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After few weeks were passed and the assignments given by Hyuna went unhandling for him. Jungkook was now seated at the principal’s office today with his father, Namjoon, as they all waited atleast someone to begun.

The slightly strict conversation started on by the principal, who pointed out the sudden descendance of the most brilliant student of the school as the man touched the discussion about the father, not helping in his son’s studies.

“But, sir? These topics are sensitive for such descent minds of kids at this age.“, right through his edging teeth, Namjoon was holding himself and his rage, from bursting it out upon the lame principal.

“Yes, we know. But they are grown ups. They must know the little rules of every big thing and these are just relatable to subject. Nothing else than that.“, the principal handled everything with care and talked so politely as if there wasn’t any kind of problem.

“Sir, you don’t know. Through these kind of things? There are ways to spoil kids and I seriously don’t want my son to get spoiled like that.”

“These are common points of this subject. Why don’t you understand?”

“I’m just saying that--”

While the quarrel between his father and the head of the school went on, the boy sat quietly upon the chair besides his dad. Despite of the sadness, he missed the way that Hyuna was treating him previously.

Whereas now? She was also going with the flow. Ranting and scolding him infront of the whole class. At the end of the school, before going to his home, Jungkook cries heavily first in the corner of their school’s roof.

She was heartbroken and depressed to see her only babyboy suffering like that. Everytime, Hyuna thought of hugging him right there but that was not, that she actually need. She wanted him to break his shell and also his limits, as her plans were working perfectly like a burning match stick.

The past week went according to her wishful thoughts and her dark tricks of failing Jungkook constantly in her own subject, which was another trick to make him reach her everytime.

Whenever, he’s sad and disturbed. He came to her first than running back home. May be that, made him attract her and made her affect him.

Just when she was passing by from the door with few paperwork in her hands, he spotted her and furiously stood up from his chair, immediately haulting towards her walking figure, the next moment.

“Ma’am Hyuna!“, he suddenly grabbed her forearm, giving it a light pull. “I’m here with my dad. The principal called him.“, he lowered down his saddened face the next minute when she saw him. “I understood the laws of affection that you told yesterday but still, I didn’t seem to get the point. I talked about it with dad and he simply ranted me. Can you help me out in this, ma’am? I really need to pass these months exams. It might help in gaining my previous progress.”

Seeing his eyes that he lifted at her, which were surely giving a look of a crybaby. Pierced her heart as she suddenly held his cheek.

“Jungkook, honey. That’s fine. I’m thinking of discussing in detail also. How about if I give you home tutions?“, her another game started as she was already successfull in ruining his progress a little so that she could do her work properly. By gaining access to his house.

“That will be amazing!!“, and as for the boy who trusted this sweet two face teacher of his own, blindly. Collapsing his both hands, Jungkook did little jumps and showed his brightest yet widest smile to his favourite teacher.

At the other side, Hyuna could not stop melting over him and also smiling over her plans, internally, as they were working like melting butter.

After the father and son were back home. Jungkook still was being in the sugary behaviour that she started to do with him once again.

“Kook, go get few groceries from the nearby store. I’ll make you something to eat. You would be tired of the school today.“, the pleasant vocals of his father suddenly made the dozing off session of Jungkook come at hault, when Namjoon put a hand upon his son’s shoulder and added in his vocals.

“Yes, dad. Get me the list and I’ll bring you the things.“, in extreme respect that Jungkook replied and bobbed his head.

“You’re such a marvellous boy, Jungkook.“, Namjoon later made him face himself fully, making the blunt pretty boy stand infront of him. “I’m just worried for you all the time. After your mother left us.”

Hearing about his mother, Jungkook’s thoughts begun to fade away. He never met his mother in his life, ever. When his father told him that she left this world after giving birth to this beautiful angelic male.

Jungkook tried to smile through the pain that he was feeling at the moment and all he could do was to grin in sadness.

“I-I’ll bring you the things, dad.“, wiping off the corners of his gleaming eyes, Jungkook satisfied his father by passing Namjoon a fake wierd smile and left the house after few minutes.

At the dinner table, both the father and son sat, but only one was busy with the eating process.

Namjoon suddenly lifted his curious eyes at the young male besides him, who seemed to be so much in another world of his own.

“Kookie dear. You okay?”

“Uh! Ye-Yeah...“, Jungkook jumped upon the mild touch of his own father when Namjoon placed a hand above his. The food untouched remained the same as jungkook just sighed later after few moments. “Dad? Can I talk to you about something....”

Namjoon’s everything suddenly went disturbed when his son’s upset vocals hit his eardrums.

“Anything.“, the father sweetly smiled over his boy as after putting the utensils aside, Namjoon was fully attentive.

“Dad, I really want to pass these exams. I’m doing great in all of my other subjects! Except just one. If you don’t mind? Ca-Can I have home tutions fo-for the subject of Ro-Ro-Romance?“,

Jungkook’s everything was literally shaking as the young boy’s fear came on its edge while pulling up the need. His body went cold and his breath almost hitched, when he gulped right after ending up his question with extreme hesitance.

Namjoon’s chest exhaled a very heavy sigh over his son’s wish. After his mother left him, Namjoon was being literally everything to this young little boy right here, fullfilling every of Jungkook’s wish uptill now.

But what was scaring the father that, his little boy was kind of so much dedicating to things. He was too sweet for this world and that was scaring the man.

“Dad, please?“, the immensely sad plea of his son, rung Namjoon’s ears once again as he stared the desperately awaited pair of eyes of his boy after Jungkook held his father’s wrist, gently.

“Alright.“, the father finally nodded as an agreement and broke the heavy tensed ice that was built among the body of Jungkook’s as the boy embraced the man tightly, the next moment.

“Thanks, dad!! I love you!“, his little arms around Namjoon’s neck, tightened when Jungkook cheered so happily.

“But! Only studies. Nothing else than that.“, the father strictly warned and quickly earned a nod.

Whereas, the pretty little angel was thinking about the affection that he will going to gain even more from her.



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