When poles collide

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A love story between a girl and a man .......A FRIENDLY REMINDER THAT IF YOU ARE LOOOKING FOR SEX THIS IS NOT YOUR PLACE My name is Sydney White. I may or may not be your ordinary girl . I respect men just for them and what they do for their family but I also hate them... Is it possible? Just one thing you should know about me is that I dont take lightly being disrespected or looked down upon , so what is a chance that me and a man with mafia family falling ? No need to think I'll tell you NONE.

Romance / Action
Ammarah Azhar
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I walk through the city listening to people chatter. Passing through the pedestrians I glance on the dead trees linning tge road. They ate so beautiful that I stop a sec to admire their beauty. The crunch of dead leaves beneath my feet is soothing . Even though its noon you can feel the slight chill in the autumn wind. Here in California ,except of coastal areas we dont have severe winters. I start walking when a feel a slight push on my back murmuring Sorry. The name is Sydney White. I am a normal highschool student with good grades. Dont get me wrong i dont like to study but i hate wanting to ask money from my parents . I work 2 jobs that are enough to pay half of my tution along with the rent of the rundown apartment I share with 2 roommates.

I walk into our grim and low class apartment unlocking the steel door that is rusted on the ends. It does provide a little protection , as little as bodyguards from overzealous fans. It is very quiet , figures Sarah and Amelia are out. I take in the scene , the sofa and television in the living room is a little dusty which we got at a very affordable price from a garage sale .Amelia and Sara's rooms are locked. The floor looks like it needs some cleaning but not today. I walk into the kitchen to pull a bottle out of fridge which seldom works but todays the lucky day . I quench my thirst with a cold water bottle . I have whole apartment to myself ,Great. After my morning classes and a long talk with my teachers with recommendations about books , internships and so on ,I am exhausted. For my last year its not even the tip of the iceberg. Going to each teacher to extract information is a quite tedious work , not to mention be polite when they decide you are not worth their time. I decide for a quick hot bath and then lunch . I make myself 4 sandwiches take them to my room . I am starving. I quickly grab a towel and head for the bathroom with cracked tiles and moss growing on the linning . The small bulb looks like its gonna fuse anytime but surprisingly its been like that for 3 months . I take about 20 mins to bathe and do my business in the bathroom . Stepping out of small bathroom I enyer my room.I lookout for the window to find it close , thankfully. There is only one window in my room with only railings no gauze. Dont get me wrong I dont enjoy flashing my half naked body to the people nextdoor . I quickly change into a pajama and a big fluffy tshirt . AAAAAHHH comfortable finally . All i own are baggy clothes and trousers. One look at my wardrobe and you would think I am a boy. Well dont care , never would. I take in my apperance in the mirror . My ordinary small black eyes with moderate lips . My pointed nose looks good if you ask me , i look pretty simple with my shoulder length dark brown hair .I have pretty prominent collar bone , I cant decide if its a good thing or bad. I dont think one will give me more than a passing glance , just a way I like it. I have little crooked front teeth and slightly tan skin tone . My ordinary appearance is the most amazing thing that ever happened to me .My stomach growls and breaks my train of thoughts . I eat my sandwiches and then call my mother. She is a wottywrat . So I have to call her before she starts calling me during my work hours ohh man thats embaracing .I open the window and listen to the faded hustle and bustle of the city , ocassional shouting and car horns. I sit down on my bed with faded black bedsheets , one of the two I own. The light breeze caresses my skin making me sigh in contentment. I dail her number and wait. The phone has rung twice when the sweet voice of my mom fills my ears 'Baby?' . 'Hi Maa' ' Hows my baby doing? Hows work? Are they good to you? Wait! Have you eaten ?' I chukkle ' Maa slow down I am a big girl I can take care of myself and yes I just ate . Hows dad ? Did you scold him today ? ' I have just finished my sentence I hear my dad whinning . You see my dad is a jolly person until you tick him off. ' Baby! Comeback ! This evil lady forces me to wake up at 8 ! Come on Who does that !' I can litterly feel him pout .' Dad you know you are the one who used to wake me up early . Have a taste of your own medicine ' Man they never fail to make me smile . ' But you had to go work out and training , you now it was for your own good . How is this good for me? 'I have a come back for that too but my maa cuts in ' same old baby ' I can hear her rolling her eyes ' Be quiet Dave! Baby ,Do you remember Ali ?He was asking for you . He came back from the acadmey . He is so good ...'I resist the urge to scream I settle for grotting teeth.'Mom dont even start. You know i dont give a damn about him. Dont you remember how he was when we used to go to school ? I dont even want to remember! Mom leave it be I'll find myself a man dont sweat over it plz. Now I have work and I want to rest before it' I dont give her the time to reply a quickly cut the call. I am not a bitter person but i just have had a badluck with men through out my life .I fall back on the bed exhausted with the sudden outburst.I pull the covers up and set my alarm fot 6.30 pm and wait for sleep to come.I feel my eyes close and fall into dark abyss.

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