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Staring each other in a daze. They didn’t speak for a minute. His dreamy orbs later dropped down at her parted breathing luscious lips, when he brushed his own against them.

“Ma’am. Tell me, how to be so deluring? Just by feeling the sensation.“., his little baby vocals which surely didn’t match with that smirk upon his face as he tried his best to not act shy, when Jungkook was almost hovering above his teacher. Mixing his breaths and scent with her’s.

“You wanna feel the sensation, baby?“., over his small wishful request, Hyuna shot an evil smirk right at his face when she didn’t think much and after pushing him lightly backing him up, she crawled all over him once again. When he sat himself comfortably upon the bed, boring his awaited galaxy eyes in her’s.

Her fingers crumpled the lower part of his white shirt and he didn’t even blink, while she does the talking further ahead.

“Are you ready for real?“, she sat between his legs, right above his crotch as he got himself ready for further upcoming actions as a nod that she simply earned from him.

Hyuna slipped off the shirt up Jungkook’s head and his freaking amazing stoned chest along with marvellously shaped figure of his everything, from the miraculously designed collarbone to amazingly formed v-line. Everything was right infront of her thirsty lustful eyes as she couldn’t help herself from drooling over the god of handsomeness, being down to earth.

Surely he was eighteen but dangerous mess.

Willing to get controlled by this twenty five years old lady here.

“Don’t you too have to go clothless, ma’am?“., he asked in his vocals so beautiful and angelic as innocence drooled from his voice while his eyes were almost covered with that silky hair falling at front and with that kind of body, the innocence had no chance to deal with it.

As if the teenager had the invisible RC in his hands. Upon his words, Hyuna opened her own light purple blouse from front and after removing it, her huge mellons covered in a skin coloured laced bra, were being like a new thing to discover for the young guy. While she still had skirt on.

With full power of control upon each other, they stared strongly into those alternate universes contained by their eyes.

Slowly and willingly, Jungkook ran his flesh over his thin beautiful rosy chapped lips as they begun to part soon while he breathed unsteadily and got himself ready for another new experience to gain.

His eyes dropped upon her awaited lips which were also parting a little as after holding her neck in place, they shared a little moisty kiss together.

After realisation hit him, Jungkook hurriedly pulled apart and broke the eye contact. “I-I’m sorry, ma’am! I-I-I shouldn’t--”

“You’re allowed.“, cutting him off in the middle of his sentence, staring right in his eyes in order to connect with him properly but he was just too shy to do anything as the lip bite that he does nervously was a disastor to her whole state.

Her hands automatically started slipping up his chest and a disturbance occured in his everything as, after throwing his head back once again the second time, Jungkook closed his eyes and started blowing in the mid air. Trying his very best to reciprocate with the heat that his body was emitting.

“Oh gosh, ma’a--Argh.“, he supported himself upon his muscular fine arms, standing behind himself, when he moaned lowly once again.

His everything was literally trembling while he was fighting with the frustration inside himself. Soon the pleasure took over and he fell upon the mattress, with his eyes still closed.

Hyuna literally gained her true heaven at this moment while having his little young daddy infront.

“Ma’am ~“., with his eyes flutter open, Jungkook whined like a baby when he rolled his head all over the mattress, clutching messy sheets in between his paws. “Can we stop this now please? I need a break.“, aggression took control over him when he requested in an enchanting tone. “Something between my legs is hurting me so badly.“., the pout that came right through his sweet and angelic but breathy sweating babyface, blew her satans off, when he pleaded in the most respectful manner possible.

“Of course, my honey bunch.“, hovering above his sweat draining inflammable figure, Hyuna smirked widely and victoriously. While, he at the either side, just chuckled adorably and pecked her cheek. Leaving the lady in surprise.

He turned her over and captured her between his triceps as he spoke in his sexy vocals, trying to make them sound manly.

“May be, you should leave some of the homework for tomorrow.“, hovering above the lady, the young boy smiled and nudged his nose with her’s.

He slowly begun to lean in her lips again and she prepared herself already for the upcoming devastation to be done to her already dripping wet clitoris.

When the sudden knock at the room’s door, made both of them flinch.

“Dad.“., Jungkook panicked right away and pulled back. He quickly wore his shirt and later wandered his eyes around the messy room as he prepared himself to get his ass kicked, if his father saw the mess. “He doesn’t like my room in a mess.“, panick gushed through his veins when he twirled his head around and later saw his teacher, dressing up in her upper blouse. He couldn’t let her meet his father like that as Hyuna was half naked and with that, she drifted to the restroom, straight and came back right away after few minutes when Jungkook opened the door and got welcomed by his father.

“Dad!“, he smiled widely.

“Jungkook, what took you so long to open? Anyways. I came to tell you that dinner is served. May be, you two should have a little break and come downstairs to eat something.“., Namjoon, who stood at the door of the room of the prettiest boy ever, smiled sweetly over Jungkook as the little boy quickly bobbed his head upon his father’s words.

“Yes, dad.“, Jungkook returned the smile with the same energy, hiding the shock scattered over his face surprisingly.

“Thank you, Mr. Joon.“, the another feminine voice rung the ears of the man as Hyuna stepped forward and also does a little respectful head bow.

••• 🌻°🌻°🌻

While Namjoon was setting up the dining table, Jungkook and Hyuna were togetherly stairing down. Both of their mouths doing never ending gossips related to the respective that she teaches him.

Namjoon saw them both and observed that how much comfortable that Jungkook was feeling with. It somehow made the father feel relaxed.

Even while doing the eating, that Jungkook could not stop talking adorably in his soft vocals. Permanently owning that tiny pout everytime he speaks and takes a bite. His little fair airing hands, his sweet actions. Everything was melting Hyuna, each passing moment.

“I’ll be waiting for you tomorrow at the school, ma’am.“, the young boy bowed while standing at the main door as Hyuna smiled and later bid them farewell.



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