First Love

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A short story about a guy meeting his first love

Bi Ben
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If someone asks me what is love? My answer would be your name. For me, Love is this weird feeling that I have when I'm around you. I feel happy when I see you smile. I feel sad when you have a bad mood. I feel jealous when you talk about another guy. I feel this weird stuff when I'm with you and this weird stuff is love for me. So I wrote this for someone with a hope she'll read this. When you love someone you give with zero expectations and that's what makes it beautiful. So what is love in your view? Go on ask yourself. It's true that love is wonderful.

When talking about love, how can I leave First Love? The first time you fell in love with someone. The first time your heart pounds faster than ever. The first time your eyes meet. The first time you wanted to talk but you feel shy. The first time you looked at her in her eyes. First love is always special and can't be forgotten easily. What was your first love like? I know you went through the memory lane and walked through those memories. You had no experience but still, feel like you know everything. First love always starts with some stupid reason.

You say to yourself Everything happens for a reason. And then You look at her and think about how would your life be with her. You think she is the one. And for the first time, you get up and without hesitation, you go to her and confess your love. And that's how your love story starts. For some first love starts in the school and for some, it starts somewhere unexpectedly. It's true first love always starts with random reason but gives lifetime memories which you can never forget. The first date you went, you still remember that, right? If you say No then you must be lying. Some people are lucky that they get to spend their whole life with their first love and some aren't.

And similarly it's a story about a guy meeting his first love.

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