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“Hello there, Mr. Joon! Great to meet you.“, the lady who stood at the main door of the house, greeted cheeringly after the man opened the door. It was truely seeming greatful for Hyuna to reach the place of her loving desires and, from the way she spoke, it was evident.

“Greetings. You must be Miss Hyuna. Right? Jungkook’s school must have sent you?“, Namjoon asked curiously yet politely and with a smile that he told her to make an entrance in the house.

“Yes. Yes. I’m Jungkook’s teacher.“, Hyuna, who was dressed in a more formal knee dress with long sleeves, said owning a charming smile as, she stepped forward at the place.

After seeing Namjoon at the time of debating with the principal, she decided to dress like it as she got a hint already that he’s one kind of a strict father.

“Ma’am Hyuna!”

Another male voice which was truely replicated to a nightangle, as beautiful and soft but so full of energy, was heard behind Namjoon’s back when they both turned and saw the young boy running at them.

“Greetings, ma’am Hyuna.“, the boy bowed respectfully and later passed her a smile so full of gentleness as after seeing her, Jungkook shyly squealed his shoulders inside.

“Greetings, babyboy.“, she chuckled and gave a ruffle to Jungkook ’s silky hair, softly. “Are you ready to hit the highest rank... once again?“, she than asked in playfull chunky manner and he always loved the way she speaks with him like that.

“Yes, ma’am!“, the amount of happiness that was scattered all over Jungkook’s face like cream above the cake. It healed the father’s heart and soul as that was really unexpected for Namjoon.

And the way, she was using her sweet behaviour infront of the man who was absolutely seeming one hundred percent satisfied by her, helped her like alot and gave her confidence to do everything with his son. On behalf of studies.

“I will surely not disturb you both than.“, Namjoon got his lips in a thin line and smiled afterwards. Thinking to this woman who can be no danger at all to his kid as he ordered his son nicely, afterwards. Telling him to guide his teacher to his room upstairs. “Jungkook, go and start your studies already. You’ve got alot of things to deal with, I guess.”

“Yes, dad.“, the boy was beyond happy to see her again. “Come, ma’am. I hope you feels comfortable here.“, Jungkook than started covering up the staircase ahead as Hyuna just followed him.

They had a house so cozy and comfortable which wasn’t that much little in size.

“Welcome to my room!“, the happy cheer that aired the whole room as Jungkook giggled adorably over everything that he had in his wonderful room and opened his arms wide up in the air.

“Babyboy! You really got a room so beautiful.“, Hyuna roamed her eyes around, jumping her sight from one thing to another.

His room contained light blue painted walls along with a white one behind the bed’s head. Which was in the center and also had tiny fairy lights hung at it as the walls had picture frames of his beloved father and his own self.

“I really likes it when you talk with me like that.“, he slowly held her both hands and had his shy face down, but a smile was there with a touch of pink on his bloated cheeks.

“That makes you happy even more? But that’s my casual way of talking with everyone. You’ve seen me already.“, a little laugh that Hyuna does upon his adoration and he lifted his wide eyes at her. “Shall we study now?“, with a playfull pout that she tilted her head at the side.

“I’ll get my notebook, ma’am!“, like a happy two year old child that he was behaving as Jungkook quickly clicked the lock of the door and ran off to search his thing.

Hyuna was in her full mood and prepared. To play with this adorable young daddy. Her clit already started drooling when he held her pair of hands and she felt shockwaves hitting her everything.


Her eyes couldn’t leave him right there and that. When they both were seated upon his bed and he was all dressed like a man so attractive. It was getting so unhandling and uncontrolling for her as according to his comfort zone, Jungkook had his masculine physique, all covered with a thin white shirt, along with a pair of gray loose trousers. His head was low with his straight silky front hair falling over his eyes while he was so focused over the laws of touching.

The disturbance in Hyuna’s everything begun whenever he was timely yet casually giving a pull to his shirt from the neck.

“Ma’am? I don’t seem to get this one. Is it possible for someone to get turned on by just touching them? What’s a turn on?“, the innocence held by his every escaped syllable was truely powerfull to get Hyuna’s attention when suddenly she jumped her eyes at his adorable wide ones, at the time of him doing the question.

“Want me to demonstrate, bunny boy?“, she asked in her cunning voice, touching her own neck in a sexy manner. Caging him out there in her sweetness that consist a bit of spice also.

“Yes.“, he nodded immediately yet excitingly and the glow on his face, satisfied the woman who scooted a bit closer to the young boy.

“You really wanna know? What’s a turn on?“, while he had his legs crossed with his hands at either sides of his figure above the soft mattress, she replaced the notebook with her own self as Hyuna tried to adjust herself upon his lap and he started to feel a little uncomfortable.

“I-I-It won’t hurt. Right?“, Jungkook stuttered between his hitched breaths as his broad chest was inhaling its initial breaths at dangerous beat rates.

“Not a little, my babyboy.“, Hyuna opened the front buttons of her dress as she whispered near his heavily breathing face and saw the beads of sweats already forming upon his forehead. “Don’t be nervous, sweetheart. It will be fun.“, his eyes darted towards her finger which slowly traced down his neck and he let out a small heavy moan, closing his eyes gradually. Starting to feel the hit in his blood.


His hands clutched the bedsheets under his hot palms as Jungkook lifted his iron man chest, throwing his head back and groaned. Starting to feel himself a little for the first time in this so young age.

“Feel me.“, grinding on his lap and forcing herself upon him as due to the strong friction formed between their privates, he almost gawked upon his saliva and later edged his teeth, being frustrated. Hyuna bent over his neck which was being the massive attraction to her as she inhaled his scent, blessing herself. She observed his whole state, just by looking towards his vulnerable condition under her.

“Feel my touch. Let it drown you. Let it destroy you and heal you at the same time.“., she spoke in manner so deluring that surely made him reach the sky as Jungkook groaned desperately for another time.

“This is incredible.“, after opening his eyes and staring her darkly smirking face, he held her face between both of his palms, gently, and smiled widely.

“Tell me more. I want to know more!!“., he sounded so aggressive and needy like a dominent adult male. Though he wasn’t one.

“You gotta break through your shell to know more, my sugar baby.“, still being upon his legs, she ran her long fair cylindrical fingers in his silky raven hair when his ebony orbs were at her figure.

“I’m ready for that, ma’am. As long as these practicals won’t hurt.“., his arms surrounded her waist when he smiled and shook his head. His hands pushed her even more closer from behind. Making their heats mingle with each other through the clothing, when he scrunched his boopy nose, showing her, his front bunny tiffies and shared an adorable giggle in her face.

Her hands automatically, on their own, circled his neck when they were both smiling in each other’s faces.

“Do you feel comfortable with me acting like this?“., Hyuna’s low vocals that suddenly hit the young boy’s ears as he raised his eyes at her.

“Mmhm. Yes.“, and out of immense shyness and in loaded embarassment, Jungkook lowered his sight back. Later taking her hands in between his own. “I love it, whenever, you talks with me like that. It makes me feel special in someone’s eyes. Other than just my own father.”

“Umm. Thank you, Jungkook.“, Hyuna had that permanent smile always plastered on her face when she lowered herself down upon the bed.

“Ma’am, did I do something wrong? Didn’t I go according to your expectations? What happened? Tell me. Yo-You said my name all of a sudden....“., Jungkook frequently held her both hands again but this time a bit strongly as Hyuna winced a little by his pull.

“Do you want me to call you by those nicknames? But those are just random names that I usually use.”

“Treat me that way. Please ~“, the whine that Jungkook let out while shaking his head side by side, it gave double wetness to her core as he looked so hot even doing those little innoccent act.

“Alright! Alright! As you say, my honey bun.”

“You’re so good, ma’am Hyuna!“., a wave of overwhelmed feeling hit him when he cackled like a happy child and embraced her right there, almost squishing her between his strong arms but soon pulled apart and shrunk his shoulders with a shy smile, for like fifth time. “I-I’m so sorry.... I guess, I shouldn’t be acting like that....”

Hyuna was literally and seriously head over heels at this boy right here. So beautiful among the others. Worthy of getting spoiled so much, secretly. A bomb to be handled with care yet also with heavy precautions. Jungkook was young teenager but contained massive adhering beauty and she was lucky that he was being his everything.

“My babyboy. You’re feeling comfortable around me that you can be yourself and do whatever you want to do. That’s how you begun to break through your comfort zone.”

“Ma’am, with due respect.“., -----------

this time, he decided to remove big inches between them as he playfully crawled towards her, while the shadows faded away as the darkness scattered through the sky and in his hesitant shaky vocals, Jungkook exhaled his fired breaths at her face.,

----------- “I ask you to teach me the aspects of sensation and sincerely make me break through my everything.”

And what else did she need?

Her desires already made this entirely young handsome daddy fall for her.



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