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It wasn’t a big of a deal for Jungkook. Now to stay stuck to this lady as she took every opportunity to gain his attention and he was too so near to her heart. His everything slowly started making its connection with this woman as the roots grew even more stronger when she came to his house. Almost everyday.

Hyuna dealt with Jungkook differently, everytime. Whenever he came to her. She told the other teachers secretly that they have to take care of her babyboy or else the results of their personal reputations will be dropped.

Jungkook was literally and apparently her baby, as she took really good care of his everything. His grades were in her sweet hands and each time, when he gains less marks in other subjects? She provides him the fullest to hit the highest rank.

With the most adorable pout that his babyface holds, he was superior over her everything and she was totally ready to give him, her whole world.

As now, they both were present in the same room of Jungkook where he was seated upon the comfy bed, being half naked with his silky hair falling infront of his eyes, being already in big mess when his upper body was just wrapped up in a blanket instead of the shirt. Beneath that, he wore his iron man pjs and oh so comfortable that he was looking in the eyes of the other woman who sat across him on the same bed.

After the school ended, he asked Hyuna if she could join him at his house today, because the annual exams were ahead and he had to prepare for that. She accepted his offer right away and ended up, breaking into his house.

“This is so wonderful!“, squealing his shoulders inside, once again, Jungkook cackled with the orange notebook placed in his lap as he raised his head with an adorable bunny smile towards his teacher.

“We can be together. Even after school. Yay!“., the way, he let out those words in utter extreme excitement. It was a perfect sign for Hyuna to play her tricks, furthermore.

“You know? We can be together, forever.“., unknowingly, her palms started to fill his arms as the light of his face suddenly converted to a phase of tension when he felt her hands rubbing up his bulky arms. Even though, he was young and adorable but, the strength was beyond everything.

“How? That’s not possible.“., the young male shook his head as a denial as his wonderful glowing eyes were stuck upon the face of the woman who started to hover over him. “I still have to study furthermore and grow up to be an adult.”

While he was delivering his words with the thoughts that were running inside his deluring mind, she made him lie comfortably above the soft sleeping material. Now fully being above him.

“Pretty boy. You don’t have to worry about anything. Your grades are in my hands and they aren’t going anywhere.“., Hyuna satisfied him with her words so powerful when he smiled widely and went suddenly overwhelmed.

“Really!! Oh, thank you, ma’am Hyuna!“., his enchanting giggle with those beautiful vocaloids, that melted her right away. “You takes really good care of me, ma’am Hyuna. I wish. I had someone like you by my side. Like all the time.”

His deligent puppy eyes were so immensely out of her control when he pulled up a pout and talked like a baby asking for attention.

“My prince charming. I am by your side. Everytime.“., tracing her index finger onto his face, Hyuna conveyed her words so prutend in her eyes but catchy in his eyes, when her thirsty eyes were inhaling his breathtaking beauty.

“Can we do all that again? What we did yesterday. Like. Can I kiss you again, ma’am?“., everytime, when he asks her out or takes her permission before doing something. A cute little yet nervous nibble onto his bottom lip was a pure act of innocence that he does.

“Your dad must be thinking that we are studying, babyboy.“., whispering near his face, she said and her eyes could not leave his own when his hands automatically trapped her neck. With his lips parting up soon.

“Just say it!“, he sounded so eager all of a sudden, the next moment when she was left speechless over the hard lip bite that Jungkook’s young adorable state provide her naive destroyed one.

Currently, he looked like as if there occured thousands of deaths of the devils, with this only satan having the birth. As if, all the handsome men gave birth to this little daddy, at once. As if, the myths of beauty were right infront of her eyes.

“Yes. You are always allowed to kiss me, babyboy.”

And as if he was waiting for her permission. His hands held her neck in place as tilting their heads, they both shared a kiss so tempting and slow as her lips filled his and he slightly moaned in between the kiss when her hands begun to fill the area above his chest. While, still being in the heated kiss, Jungkook felt the heat so vulnerable for the very first time when his eyes closed and his beating chest raised.

“Argh! Aahh.“, breaking the kiss, his hands suddenly yet eagerly gripped the blanket around his torso when he gasped so high. The notebook, few paperworks and pens were scattered all over the bed. While, literally, instead of the studies. The real purpose was being completed.

“Ah!“., he edged his teeth all of a sudden, burying his head deeper in the mattress, when her palm slipped down, covering his abdominal muscles and held his throbing crotch while the another hand was busy holding his elongated sweat enfilled neck.

He felt so vulnerable at the moment but soon a feeling so relaxing and satisfying started hitting his everything when his chest kept on blowing the air while his senses were gradually knocking off.

“Aaaahh!!“, while his arms were resting at either side of his body, he kept on moaning when Hyuna’s tongue did wonders over his shining porcelain skin.

She immediately shushed the boy up and smiled over his misery under her.

“You’re so adorable.“, she admired the sight of his parted dry lips with his eyes shut tight while she gave more rapid strokes to his twitching dick in his pjs. “Want me stop, my little babyboo?”

“Oh god! This is feeling so good.“, the excessive amount of sweat that was shining at his forehead, was so beautiful to the point that it was being a complete adherance of attraction for her.

“What is this called, mommy?“., unexpectingly yet so furiously, that escaped from his heavy breathing mouth, when Jungkook opened his eyes and made his galaxy orbs connect with her awaited loving ones, talking being almost out of breaths.

A wave of pleasure hit him that faded away all of his exhaustion, when she slowed her pace over his length. He was so happy to the point that he forgot about the mere person infront of him.

“I-I-I’m so sorry. I-“, he felt another wave of embarassment replacing the excitement in his figure when he got up and sat over the bed when she took her hand back as he talked furthermore. “I shouldn’t have said that.“., he now started to fiddle his fingers with his head low. “It’s just. I felt comfortable around you and--I’m sorry.

“Thats okay. You can call me whatever makes you feel good.“., Hyuna held his wrist and assured him and his spark was back when Jungkook embraced her right there and after few minutes that he pulled apart.

The young boy stared the woman infront of him, simply with heart eyes as he later smiled fondly and bent over to rest his head in her lap. Making her hands run in his messy bouncy silky hair. His eyes so heartwarming and healing when he was inhaling her image as for a long while that Jungkook kept on staring her.

“I love you, ma’am hyuna. Can you stay with me forever?“, his childish behaviour that made her go head over heels over him once again, when the young boy just held her hand and made their fingers intertwin with each other. A tiny pout that ruled his adorable face and his cherry lips when he lowered his sight and kept on playing with her hands.

“You’re such an adorable baby, koo.“, lowering her head in his face, making him burst into little shy laughters, she nudged her nose with his and surrounded her arms around his neck. While he was left drowned in shyness and pink.

Thank goodness that the door of the room was locked. While they two were enjoying their times being together.



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