bursted upon namjoon, ready to attack the man any time sooner or later, hyuna grabbed jungkook’s arm and gave a pull on it, preventing to start a fight. Though, internally, that she was being beyond happier.

Namjoon too backed up a little being scared to hell, seeing his own vicious and tempered son.

“Jungkook.....I’m your father. I won’t think bad for you. Please.”

“Dad! Just---Just stop it. I don’t want you to say any other word about her.“., the boy stood firm at his spot and warned the other man as jungkook’s chest begun to blow out of temper.

“May be your father is telling you the truth.“., after a very long pause, the woman among the trio spoke up as Hyuna distant herself from jungkook and started picking up the clothes from the floor and wore them, acting so normal than ever.

“Wh----W-What? What are you saying, mommy?“., jungkook just simply yet bluntly stared the woman who now was fully dressed as without even sparing another glance over the boy, hyuna closed the front buttons of her dress. She doesn’t even cared about changing in front of namjoon as the man had respect and shame in his eyes when he twirled over while hyuna slipped off the silk sheet from her curvy body and dressed up.

“Yes, my precious. I am not a good woman. Your father is right about the fact, sweetheart.”

“Yo---Y-Y-You---What do you mean by that... Don’t say that! I LOVE YOU!!! We-We-We are about to get married. Right?“., he talked like an obnoxious maniac when jungkook’s whole body started to tremble.

“Kook honey? I don’t marry the ones that I just spent my nights with. Of course, I love you, sweetcake. You’re adorable. But.... it’s a no, sugar pie.“., hyuna talked so casually giving a normal shrug to her shoulders while jungkook just stared her wide popping out eyes.

“A-And the s-s-sex? What was that?“., jungkook’s voice cracked a little and slowly his heart was feeling like tearing apart in million other tiny pieces while tears were forming gradually in his upset eyes. He was hurt so badly. Namjoon slowly walked closer to his boy who seemed like he was about to collapse with the land, anytime soon.

“It was nothing, sweetheart.“., she just shook her head like that as if nothing happened between her and him. “You trusted the wrong person. So rightly.”

“Yo-You can’t do this to me. I have loved you madly!!“., jungkook almost lost his balance when namjoon held him from behind while the boy shouted upon the woman depressingly.

“Everyone gets insanely mad in love, sweetcake.“., she talked showing no emotions in her anything.

His eyes went wide suddenly when he thought about another thing. “Is that was why? That your husband left you?“., shockingly that jungkook asked, suddenly bewildering namjoon also at the moment with the unknown information.

“I don’t have a husband.“., she simply yet plainly replied, laughing a little with a casual scoff. “I work in a club. Where I trap young beautiful men like you. Have several pleasurable nights with them, having absolute fun and later? Let them go. Being a teacher at the boys’ school is another but same purpose of mine.”

“Bu-Bu-But, that’s illegal.”

“Exactly, sweetheart. Your father was right actually. I am a slut.”

“A-An-And me? D-Do I remain a virg---“., he was almost unable to say those obvious words as the tongue of jungkook’s just couldn’t make it. Innocence was still lingering freshly among him when he confirmed the thing. When she told him first.

“You don’t remain a virgin anymore now.“., she beamed the next moment, mentioning with an emotionless tone.

And that was mere moment when jungkook fell on his knees and felt the ground beneath his feet vanishing. He felt so unobvious at that time. As if he has done something so wrong. As if he won’t be forgiven ever. As if his world and anything else just ended right here. As if he was breathing his last breaths. That was the mere moment when he realised to what he has done uptill now. He kept on staring the evil woman infront of him who stared the innocent boy in return with a smuggy grin setting her pretty face. Jungkook panted, he felt as if the breaths were stuck in his suddenly dried out throat and he later abrubtly just hugged his father so tight who too was present over there besides the adorable but now terribly afraid boy when jungkook kept on gasping deeper and deeper. Namjoon quickly surrounded his big protective arms around his boy as he later kissed the top of jungkook’s head and turned his face towards hyuna who continued to destroy him even more.

“Awww, babyboy? Don’t be scared of me. Don’t you still love mommy?“., an evil laughter that broke the air around the two afraid males.

Jungkook wasn’t just being at the verge of crying out of the horrified side of this woman but he literally was whimpering like a true two year old child being in between namjoon’s circled arms. The terrified boy’s little arms embracing his father, tightened even more when jungkook was so afraid to hell, thinking if he lost his precious father than whoever will gonna hold him but namjoon didn’t just let go of him like that as the father just held him closer.

“You destroyed our lives enough already. Will you please just get lost now!“., namjoon edged his teeth, glaring the woman without even blinking his ablazed eyes.

Hyuna just scoffed rudely upon the words of namjoon and forcefully yet harshly held jungkook’s face, making his pursed pair of lips colliding her smudging ones and that was the first time when her lips felt so poisonous to him as jungkook simply pushed her away with equal force. He hugged his father back, squeaking like an afraid baby as he just doesn’t wanted anyone else to snatch him away from his father. Jungkook’s innocent fairy orbs were sneaking her from namjoon’s chest as he just stared her while having his hands clutching tight onto his father’s attire from front, the boy gulped and just kept on panting to death as if he saw a ghost.

A huge cunning yet mischivous smirk decorated hyuna’s face when she was already knelt down near the duo of the father and son, when her hand extended out and she lovingly tried to give a gentle caress upon the face of the poor trapped baby, when jungkook at the other side, just irritatingly, furiously and frustratingly slapped her hand away from his face, passing her an annoying poisonous look. While she just leaned in to his side and spoke in a very dangerous and threatening yet scary tone. “I told you already, babyboy. That, being a good boy? Might be harmful sometimes.”

Following a small smirk that she conveyed and later stood up, pacing out the room and later left the house. Leaving the two other males holding each other so closely as if their lives depended upon each other’s selves.

Right after that demonic woman left their place, after destroying the complete peace and total comfort, jungkook broke into massive heavy rainfall tears into namjoon’s chest and the father just allowed him.

“I’m sorry, dad. I’m so sorry!!“., jungkook squished namjoon between his arms and the man just embraced him back, kissing the top of his angelic boy’s head. Jungkook felt so betraying towards his actual true love. His family. His father, who was still being with him, when the world almost felt fading away. “I’m so sorry.“., his voice cracked when he pulled apart from namjoon’s chest and the father simply smiled over his precious baby whose face was now loaded with tears draining the surfaces of the boy’s eyes. Namjoon cupped jungkook’s face, holding it gently and lovingly, protectively pressing his lips over jungkook’s forehead, hearing to his boy’s every word when jungkook kept on repeating the apology. “I’m so sorry, dad. I’m really sorry!”

“That’s okay, my precious little angel. We learns from our mistakes. That’s how we gets mature.”

“I disappointed you, dad.“., dropping his head, jungkook weeped even more when namjoon hugged him back and this time, he refused to let go of his boy.

“Sshh, my little iron man! That’s okay. That’s completely fine. I still love you equally. I will never leave you at every stage or moment of your life, my cupcake. You are my precious little boy. You’re my baby!”

“I love you, dad. I love you so very much!! Please, forgive me.“., embracing his father, jungkook’s croaky vocals muffled up in namjoon’s chest as the boy snuggled his face deeper in the warmness, making the relaxing father break into tiny laughter when namjoon lovingly caressd the back of jungkook’s head. At the end, he still had by himself no one else but his own beloved father.

“I know, my babyboy. I know. I forgave you, my precious little angel. I forgave you.”


You should never open up
to almost everyone.

We never know,
either in what form,
that the satan roams
around us.


Don’t be too innocent,
to be called as a dumb.


Don’t be too infatuated,
to lose your own self.


Be generous,
but don’t be
too sugary.

Be polite,
but don’t be
so inquisitive.

Be soft, but don’t
panick everytime.

Be brave.
Be confident.

A Powerful.

That the world
afraids to tear you


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